Criminal Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Mouse: The Predator (2021)

Mouse: The Predator

Rank #274

“Mouse: The Predator” reveals the serial tragic end from the perspective of the Predator, in order to help the audience understand the hidden narrative, before entering the second part of...

Memoir of a Murderer

Memoir of a Murderer

Rank #1180

Former serial criminal Byung Soo gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The doctor tells him that it’s due to the aftereffects of a traffic accident 17 years ago, the same accident that...

Memoir of a Murderer: Another Memory (2017)

Memoir of a Murderer: Another Memory

Rank #1394

Former serial criminal Byung Soo gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The doctor tells him that it’s due to the aftereffects of a traffic accident 17 years ago; the same accident that...

The Chaser

The Chaser

Rank #1746

Ex-cop turned paid companionJung Ho is irritated because his girls keep disappearing without clearing their debts. One night, he gets a call from a customer and realizes the phone number...

The Raincoat Killer: Chasing a Predator in Korea (2021)

The Raincoat Killer: Chasing a Predator in Korea

Rank #1813

In the early 2000s, Yoo Young Chul hammered his victims to death and cast fear across Seoul. This docuseries recounts the hunt for a prolific terminateer. (Source: Netflix) ~~ A...

Pipeline (2021)


Rank #2348

An underworld drilling prodigy leads an oil heist to drill into the biggest pipeline known as the country’s “artery”, pushing his luck against a catastrophic explosion and corporate greed. Korea...

Daisy (2006)


Rank #2402

A story about the inevitable showdown between a detective and a criminal who fall in love with the same woman. In the story features a street artist who dreams of...

Collectors (2020)


Rank #2522

Kang Dong Goo is an elite grave robber. He works with ancient tomb mural expert Dr. Jones and legendary shoveler Sabdari. Meanwhile, curator Yoon is an expert in ancient art....

Seoul Vibe

Seoul Vibe

Rank #2864

Chasing speed, dreams and money, a team of drivers get involved in the slush fund investigation of a powerful figure during the 1988 Seoul Olympics. (Source: Netflix)...

The Thieves (2012)

The Thieves

Rank #3098

A gang of South Korean thieves teams up with a Hong Kong crew to steal a diamond necklace from a heavily-guarded casino safe in Macau. As the cops close in,...

Last Present (2008)

Last Present

Rank #3592

Tae Joo, a criminal serving a life sentence in prison, is given a temporary release to save the life of a seriously ill young girl, Se Hee, who suffers from...

A Bittersweet Life (2005)

A Bittersweet Life

Rank #4405

Gangland boss Kang suspects his girlfriend of being unfaithful and sends his trusted right-hand man Sun Woo, to sort out the problem. In an uncharacteristic moment of weakness, Sun Woo...

The Yellow Sea

The Yellow Sea

Rank #4528

On the Chinese side of the China-Russia-North Korea border, in the Yanbian, Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Ku Nam toils his days away as a taxi driver. When he’s not working he’s...

Pieta (2012)


Rank #4569

Working for loan sharks, a cruel man gets money from debtors one way or the other. One day, a woman appears in front of him, apologizing for throwing him away...

Fatal Intuition

Fatal Intuition

Rank #5796

Jang Woo had only his sister to live for until she is brutally tragic ended. During a ritual to send her spirit to heaven, he comes across a suspicious man,...

The Wolf Hunting

Project Wolf Hunting

Rank #6274

When efforts to extradite notorious convicts from the Philippines to South Korea are stymied by a deadly airport explosion, the Korean authorities commandeer the cargo freighter Frontier Wolf for their...

Attack the Gas Station! (1999)

Attack the Gas Station!

Rank #6962

Four guys, with nothing better to do, decide to rob a gas station. When they find out there isn’t as much money as they expected, they lock up the employees...

Vigilante (2023)


Rank #34344

Kim Ji Yong, a student at the police academy lost his mother at the hand of a local gangster when he was young. He becomes a vigilante and terminates criminals....


Rank #34495

A bloody confrontation takes place between villains over super-notes, which is a counterfeit bill of extreme high quality. Code name J is a veiled criminal planner, who is extremely smart....

Bystanders (2022)


Rank #43250

A short film about the hearing and mysterious case of the former deputy mayor on atrocities and illegal activities in Taego in 1997. (Source: HanCinema)...

Ground Zero (2021)

Ground Zero

Rank #48625

A short action movie depicting the ‘1983 Hosan Prison Riot,’ an important event in the ‘PUBG Universe’. (Source: Naver)...

Life Is But a Dream (2022)

Life Is But a Dream

Rank #49821

An undertaker who needs woods to build a coffin for the savior of his village digs up an abandoned grave. But while doing so, he accidentally awakens the ghost of...

H (2002)


Rank #56987

Twenty-two year-old serial criminal Shin Hyun targeted pregnant women and turned himself in after committing several grisly tragic ends. Ten months later a copycat criminal became active, and detectives Kang...