Bodyguard Female Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Wild Romance (2012)

Wild Romance

Rank #5603

Everything starts on the birthday of Eun Jae’s dad. Eun Jae ran into Park Moo Yul, who is the 2nd baseman of ‘Red Dreamers’, when she is drunk. Eun Jae...

Shadowless Sword (2005)

Shadowless Sword

Rank #6766

Time is A.D. 927, when Georan invaders have conquered the ancient Korean capital of Balhae and set up a new country, Dongran Guk. The leaders of Balhae desperately need a...

Powerful Opponents

Powerful Opponents

Rank #7439

Cha Young Jin is the first female to ever work as a bodyguard in the Presidential resident, Chungwadae. Young Jin and Yoo Gwang Pil work as bodyguards assigned to watch...

Jumping Girl

Jumping Girl

Rank #8503

Follows the life of Nam Sang Ah, who becomes the target of public criticism due to a sudden mistake. How in the world can this happen? Nam Sang Ah is...