Camping Korean Dramas & Movies

Mtopia (2020)


Rank #109

SuperM’s first travel show, MTOPIA, has finally befire-arm. Everything has been prepared for SuperM. However, nothing is free. Disarm the booby trap to earn the M-cash! Who will be the...

Hospital Playlist Goes Camping (2021)

Hospital Playlist Goes Camping

Rank #188

Features the cast of Hospital Playlist going on a two-days-and-one-night camping trip together. (Source: Soompi)...

Spring Camp (2021)

Spring Camp

Rank #516

Will have the cast members of ‘New Journey To The West’ heading off on a camping trip for the spring season....


Run, Big Bang Scout!

Rank #757

To celebrate their 10th year anniversary, BIGBANG is planning an extra special reunion for their VIP fans. For the very first time, BIGBANG goes camping, making unforgettable memories and learning...

House on Wheels: For Rent (2021)

House on Wheels: For Rent

Rank #1076

“House on Wheels: For Rent” is a special spin-off of “House on Wheels” starring the cast of the upcoming film “The Pirates: Goblin Flag.” The program’s concept is that the...

Gamsung Camping (2020)

Gamsung Camping

Rank #1247

The show will feature the all-female cast, each of whom has an interest in traveling, going to unique and sentimental places in Korea, and spending a night there. In the...

First Time (2021)

First Time

Rank #35448

Red Velvet members try out different things for the first time. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Chilling Mukping (2021)

Chilling Mukping

Rank #35660

NCT’s Taeil, Johnny and Jungwoo rent a car to go camping....

I Love Camping (2020)

I Love Camping

Rank #53518

Ji Woo meets Su Jin for the first time at the camping site and immediately becomes interested in her. But, it is not easy to attract her attention. (Source: Underground...

A Daytime Picnic (2019)

A Daytime Picnic

Rank #54021

Call Me When You Need Me” – Lim Oh Jeong “On The Way Back” – Kang Dong Wan “Heavy Crop” – Kim Hal La “An unexpected travel diary about everyone’s...


Rank #99999


Ho Dong's Camping Zone: Let's Choose (2021)

Ho Dong’s Camping Zone: Let’s Choose

Rank #99999

The camping zone is decorated with a ‘Food zone’ where you can share a special story while eating camping food; ‘Ting zone’ where the romantic love of solo campers blooms;...

Camping Forest (2022)

Camping Forest

Rank #99999

TBS announcer Jo Hyun Ah goes camping alone to enjoy nature and cook. (Source: Korean = Naver || Translation = MyDramaList)...