ALICE Korean Dramas & Movies

Weekly Idol (2011)

Weekly Idol

Rank #1122

The main segment of the show, called “Idol of the Week”, features idol groups as the invited guests, and usually consists of several featured corners....

2018 Idol Star Athletics Championships (2018)

2018 Idol Star Athletics Championships

Rank #2157

The Idol Star Athletics Championships is a South Korean television program which aired for the first time in 2010. The program features celebrities, most notably Korean pop idols singers and...

MIXNINE (2017)


Rank #7420

On Mix Nine, YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk will visit management agencies across Korea to look for idol wannabes with potential and help them become a star. 400 trainees will...

Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend (2011)

Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend

Rank #37278

Each episode features guest singers, both experienced and talented rookies. They each perform their own reinterpreted versions of famous songs by the legendary singer of the episode. Guest singers are...

Fact iN Star (2016)

Fact iN Star Season 1

Rank #37498

A variety show with your K-pop Bias....

2022 Idol Star Athletics Championships Chuseok Special

Rank #38297

The Idol Star Athletics Championships return after a 2-year hiatus as a Chuseok Special. New games such as track, archery, futsal, dance sports, and even e-sports will be introduced to...

Dancing Idol (2020)

Dancing Idol

Rank #38340

‘Dancing Idol’ is a show in which six different rookie K-pop groups (three boy groups and three girl groups) present their renditions of K-pop’s top hits. The show will be...

After School Club (2013)

After School Club

Rank #38370

After School Club features various musical guests of South Korea and the series is directed at an international audience so the principal language is English with Korean subtitles and translations...

K-pop Star 6: Last Chance (2016)

K-pop Star Season 6: Last Chance

Rank #40008

The sixth and final season of the South Korean reality television competition show K-pop Star, also branded as K-pop Star 6: The Last Chance. Changes to the format have been...

Kim Goo Ra’s Latte 9

Rank #99999

“Kim Gu Ra’s Latte 9” is an entertaining show discovering exciting stories from the past. In every episode, Kim introduces a series of surprising and absurd happenings related to the...


Here, Alice!

Rank #99999

Vlogs from the K-Pop girl group ALICE. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Alhind (2022)


Rank #99999

Behind the scenes videos of the Korean girl group ALICE. (Source: MyDramaList)...