Brave Girls Korean Dramas & Movies

The Boss is Watching (2016)

The Boss Is Watching

Rank #1937

“The Boss is Watching” is an SBS’s special show to celebrate the Lunar New Year. In the program participated 120 idols from 20 different K-Pop groups and each group competed...

Extreme Debut: Wild Idol (2021)

Extreme Debut: Wild Idol

Rank #2404

In this unique new survival program format, 45 male trainees will enter an extreme outdoor bootcamp, where they must survive rigorous physical training and reach the “top of the food...

Queendom Season 2

Rank #3794

Following the success of “Queendom” in 2019, a fresh group of six all-female acts at various stages of their careers heads to the stage to duke it out in the...

Dogs Are Incredible (2019)

Dogs Are Incredible

Rank #35895

Korea’s “Comedy King,” Lee Gyeong Gyu, who’s also known for his love for dogs and the country’s most famous dog expert, Kang Hyung Wook, team up to study how the...

Studio Moon Night Season 1

Rank #36752

Think of me when the night comes. Talking under the dark night sky, amidst the countless stars, tell me what your day was like today. We are moonnight. (Source: Korean...

Secret Friend of Idols 2 (2021)

Secret Friend of Idols Season 2

Rank #36839

“Secret Friend of Idols” is a web reality show revolving around the process of the idols who participate in “Show Champion” narrowing the gap and gradually nourishing the friendship with...

2021 KBS Song Festival

Rank #36924

An annual end-of-the-year music program broadcast by Korean Broadcasting System....

Official Request (2021)

Official Request

Rank #38188

Announcer Jo Jung Shik is fulfilling idols’ requests in this talk show. Who’s next?...

Show! Music Core (2005)

Show! Music Core

Rank #38687

Show! Music Core is a South Korean music television program broadcast by MBC. It airs live every Saturday. The show features some of the latest and most popular artists who...

Problem Child in House (2018)

Problem Child in House

Rank #39690

There is only one rule on this show! You can’t leave until you answer all 10 questions! A quiz talk show where the cast struggles over trivia questions! (Source: KBS...

Rustically: In Secret Island

Rank #40896

Three KPOP stars and Comedian Kim Young Chul, who dreams to become a global MC, present various relaxation in Ganghwa Island, a perfect vacation spot. (Source: KBS World)...


Rank #41833

This show teaches you how to become healthier and more energetic through various ways. The host Kim Shin Young, who lost 38kg and has been maintaining a healthy body for...

Come Back Home (2021)

Come Back Home

Rank #43257

An outdoor reality concept that will feature celebrities going back to the places where they first began their lives in Seoul after moving to the city. There, they will meet...

Chain Reaction

Rank #53445

A thrilling real dating entertainment show where hot men and women gathered in Saipan, a paradise on earth that stimulates excitement, are tied together in a chain and spend 240...

Brave Girls Trip (2021)

Brave Girls Trip

Rank #99999


Gomak Mate 3 (2021)

Gomak Mate 3

Rank #99999

“Gomak Mate” is a program featuring Korea’s top-artists to directly listen to the audience’s stories and “heal” them with music. Their mission will be to cheer them up by singing...

Parasite Challenge: Brave Girls

Rank #99999

They’re spending their dream holidays at a luxurious house. However, there’s one immense twist in this house. (Source: Universe)...