Body Transformation Korean Dramas & Movies

Mr. Back

Mr. Back

Rank #7112

Choi Go Bong (meaning “highest peak” or “highest salary”) is a 70-year-old man who runs a large hotel conglomerate, and he’s known nothing but greed and selfishness all his life....

Exactly What’s Going On?

Exactly What’s Going On?

Rank #7780

Coffee shop owner Il Woo and nail artist An Na are in a happy romantic relationship. They keep their relationship in a secret because of their age difference. Also, So...

Star With a Secret (2020)

Star With a Secret

Rank #8183

A made -for – web drama about an unusual romance between a Hallyu star and a driven entertainment reporter. He is hiding a big secret- he turns into a little...


Coffee, Do Me a Favor

Rank #8191

‘Coffee, Do Me A Favor’ is a fantasy rom-com revolving around Lee Seul Bi, a chubby girl who becomes beautiful after drinking magical coffee, and Im Hyun Woo, a handsome...

A Good Day To Be a Dog

A Good Day to be a Dog

Rank #34010

Hana has made every effort to avoid her inevitable family curse of turning into a dog after her first kiss. The only way for her to break the curse is...

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Chicken Nugget

Rank #34448

It tells the strange story of how a beautiful young girl, Choi Min Ah, turns into fried chicken because she happens to enter a mysterious machine. It follows Choi Sun...

A Boy Who Went To Heaven

A Boy Who Went To Heaven

Rank #49703

13-years-old Ne Mo, who was born from a single mother, dreams of marrying a single mother. After the sudden death of his mother, the store which his mom operated is...

Mask (2017)


Rank #54825

The web drama centers on a magical mask that can transform the wearer’s body and face into beautiful ones. Anita is in the popular girl group, Masera. She had previously...