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New Festa

Rank #36858

A revival project for those who miss music festivals filled with shouts, cheers and chants, together with six music experts that are good at having fun with music, they will...

Kyung Ah Yoona's Brunch Talk (2022)

Kyung Ah Yoona’s Brunch Talk

Rank #99999

Makeup, fashion, inner beauty, and all the beauty that opens the morning beautifully. Travel, healing, and even cultural information! A talk show in v-log VCR format that unfolds the days...

Idol Challenge: Another Class Season 2 (2022)

Idol Challenge: Another Class Season 2

Rank #99999

The Donation Challenge ‘Another Class’ is a new donation culture in which K-POP idols participate in fun missions and support the bright future of children. (Source: media.gni.kr)...