Countryside Setting Korean Dramas & Movies

My Teacher

My Teacher, Mr. Kim

Rank #49396

Kim Bong Doo, a ‘popular’ elementary school teacher in Seoul, is a problem teacher who comes late to school more than the students and is scolded by the principal every...

Drama Special Season 7: Noodle House Girl (2016)

Drama Special Season 7: Noodle House Girl

Rank #49551

Jin Woo lives an ordinary life after he gave up on his dream of becoming a novelist. One day, he receives news that his senior who graduated from the same...

Does Cuckoo Cry at Night

Does Cuckoo Cry at Night

Rank #52925

Soon Yi is the daughter of a strolling male entertainer. After her mother left her, Soon Yi was raised by Do Ri’s mother and is engaged to Do Ri. But...

Everybody Say Kungdari (2019)

Everybody Say Kungdari

Rank #55515

Bo Mi is a Korean adoptee in the United States. She lives in New York and enjoys her life there, but she gets involved in an unexpected case. Bo Mi...

Jung Family's Farm

Jung Family’s Farm

Rank #99999

The extraordinary story of brothers who has been raising cattle for 30 years, not once exchanging words with each other. (Source: HanCinema)...

That Summer Day (2021)

That Summer Day

Rank #99999

Soo Jin comes to the countryside with her aunt for the summer vacation. She accidentally finds Ye Eun at the place where Ye Eun was painting alone, and they spend...

Country Diaries (1980)

Country Diaries

Rank #99999

It is characterized by expressing the reality and longing for the countryside by the people leaving the rural area, and at the same time, it is a drama that draws...

Golden Tower

Golden Tower

Rank #99999

Based in a farming village, this drama deals with warm and realistic episodes....

Ssanahui Sunjeong (2021)

Ssanahui Sunjeong

Rank #99999

Mr Yu, a poet, escapes the busy life of the city for the quiet countryside. There, he is lodged by Won Bo, a man who speaks strangely and whose dream...

Scorched Rice Teacher and Seven Potatoes (1999)

Scorched Rice Teacher and Seven Potatoes

Rank #99999

A children’s dramas that tell the story of an old bachelor teacher who has been transferred from a distinguished school in Seoul to teach in a village that is surrounded...

The Flatterer (2020)

The Flatterer

Rank #99999

“Flatterers” tells the story of various quirky high school students who relate to each other while navigating their school lives. Park Gun is a student who transfers to a countryside...

Anchor (2019)


Rank #99999

High school athlete Han Ju lives in poverty but happily with her grandfather, a herb gatherer, and younger brother, who has a lower back disability. Han Ju, who was rushed...