Cosmic Girls (WJSN) Korean Dramas & Movies

Super TV: Season 1 (2018)

Super TV Season 1

Rank #132

Super TV is a show that twists all of variety show formats in the world and presents them in Super Junior’s own way. This format is called Super Junior Crazy...

2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships (2017)

2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships

Rank #1872

The Idol Star Athletics Championships is a South Korean television program which aired for the first time in 2010. The program features celebrities, most notably Korean pop idols singers and...

Real Men 300 (2018)

Real Men 300

Rank #2469

“Real Men 300” will follow celebrities undergoing military training as they work to become part of the “300 warriors.” (Source: Soompi)...

Queendom Season 2

Rank #3794

Following the success of “Queendom” in 2019, a fresh group of six all-female acts at various stages of their careers heads to the stage to duke it out in the...

The Door: To the Strange World

Rank #35179

Find the Joker in a given situation without notice! (Source: Korean = || Translation = MyDramaList)...

Secret Gathering: The Fake

Rank #35269

The original entertainment series “Secret Gathering: The Fake” is a dramatic variety, in which a celebrity WJSN invited to the “Universe Secret Charity Auction 1000th Anniversary Event” notices that the...

M Countdown (2004)

M Countdown

Rank #35566

M Countdown is a South Korean music program that features some of the latest and most popular artists who perform live on stage....

WJSN Comeback Show: Sequence

Rank #36176

WJSN reveals the special comeback stage with the new songs. WJSN became the winner of Mnet “Queendom 2” and this show is held as the benefit for the winner team....

City Fisherman (2017)

City Fisherman Season 1

Rank #36180

Three celebrities known as fishing fanatics among celebrities have gathered to share their love for fishing! They will share with viewers the secret fishing spots with beautiful sceneries and must-go...

Playing Oppa (2019)

Playing Oppa

Rank #36208

A V LIVE x WHYNOT TV collaboration. Lee Hong Ki is the main host of this new variety show, where he will invite different idols every week to play games...

Idol Human Theater (2021)

Idol Human Theater

Rank #36210

Docucomedy of your favorite Idol’s life. No script but a lot of wits. (Source: KBS Kpop)...

Kick a Goal: GOALympic

Rank #36324

The Shooting Star’s New Year Special match for Korea’s biggest holiday is here for you. In the Goalympics, the players and the coaches split into teams and play various games....

Workman (2019)

Workman Season 1

Rank #36540

The show follows Jang Sung Kyu as he takes on different part-time jobs. Occasionally, Kim Min Ah takes on part time jobs too. (Source: MyDramaList)...

The Gashinas (2019)

The Gashinas

Rank #36668

The show follows elderly women who mastered life but do not know Hangul, and five celebrities in their 20’s who mastered Hangul but have questions about life....

I.O.I Amigo TV (2016)

I.O.I Amigo TV

Rank #36679

Olleh TV’s web-variety show ‘Amigo TV’ is a fan favorite and focuses on webshows, sorta like what dingomusic does, but with idols in a variety format, their slogan is “crazy...

Uzzu Tape (2016)

Uzzu Tape

Rank #36686

Behind the scenes of the Korean girl group WJSN....

Ssap-Dance: WJSN

Rank #36719

There are only 5 return tickets left to go back to Earth. Secure the ticket by playing games, the battle between the girls stuck in space begins! (Source: Universe)...

Idol League: Season 1 (2018)

Idol League Season 1

Rank #36724

A program that interviews idols each week....

The Show (2011)

The Show

Rank #36868

“The Show” is a South Korean music television program broadcast by SBS MTV....

The First Date (2020)

The First Date Season 1

Rank #36906

The First Date, a female K-pop idol friendship project arranged by Yeoreum from Cosmic Girls. What would happen when popular EXY from Cosmic Girls meets super popular Yuqi from (G)I-DLE?...

WJSN’s Do Not Disturb

Rank #36920

From thrilling activities to the member’s feelings we didn’t know yet. Honest, healing, fun, WJSN’s Do Not Disturb has it all....

GGULlog.zam WJSN: The House of Fortune

Rank #36963

In light of the summer holidays, WJSN have taken a short break from their busy schedule. (Source: Universe)...

Immersive: WJSN

Rank #37012

The new short-form entertainment hyperreal drama “Over-immersion” is a Universe original entertainment content that depicts the artist’s process of creating a web drama by directly participating in directing, casting, and...