Adolescence Korean Dramas & Movies

Girls' Generation 1979 (2017)

Girls’ Generation 1979

Rank #1491

Lee Jung Hee is the second daughter of a family who owns a lingerie factory. She leads a group of teenage girls, whom they have chaotic adventures together. She meets...

How to Buy a Friend (2020)

How to Buy a Friend

Rank #2840

Rumors surround Don Hyuk, a highly praised high school fighter, after his girlfriend’s sudden self-harm. Plagued by the trauma he is quick to fight if someone even mentions her name,...

Everything and Nothing (2019)

Everything and Nothing

Rank #3725

The story follows the pain and growth of 17-year-old Min Jae and Seo Yeon. Min Jae is an ordinary, male high school student. He doesn’t talk much and he has...

Bori (2020)


Rank #40731

Bo Ri, an 11-year-old girl in a seaside village, is the only family member who can hear. As an elementary school student, Bo Ri becomes more and more accustomed to...

The Dolphin in the Little Mermaid (2020)

The Dolphin in the Little Mermaid

Rank #52736

When I was a little girl… I thought I am the main character of my life and the world revolves around me. But?! Eun So is the most popular boy...