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Why Did You Come to My House?

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The program introduces beauty, fashion products, and food. It contains a variety of products that can be used at home, as well as reviews of celebrities. (Source: Asiaa.co.kr)...

Style Me Season 3

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A program that introduces fashion beauty tips from celebrities and trendy styles that can be easily accessed in daily life. (Source: Naver)...

Kyung Ah Yoona's Brunch Talk (2022)

Kyung Ah Yoona’s Brunch Talk

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Makeup, fashion, inner beauty, and all the beauty that opens the morning beautifully. Travel, healing, and even cultural information! A talk show in v-log VCR format that unfolds the days...


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Beauty Is Possible

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A plethora of beauty products. The past days when I was struggling in the pouring beauty information byebye~ Close beauty in daily life, the beauty everyone dreams of, a highly-concentrated...