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2018 Idol Star Athletics Championships (2018)

2018 Idol Star Athletics Championships

Rank #2157

The Idol Star Athletics Championships is a South Korean television program which aired for the first time in 2010. The program features celebrities, most notably Korean pop idols singers and...

My Teenage Girl (2021)

My Teenage Girl

Rank #5124

A girl group survival program in which 83 female trainees complete to earn a chance at debut. The show takes on the format of an after school extra-curricular activity, and...

Unlock (2020)


Rank #35385

A variety show that unlocks the lives of the eight boys from the boy group E’Last, starting from before their debut in the industry! Follow the lives of the eight...

After School Excitement Winter Camp

Rank #35578

The remaining 21 girls of “My Teenage Girl” gear up for an online fanmeeting for two weeks, where they interact with fans online and play a variety of games in...

CLASS:y’s World

Rank #36003

K-pop girl group “CLASS:y” first reality show, in CLASS:y’s World, various difficult missions are carried out in various classes such as variety show classes, physical education classes, hands-on classes, and...

Hesitation Before Going to School (2021)

Hesitation Before Going to School

Rank #38348

Hesitation Before Going to School is a prequel show for the MBC Survival Show ‘My Teenage Girl.’...

tripleS: Signal (2022)

tripleS: Signal

Rank #38620

The Signal series is a short observational reality show which dives into the daily lives of tripleS members that airs daily. (Source: Xavier Ng at MyDramaList)...

tripleS: Signal Weekly (2022)

tripleS: Signal Weekly

Rank #40097

The members of tripleS do a review of what they did at the end of each week. (Source: netfelix at MyDramaList)...

tripleS: Sweets (2022)

tripleS: Sweets

Rank #41432

Short videos taken of the tripleS members. (Source: Xavier Ng at MyDramaList)...

tripleS: SSSignal (2022)

tripleS: SSSignal

Rank #41433


Music Universe K-909 (2022)

Music Universe K-909

Rank #41436

‘K-909’ sets a stage where the artist’s diverse world of music can be seen, such as the first released songs, special collaborations, and special arrangements as well as behind-the scenes...

Home Cooking Live (2020)

Home Cooking Live

Rank #99999

Aiming to bring viewers cooking tips, recipes, and more right in their homes, ‘Home Cooking Live’ will be broadcast simultaneously via Olive TV as well as on YouTube, so that...

The Next: Battle of the K-Pop Girl Groups (2023)

The Next: Battle of the K-Pop Girl Groups

Rank #99999

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, the MC, as well as BUSTERS, CLASS:y ICHILLIN, Pink Fantasy and PIXY will show off the new possibilities of K-Pop Content by completing various missions....

tripleS: Behind (2022)

tripleS: Behind

Rank #99999


tripleS: SecretBase (2022)

tripleS: SecretBase

Rank #99999

A vlog series made by the Korean girl group ‘tripleS’. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Quiz Monster

Rank #99999

Come on! The terrifying children like monsters are coming! Solving problems with parents, Awaken latent children’s sense of challenge, Elementary school-centered quiz show with parents! (Source: SBS)...

CLASS:y’s Lab

Rank #99999

In this web-variety show, CLASS:y will be exploring different researches and different aspects like acting, variety show sterminates, dance sterminates, physical education etc. They play different games and research on...

Simply K-Pop (2011)

Simply K-Pop

Rank #99999

Simply K-Pop is a Korean language show on Arirang TV featuring K-pop stars who perform on stage and interact with the audience throughout the show.The show was originally called The...