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Two Lights: Relumino (2017)

Two Lights: Relumino

Rank #412

A sweet, mellow romance about a woman with a visual impairment and the man who grows to love her after they meet in a photography club. (Source: Letterboxd]...

Monsta X's Puppy Day (2019)

Monsta X’s Puppy Day

Rank #872

Members will show their own personalities and charms while interacting with the puppies. At this occasion too, fans will be further introduced to the new bear-shaped characters (made in collaboration...

Reincarnation Love

Rank #2491

A time-loop romance drama depicting the first meeting of Jeon Sang Tae, who went on a blind date as a substitute for a friend, and his ‘destiny girl’ Kim Hwa...

Summerdaze (2018)


Rank #2575

Love can be confusing, but it’s never wrong. A journey of discovery through Jeju Island in search of themselves, and ultimately love. (Source: The Authority)...

Handmade Love (2020)

Handmade Love

Rank #2795

A romance/fantasy featuring the cursed god Woven, who is newly-arrived on Earth, where he must design and create outfits that are comforting to humans, in order that he may regain...

Please Tell Me So (2021)

Please Tell Me So

Rank #3106

That’s my Mr.Right! Glasses for reading books, hoodie strap tied in ribbon shape, long legs, story worthy scars on the arm and good looking face in addition to all above....

What to Do with You (2018)

What to Do with You

Rank #3608

Advertisement drama for a facial mask. Saerom had a one-sided crush for her friend, Geun, for three years. Can their relationship ever evolve into something else?...



Rank #4854

Ever heard of a school where you’re considered absent if you don’t wear makeup? Welcome to K-Beauty School! It’s a world-famous university that specializes in all things related to skincare...

Ending Again Special (2020)

Ending Again Special

Rank #5092

In Yeong and Chan Hui’s daily life after recuperating their heartbreak...

Start Up the Engine (2021)

Start Up the Engine

Rank #5316

Cha Dae Hyun works as an auto mechanic. He has a strong passion and talent for working on cars. Thanks to his grandfather, who ran a car repair shop in...

Live Your Strength (2020)

Live Your Strength

Rank #5417

The short-film tells the story of a young woman who falls into despair after a bad breakup. However, over time, she learns to regain her self-confidence and move forward with...

Wish Woosh (2018)

Wish Woosh

Rank #5433

Sun Ah, Tae Woo, Kwak Woong, and Do Woo are workers at a company. Sun Ah and Tae Woo struggle keeping their office romance a secret. Do Woo has a...

Lock&Lock Astrology

Lock&Lock Astrology

Rank #5739

A CF for Lock&Lock plastics company; telling 12 mini stories based on insights of the different romantic traits for each zodiac sign....

Am I The Only One With Butterflies? (2018)

Am I The Only One With Butterflies? Season 1

Rank #5939

I met her on the first day of work. My stomach is fluttering with butterflies because of my manager nowadays. Am I the only one with butterflies? (Source: Neez Project)...

6 Persons Room

6 Persons Room

Rank #6006

After the dramatic-looking accident, Min Soo goes to the 6-person hospital room. He wakes up surrounded by women themselves. We will learn about their stories, to the accompaniment of humor...

The One and Only Epilogue

The One and Only Epilogue

Rank #6550

At one moment our hero, Joon, thought he had it all, but everything changed when he crossed paths with Kwon. Suddenly, his dreams of happiness with his love were crushed....

The One and Only

The One and Only

Rank #6944

Our hero suddenly rises from a coma. He has no idea who or where he is. All he has are the keys to his 2012 Toyota Camry. When he gets...

29gram (2017)


Rank #6945

“29gram” centers on the lives and love stories of four social media influencers....

Love Refresh (2021)

Love Refresh

Rank #7177

Seo Nam Joo, who doesn’t know about love, writing romance dramas and holds special lectures from female friends with different love views. Meanwhile, Nam Joo is a new drama writer...

≥75℃ (2019)


Rank #7475

Tea master Hong won the Winter Course Competition held at the Altdif headquarters. The head of the marketing team, Cha, who came to collaborate, was in disagreement. Will they be...

Secret Queen Makers (2018)

Secret Queen Makers

Rank #7700

‘Secret Queen Makers’ is a web series about a geeky girl that becomes beautiful. She is helped by the 6 male lead actors....

U-Turn (2008)


Rank #7727

Ji Sub is coming back home after an unsuccessful audition. Suddenly, a sound makes him stop his car. When he opens his trunk, he discovers a young woman, Yeon Hee,...

Ruby Ruby Love (2017)

Ruby Ruby Love

Rank #7743

Lee Ruby, a young woman who suffers from sociophobia, comes across a magical ring that helps her grow into a jewelry designer....

Kiss Note

Kiss Note

Rank #7943

Jonghyun transformed into a charismatic professor, whom Dara moons over in class. Key is the star basketball player on the college team, while Taemin plays a barista who can’t seem...