Child Female Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

The House of Us (2019)

The House of Us

Rank #41957

12-year-old Ha Na is worried about her parents fighting all the time, and Yoo Mi and Yoo Jin hate that they move all the time. One summer holiday, they become...

The Singer (2020)

The Singer

Rank #42010

In 1734, ten years into King Yeong Jo’s reign, Hak Gyu, a talented pansori singer, travels all over Joseon in search of his unauthorized takingped wife, Gan Nan, while telling...

Chorogi (2018)


Rank #43551

Su Bin and her mom wait for their father at the playground. Meanwhile, there is a stranger who is watching them. Suddenly, he comes up to them and follows to...

Drama Special Season 7: Summer Dream (2016)

Drama Special Season 7: Summer Dream

Rank #43797

Man Sik is a single father who raises his 7-years-old daughter Ye Na alone. He has yet to register her birth, because he wants her birth certificate to be the...

Home without Me (2017)

Home without Me

Rank #44304

Sae Young, the 4th grade girl always feels getting less attention than what her older sister, Sun Young gets in the family. Their working parents have no free time to...

Hide and Seek (2015)

Hide and Seek

Rank #46996

Sun-mi always feels worried whenever her daughter goes out. She accidentally finds out that there is a man near her daughter. One day, she has a nightmare that her daughter...

Go Back (2021)

Go Back

Rank #48003

Ambitious new police support is strangely worried about her after meeting social worker Oh Soon. On a hot summer day, a child has been unauthorized takingped. The unauthorized takingper’s strange...

Don't Worry Apricot (2021)

Don’t Worry Apricot

Rank #50467

Depicting the story of elementary school student Gye Sal Gu, who is always short of pocket money. One day, a magical bankbook with money falls from the sky. (Source: Cnews)...

Action Dongja (2020)

Action Dongja

Rank #52955

A rare chance to experience a live-action children’s movie made in Korea. An elementary student name Jingu can no longer stay with his parents and comes to live in a...

Olsen&Olsen (2011)


Rank #99999


Spy Papa (2011)

Spy Papa

Rank #99999

A spy father and a daughter who goes after spies? Spy dad. Lee Man Ho (39), who runs a laundrette in North Korea, is an anti-North spy or commie who...

Dear My Genius (2020)

Dear My Genius

Rank #99999

“I want to be a genius like you” Yoon Yeong, an eight-year-old youngest, whose dream and goal is to become a gifted child. Mom, who does her best to help...

A Field Day (2018)

A Field Day

Rank #99999

Seung Hee is a nine-year-old who hates losing. She is betrayed by love, and her family upsets her, too. Her father is fired from his job, her mother is in...