B1A4 Korean Dramas & Movies

Coffee Friends (2019)

Coffee Friends

Rank #150

A variety show that follows Yoo Yeon Seok and Son Ho Jun as they run a cafe in a tangerine farm on Jeju Island, with their profits being donated to...

Celebrity Bromance (2016)

Celebrity Bromance

Rank #1448

Celebrity Bromance portrays star friendships, and is filmed the “paparazzi – style” from a distance to allow the cast members to feel less overwhelmed by cameras....

Youth Over Flowers: Laos (2014)

Youth Over Flowers: Laos

Rank #1660

Youth Over Flowers team surprised three actors and they only find out that they gonna be on vacation in Laos....

Bo-ra Cafe (2020)

Bora Cafe

Rank #36269

Please send your concern to Bora Coffee House. Even if the concern is as small as a coffee bean, BoRa will grind it carefully and bring you a cup of...

Soo Mi's Side Dishes (2018)

Soo Mi’s Side Dishes

Rank #36961

In this cooking/variety show, actress Kim Soo Mi shows famous celebrity chefs how to make delicious traditional Korean side dishes. It will give you a chance to rediscover the reasons...

Diary (2012)

Diary Season 1

Rank #37033

Diary gives 5 up-and-coming k-pop groups (BTOB, C-Clown, JJ Project, MyNAME and VIXX) cameras allowing them to film their life behind the scenes as they promote and grow together as...

Duet Song Festival: Season 1 (2016)

Duet Song Festival Season 1

Rank #37060

Hosted by Yoo Se Yoon, Baek Ji Young (until episode 29) and Sung Si Kyung. Celebrity artists choose a non-celebrity partner to perform a duet with....

Kiss (2019)


Rank #37321

KISS follows nine vocalists trying to find their perfect match to do a duet. From a boy band member, rappers, a rocker, K-pop singers to classically-trained singers, they have to...

B1A4 One Fine Day (2014)

B1A4 One Fine Day

Rank #38409

B1A4 embarks on a trip to Tongyeong, Korea in order to rest and enjoy the delicious food and beautiful places. Also, they will encounter with unexpected problems which will make...

Fan Heart Attack Idol TV (2016)

Fan Heart Attack Idol TV

Rank #38691

What can’t your favorite idol groups do? “Fan Heart Attack Idol TV” is a web variety show that challenges idol groups to carry out different missions and show a new...

Gomak Mate (2019)

Gomak Mate

Rank #38791

“Gomak Mate” is a program featuring Korea’s top-artists to directly listen to the audience’s stories and “heal” them with music. Their mission will be to cheer them up by singing...

Idol Battlegrounds (2020)

Idol Battlegrounds

Rank #39245

This is a mobile fan meeting Idol Battlegrounds where the idols form a team with their fans and engage in the battlefield....

Sing and Stay: Season 2 (2020)

Sing and Stay Season 2

Rank #40063

‘Sing Stay’ is a music live show where talented idol musicians come to visit a guest house to talk about their music and perform live. (Source: Allkpop)...

B1A4's Hello Baby (2012)

B1A4’s Hello Baby

Rank #41497

Hello Baby is South Korean reality show where celebrities experience parenthood by raising children ages 5 and under. The concept of this season is getting to know Seoul with B1A4...

Yang and Nam Show (2016)

Yang and Nam Show

Rank #41595


Love Alarm Clap! Clap! Clap! (2022)

Love Alarm Clap! Clap! Clap!

Rank #42072

A webtoon that has 5 billion views, produced as a variety show and dating program! Would you want to install an application that rings the alarm whenever you like someone?...

Top 10 Student (2020)

Top 10 Student

Rank #42783

School Top 10, which is set to air in October, is a competitive program that reinterprets the once-popular show Gayo Top 10 into the emotions of teenagers and showcases performances....

Beauty Room (2019)

Beauty Room

Rank #46580

Is there only K-Pop? Now, it is the era of K-Beauty! It is the start of a collaboration project between K-Beauty which is leading beauty trends all over the world...

Wanna Play? GG (2019)

Wanna Play? GG

Rank #51859

A celebrity game team competes against high school students from around the country at various kinds of games....

My Friend's Blind Date (2018)

My Friend’s Blind Date

Rank #99999

Celebrities get out and find love for their friends! The show features three celebs who are to be ‘cupids’ for their respective friends. You can see everything you can expect...

Holy Moly (2020)

Holy Moly

Rank #99999