Bickering Mains' Relationship Korean Dramas & Movies

Love 911 (2012)

Love 911

Rank #1374

A fire fighter, who lost his wife, & a doctor, who doesn’t open her mind to others, meet. Through each other they are able to cure the scars they hold...

Family's Honor

Family’s Honor

Rank #2145

Ha Dan Ah is very dignified and beautiful yet she also had a sad life. Dan Ah was married in her 20’s, but her husband died in a car accident...

Strangers Again (2023)

Strangers Again

Rank #2308

Oh Ha Ra is a hotshot divorce lawyer whose nickname in legal circles is “the “goddess of litigation.” One of the reasons she is such a dab hand at divorce...

Love Affairs in the Afternoon (2019)

Love Affairs in the Afternoon

Rank #2354

Son Ji Eun is a housewife who works part-time at a mart. She is quiet and sincere, even as she feels trapped in her unhappy life and lonely marriage. One...

Emergency Couple (2014)

Emergency Couple

Rank #2365

Jin Hee led a satisfying life as a dietitian. She then met medical school student Chang Min. Despite his wealthy family’s strong opposition, Jin Hee and Chang Min decided to...

Let's Eat (2013)

Let’s Eat

Rank #2428

“Let’s Eat” depicts the daily life and romance of a single woman when a tragic end case occurs in her neighborhood. Lee Soo Kyung is a 33-year-old single woman. She...

Kokdu: Season of Deity (2023)

Kokdu: Season of Deity

Rank #2548

Kkok Du was once a human male who lived in Korea’s past. The gods have turned him into an immortal grim reaper who must come to the mortal realm every...

Full House (2004)

Full House

Rank #3992

Han Ji Eun, an aspiring scriptwriter, lives in a house called “Full House”, built by her late father. One day, her two best friends trick her into believing she has...

Super Daddy Yeol

Super Daddy Yeol

Rank #4597

Doctor Cha Mi Rae with one daughter. One day, she is diagnosed with a rare cancer and informed she has about one year to live. She then seeks out her...

Bad Family (2006)

Bad Family

Rank #4708

Na Rim, who came from a wealthy household, lost her family in a car accident when she was nine. After the accident, she suffered from amnesia so her uncle hired...

Wonderful Life (2005)

Wonderful Life

Rank #4955

Han Seung Wan and Jung Se Jin bump into each other at the airport and accidentally take each other’s passports. They meet again and Seung Wan and Se Jin end...

Hearts of Nineteen (2006)

Hearts of Nineteen

Rank #5477

Guk Hwa is a young country girl who leaves Yanbian (China) for Korea to get married. When she arrives in Seoul, she finds out that her fiancé had just died...

Which Star Are You From?

Which Star Are You From?

Rank #5918

Seung Hee, after losing his girlfriend in a tragic accident, left for 3 years. When he came back, he sought to make a film in a rural area. Someone caught...

Lovers in Paris (2004)

Lovers in Paris

Rank #6242

Tae Young lives in Paris and is working on a screenplay. She meets Gi Ju while working at a friend’s stall and Soo Hyuk, when her bicycle breaks down. Soo...

Can We Get Married? (2012)

Can We Get Married?

Rank #7466

Hye Yoon is very realistic and wants to marry Jung Hoon who sincerely loves her. She wants to live an ordinary life. But she faces various difficulties as she prepares...

We Are Dating Now (2002)

We Are Dating Now

Rank #7883

Ho Jung is a cute, naive girl who often falls head over heals with the wrong guys. Both Ho Jung and Kyu In, her neighbor, are idealistic about love. They...

Dream High 2

Dream High Season 2

Rank #8040

In the second season, the high school goes into financial bankruptcy and is taken over by Oz Entertainment. The company transfers its young idols-in-training to satisfy a new law that...

Somehow Family (2021)

Somehow Family

Rank #43218

The story of a married couple, Sung Dong Il and Jin Hee Kyung, who run a boarding house near the airport and live with various people who work at the...