AFTER SCHOOL Korean Dramas & Movies

Family Outing: Season 1 (2008)

Family Outing Season 1

Rank #519

Family Outing was a South Korean comedy-variety show; a part of SBS’s Good Sunday lineup. It first aired on June 15, 2008, and was one of the top rated programs...

Infinite Challenge (2005)

Infinite Challenge

Rank #1069

Infinite Challenge is recognized as the first “Real-Variety” show in Korean television history. The program is largely unscripted and follows a similar format of challenge-based reality television programs, familiar to...

My Little Old Boy (2016)

My Little Old Boy

Rank #1457

How much do you know about your son? Who does your son meet today and what did he talk about? Why does he look so blue today? Why is he...

Mama the Idol

Rank #1635

A program that contains the re-trying of idols of legendary stars who left us due to childbirth and childcare. (Source: Naver)...

We Got Married: Season 2 (2008)

We Got Married Season 2

Rank #1743

The show pairs up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married. Each week, couples have assigned missions to complete, with candid interviews of the...

Strong Heart (2009)

Strong Heart

Rank #2390

About twenty guest stars tell emotional (strong) stories to make people cry or laugh. The best storyteller wins the show. Strong Heart gives viewers and fans a chance to look...

History Repletion: Oh! Cool Guys (2017)

History Repletion: Oh! Cool Guys

Rank #36572

The cast and guests of the show go around Korea and learn about history of Korea through various places of interest....

Gag Concert (1999)

Gag Concert

Rank #36756

Gag Concert is a South Korean sketch-comedy television show more commonly known as Gag Con. It began airing on September 4, 1999, and aired its last episode on June 26,...

Human Condition (2012)

Human Condition

Rank #37229

This variety show follows the cast members around whilst they aim to complete the assigned mission of the week. The missions tend to act as social experiments about issues in...

Heroes (2010)


Rank #37471

A “popularity search variety”, where the female celebrities compete to find out which of them is more popular among citizens. Each week, the celebrities are divided into two equal groups...

Same Bed

Same Bed, Different Dreams Season 1

Rank #37892

A variety show hosted by Yoo Jae-suk and Kim Gu-ra where adolescents and their parents share their issues....

Fantastic Duo: Season 2 (2017)

Fantastic Duo Season 2

Rank #38406

Fantastic Duo is a South Korean television program is a show where fans can sing a duet with their favorite singer using their cell phones. In season 2, the rules...

Please Take Care of My Refrigerator (2014)

Please Take Care of My Refrigerator

Rank #38519

“Chef & My Fridge” is a cooking entertainment program where viewers can get recipes, tips on food storage, and other useful information from expert chefs while also getting a glimpse...

Life Bar (2016)

Life Bar

Rank #38555

It is a unique talk show where celebrity guests and the three show hosts candidly share their life stories over a drink....

Idol Show: Season 3 (2008)

Idol Show Season 3

Rank #38573

A weekly Korean variety show hosted by the nation’s most popular teen idol groups. The main heroes of the third season are 2PM....

Invincible Youth Season 1 (2009)

Invincible Youth Season 1

Rank #38583

The first season of the show involved Korean entertainers meeting weekly to work and learn about farming in a Yuchi-ri village in Hongcheon-fire-arm, Gangwon Province in South Korea. This involved...

Miss Back (2020)

Miss Back

Rank #38648

The program will be a mix between a documentary and variety show, and will follow a group of female singers who made their debut in idol groups but are slowly...

I Can See Your Voice Season 9

Rank #38677

I Can See Your Voice” is a mystery music game show. The guest artist(s) must attempt to guess between six contestants who are ‘good singers’ (sterminated vocalists) and ‘bad singers’...

Lee Soo Geun and Kim Byung Man's High Society (2011)

Lee Soo Geun and Kim Byung Man’s High Society

Rank #39113

Lee Soo Geun and Kim Byung Man’s High Society (Korean: 이수근 김병만 의 상류 사회) is a 70 minute comedy-game show . The series premiered on Sat Dec 10, 2011...

Vocal War: God's Voice (2016)

Vocal War: God’s Voice

Rank #39232

Amateur singers challenge legendary singers in a singing battle, in which they must receive the majority out of 100 audience votes....

Star King (2007)

Star King

Rank #39257

Star King is a program which selects the most amazing person, real-life story, or video every week. The ones challenging that most amazing person appear at the studio and compete...