Alcoholic Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

My Liberation Notes

Rank #265

Set in Sanpo Village where more people leave than remain, the three Yeom siblings, Chang Hee, Mi Jung, and Ki Jung, wish to escape from a life rife with uncertainty....

The Tiger

The Tiger

Rank #3528

Set towards the end of the Joseon dynasty, when Korea was under Japanese rule. Rather than a cruel tale of chasing down a rare, beautiful animal, the story is a...

Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave

Rank #5947

Man Shik, a native of Haeundae, went deep-sea fishing four years before and lost a co-worker in a tsunami. He now leads a simple life running a small sushi shop...

Killed My Wife (2019)

Killed My Wife

Rank #56169

A man who loses recollection of the previous night gets framed for terminate his wife and struggles to retrieve his memories. (Source: IMDb)...

Incoherence (1994)


Rank #56849

Three strangers meet at a TV program discussing the problems in society. The members consist of a newspaper editor who steals other people’s milk while jogging every morning; an elite...

The Home of Stars (1974)

The Home of Stars

Rank #57466

A woman slowly drinks herself to death as she is physically and emotionally used by one man after another. (Source: IMDb)...