Choir Korean Dramas & Movies

A Melody To Remember

A Melody to Remember

Rank #1178

Second Lieutenant Han Sang Yeol leads his platoon during the Korean War in the early 1950s. He carries emotional scars and pain within. So when he meets some children from...

Hot Singers

Rank #37841

A choral singing group that depicts a choir challenge in which passionate seniors who shout ‘the youngest of the remaining days’ sing with their passionate hearts. (Source: Naver)...



Rank #42185

Every weekend the gay male choir G-Voice rehearses in Seoul – as they have been doing since 2003. The choir, being a kind of antidote to homophobic Korean society, makes...

From Today's Choir (2022)

From Today’s Choir

Rank #99999

Follows the story of part-time teacher Da Jung and Kei, who was once a promising producer but suddenly hits rock bottom, as they become in charge of a children’s choir and find...