Busking Korean Dramas & Movies

As if You Whisper (2019)

As if You Whisper

Rank #4048

While busking, Bum Soo falls for his fan Hyun Woo and realizes his musical identity. Producer Hee Jin wants Bum Soo to be a successful singer, but Bum Soo just...

Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart (Movie) (2021)

Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart (Movie)

Rank #4393

A free-spirited singer whose love of music has him performing on the streets, Kang In Soo’s life revolves completely around music. Supported by his friends, In Soo hopes to someday...

Begin Again 4 (2020)

Begin Again Season 4: Korea

Rank #35836

In seasons one to three, singers traveled to various cities in the United Kingdom, Portugal, and Italy. In this the musicians will go on a busking trip around Korea and...

Begin Again 3 (2019)

Begin Again Season 3

Rank #36327

Season 3 stars Lena Park, Hareem, Henry and Lee Su Hyun, who appeared in Season 2 and are known as Family Band that has been requested by many to reunite...

Fly to the Dance

Rank #37723

It follows a crew of dancers on their journey to the cities of New York and Los Angeles. The dancers will be gathering American crowds to come and see their on-the-spot...

Road to Ithaca (2018)

Road to Ithaca

Rank #38118

This travel/music variety show details the 20-day journey of rock singers as they go from Ankara, Turkey, all the way to Ithaca, Greece. The show was produced by the director...

Begin Again (2017)

Begin Again Season 1

Rank #38478

Reality program where musicians from South Korea travel around the world and hold busking events for people who have no idea who they are. They introduce themselves through their music....

Begin Again Season 5: Intermission (2023)

Begin Again Season 5: Intermission

Rank #99999

After going through hard times, these days, we are slowly regaining our normal daily lives. To everyone taking a moment to catch their breath ahead of a new start, we...