College To Working Life Korean Dramas & Movies

1 in 10

1 in 10,000 (Act III)

Rank #3559

Two former lovers meet again after ten years. Can people really change? And if the odds are stacked against you, what’s the point? Find out in the finale of 1...

You Call It Passion

You Call It Passion

Rank #5853

Ra Hee is ready for the real world. She has graduated from a respectable college and begins to apply for full-time jobs but is rejected by every company that she...

People You May Know (2017)

People You May Know

Rank #6110

Lee Ahn and Jin Yeong have been in an on-and-off relationship for nine years since they met in college. One day, Jin Yeong breaks up with Lee Ahn. Even before...

Love Alarm 2 (2021)

Love Alarm Season 2

Rank #8551

Longing for resounding proof of her feelings, Kim Jo Jo sets out to uninstall the shield and make the app ring for her one true love. (Source: Netflix)...

I've Got My Eye On You

I’ve Got My Eye on You

Rank #40652

This short drama tells the stories about college students who start a new business....

Feelings (1994)


Rank #47275

Three brothers Bin, Hyun and Joon become drawn to the very pretty and sweet Yuri, a family friend. Yuri arrives from France to live with them for the summer while...

Drama Special Series Season 3: Like a Fairytale (2013)

Drama Special Series Season 3: Like a Fairytale

Rank #49573

Kim Myung Je and Baek Jang Mi meet for the first time at their college’s club. Myung Je likes the prettiest girl in the club (Han Seo Young) but she...

Sunshine Love

Sunshine Love

Rank #58781

Kil Ho prepares for his civil service exam, but he prefers reading comics and hero books more than studying. He happens to meet Jung Sook who loved him when they...