Anger Management Issues Korean Dramas & Movies

Mad for Each Other (2021)

Mad for Each Other

Rank #455

About two people with their own painful stories who go through a complicated process of hurting and healing while falling in love with each other. No Hwi Oh is a...

Strangers Again (2023)

Strangers Again

Rank #2308

Oh Ha Ra is a hotshot divorce lawyer whose nickname in legal circles is “the “goddess of litigation.” One of the reasons she is such a dab hand at divorce...

Alice In Earnestland

Alice In Earnestland

Rank #7324

Soo-Nam can mimic anything with her hands if she sees it only once. She works hard everyday to pay off her husband’s hospital bills, but it is never enough. One...

Snatch-Up (2018)


Rank #47369

A large, diverse group of people get tangled up with each other to get their hands on a gun and a golf bag full of money....

Bio Homme (2021)

Bio Homme

Rank #48978

Talks about the healing period of agricultural horticulture therapy. Oh Won Ye a horticultural theassaulter called Leon meets Shin Bo Eun a regional officer who is diligent in duty to...

The Basement (2020)

The Basement

Rank #58027

It depicts the survival of a family in the basement of a detached house in Pangyo, where a nuclear explosion exploded....