Animal Korean Dramas & Movies

NCT Life in Chiang Mai (2017)

NCT Life in Chiang Mai

Rank #442

In the sixth season of NCT Life series, the members of NCT go touring Chiang Mai during their time in Thailand....

Monsta X's Puppy Day (2019)

Monsta X’s Puppy Day

Rank #872

Members will show their own personalities and charms while interacting with the puppies. At this occasion too, fans will be further introduced to the new bear-shaped characters (made in collaboration...

Hearty Paws (2006)

Hearty Paws 1

Rank #1130

11-year-old Chan Yi is looking after his lovely younger sister So Yi by himself ever since their mother left them to find her own future. Despite their desperate situation of...

Okja (2017)


Rank #1222

For 10 idyllic years, young Mija has been caretaker and constant companion to Okja – a massive animal and an even bigger friend – at her home in the mountains...

Cat's Bar (2019)

Cat’s Bar

Rank #3005

After their “butler”gets hurt, 3 mysterious cats start running a bar to make a living. Na Bi, Byeol and Jang fire-arm, three cats that can turn into humans, will help...

How to Steal a Dog

How to Steal a Dog

Rank #3036

When Ji So’s father goes bankrupt, their family loses their house and they don’t have a place to live. One day, the little girl sees a flyer offering a reward...

Secret Zoo (2020)

Secret Zoo

Rank #5689

Stuck in a dead-end temp position at a renowned law firm, attorney-at-law Tae Soo dreams of one day landing a permanent position there. One day, he is given a special...

Mr. Go (2013)

Mr. Go

Rank #5759

5-year-old Wei Wei is left all alone with her gorilla, Ling Ling, after her grandfather passes away in China. Her grandfather ran a circus troupe. Thanks to her grandfather’s love...

Howling (2012)


Rank #5877

Sang Gil is a homicide detective whose well-deserved promotion is rewarded to another one of his colleges. On yet another typical day in the field, he’s assigned a simple Self-harm...

Tofu Personified (2018)

Tofu Personified

Rank #6027

A love story between the three main characters. Tofu used to be the dog of Baek Min Kyung, but he turned into an attractive human. He starts to search for...

Imaginary Cat

Imaginary Cat

Rank #6096

Hyun Jong Hyun is a webtoon writer and works part-time at a bookstore. He always dreamed of working as a webtoon writer, but he has difficulties due to his stubborn...

Hearty Paws 2 (2010)

Hearty Paws 2

Rank #6449

When loveable Labrador Maeumee has a set of puppies, Dong-Wook’s (Song Jong-Ki ) grades start to suffer. Because of this, Dong-Wook’s mother decides to get rid of Maeumee and the...

Longing for Spring

Longing for Spring

Rank #6540

Mal Ja, who is a part-time worker for the Korean Racing Authority, loves all living creatures but has experienced trauma with horses. Pebble, her best friend, would like to be...

A Stray Goat

A Stray Goat

Rank #6810

Set in an old village located in the Southern Gyeongsang Province, the southeastern region of Korea, Nunbal tells the story of two small-town middle school students, a boy who transfers...

Monkey and Dog Romance (2018)

Monkey and Dog Romance

Rank #7757

A pre-produced web-drama about a man who can communicate with animals. He breaks up with his girlfriend and therefore their animal friends, a dog and a monkey, must also break...

Mr. Shark

Mr. Shark

Rank #33842

A story depicting the friendship between a boy and sharks....


My Heart Puppy

Rank #33984

“Puppy” is a film about two men with puppy-like charms and their interactions with an actual dog. A man who is about to get married going through an adventure when...

Dog Days

Rank #34489

An omnibus film that tells the story of people of all kinds growing up like pets. (Source: Naver)...

Nmixx Quest

Rank #35088

NMIXX trapped in a fairy tale multiverse! Will they be able to survive and escape from the war of variety show? (Source: 스튜디오 룰루랄라 디랩 – SLLDLAB YouTube)...

The Dog I Encountered (2020)

The Dog I Encountered

Rank #35149

To take care of dogs that are hurt and abandoned by humans, the celebrities who claim to be the dog experts built a temporary shelter. Various things take place as...

Dogs Are Incredible (2019)

Dogs Are Incredible

Rank #35895

Korea’s “Comedy King,” Lee Gyeong Gyu, who’s also known for his love for dogs and the country’s most famous dog expert, Kang Hyung Wook, team up to study how the...

Ye Na's Animal Detective (2021)

Ye Na’s Animal Detective

Rank #36044

‘Yena’s Animal Detective’ is a web variety show that will feature Choi Ye Na solving her curiosities on animals. Choi Ye Na, an idol full of curiosity and affection, plans...

Humanimal (2020)


Rank #37003

“Humanimal” will contain the stories of life, death, and coexistence between humans and animals that occur all over the world. The documentary will be broadcast in three parts and will...