Astro Korean Dramas & Movies

Handsome Tigers (2020)

Handsome Tigers

Rank #731

The legendary basketball star Seo Jang Hoon is here as a head coach to revitalize the Korean basketball. He teamed up with various members with a passion for basketball and...

Astro OK Ready! (2016)

Astro OK Ready!

Rank #1283

‘Astro OK! Ready’ is ASTRO’s pre-debut reality show. (Source: Aroha Fandom Wiki)...

ASTRO X LieV (2018)


Rank #34950

The members of ASTRO lay down and tell stories in a sleepover-themed set....

Astro's One Thousand and One Nights (2020)

Astro’s One Thousand and One Nights

Rank #34968

ASTRO’s One Thousand and One Nights’ takes motifs from the classic tales by challenging the members of ASTRO to a series of rigorous variety games. The boys will be working...

ASTRO Space Force A: Secret Golden Bowl (2021)

ASTRO Space Force A: Secret Golden Bowl

Rank #35021

A6 members are the long-time troublemakers of the Space and Air Force Academy. But something big happened right before their graduation exam. Will they be able to safely graduate while...


Astro Ddoca

Rank #35043


Astro Play (2015)

Astro Play

Rank #35045


Moonbin & Sanha X LieV (2020)

Moonbin & Sanha X LieV

Rank #35137

MoonBin and SanHa of ASTRO lay down and tell stories in a sleepover-themed set....

ASTRO X Our Night (2020)

ASTRO X Our Night

Rank #35163

Our Night is like a mafia game where everyone will be in one room. This episode: ASTRO...

ASTRO Chemi-Mate ZZG (2021)

ASTRO Chemi-Mate ZZG

Rank #35173

From the addictive moment of immersion in the situational drama to the bromance chemistry that pops out every game! (Source: Universe twitter)...

Astro Zone (2021)

Astro Zone

Rank #35404

Under the theme of healing vacation, the members share their travel stories....

ASTRO Amigo TV (2018)


Rank #35608


Blanket Kick at Night (2019)

Blanket Kick at Night

Rank #35626

The series will be a talk show in the format of visual radio for timid people who need someone to relate to their stories. The MCs will read anonymous stories...

Astro Stress Things (2021)

Astro Stress Things

Rank #35818

The Astro members are welcomed to a strange mansion. Where tons of mysterious creatures reside. Once they step in, they can’t leave the mansion. The only way to get out...

Favorite Entertainment (2020)

Favorite Entertainment

Rank #35894

MBC’s brand new fusion music variety program aims to create the nation’s top trot boy group, with the group’s members hand-selected by a unique team of producers! Heading the program...

Ssap-Dance: Astro (2021)

Ssap-Dance: Astro

Rank #35913

Will Astro survive the Korean fashion Dark Ages and manage to pull off the concepts?! (Source: Universe Twitter)...

ASTRO Project (2016)

ASTRO Project

Rank #35949

ASTRO will be greeting fans through their first reality show since debut, on MBC every1 and MBC Music’s ‘ASTRO Project’! The upcoming ‘ASTRO Project’ will take on the theme, ‘The...

Astro Hostel

Rank #35983

Gmarket Global Shop, a platform for direct purchase, announced on the 4th that it had released the web entertainment contents of the K-pop idol group ASTRO on the official YouTube...

Handsome Tigers Special (2020)

Handsome Tigers Special

Rank #36025

The four baby tigers go camping....

Work Hard Play Hard

Rank #36049

The members of Astro work at a company named “Destruction lab” and are assigned to a very important mission: the members have to try out different sports like tabletennis, bodyboarding...

Welcome to My Baverse (2021)

Welcome to My Baverse

Rank #36056

An encounter with the true ‘me’ that we face from the deep inside. Baverse Studio’s ‘Musician Brain Digging Documentary’ series, “Welcome To My Baverse” explores the hidden side of musicians...

Stargazer: Astroscope (2022)

Stargazer: Astroscope

Rank #36393

A movie that tells an honest story that has never been revealed anywhere, from the intense process and behind-the-scenes of the members preparing for ASTRO’s third solo concert ‘STARGAZER’, which...