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Show Window: The Queen's House (2021)

Show Window: The Queen’s House

Rank #4308

From the outside, Han Sun Joo’s life has always appeared to be nothing short of perfect. Born into a wealthy family, Sun Joo and her younger brother, Han Jung Won,...

Breath (2007)


Rank #6519

A loner housewife, Yeon, deals with her depression and anger by beginning a passionate affair with a convicted man on death row. After discovering her husband’s infidelity, Yeon visits the...


Love, in Between

Rank #7983

University professor Yun Ji Seok loves his wife, So Young, but also cannot give up his new love. After So Young discovers her husband’s affair with a student named Su...


Rank #40413

The story of Yeon Hee who appears to be having a happily married life but is actually experiencing domestic violence. Little by little, Yeon Hee begins to fall into danger...

Scandal (2016)


Rank #99999

Hyeok Bin was once a superstar but a scandal led to the fall of his popularity. Hyeok Bin and his manager Jin Goo attempt to make a come back through...