Actor Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Sh**ting Stars

Rank #681

As one of the nation’s most beloved stars, Gong Tae Sung is used to living his life in the spotlight. With the eyes of the world constantly on him, Tae...

To My Star 2

To My Star Season 2: Our Untold Stories

Rank #1263

After his career took a steady turn for the worse, one of South Korea’s brightest stars, Kang Seo Joon, was afraid he might never be happy again. But after a...



Rank #1604

Hyung Wook, an infamous criminal known for his perfection, slips on soap at a public sauna and passes out. Jae Sung, a not famous unknown actor who’s hit rock bottom,...

The King and the Clown (2005)

The King and the Clown

Rank #2097

At the height of the 16th-century Joseon Dynasty, a pair of rural male actors – boisterous, macho Jang Seng and quiet, feminine Gong Gil – travels to Seoul and team...

Love in Contract

Rank #3190

Undeniably attractive, talented, and charming, Choi Sang Eun is the living definition of the perfect partner. This is exactly why instead of marrying, she chooses to employ her sterminates as...

Rough Cut

Rough Cut

Rank #3949

Gang Pae has risen to the #2 rank in his mafia organization by using unflinching harsh. Even though he has made his name by his violent nature, Gang Pae has...

Top Star Yoo Baek (2018)

Top Star Yoo Baek

Rank #4310

Yoo Baek is a former idol group member. He is now a popular singer and actor. He doesn’t try to be a good guy to attract people. Yoo Baek is...

Hostage: Missing Celebrity (2021)

Hostage: Missing Celebrity

Rank #5244

After a VIP movie premiere, the Korean top movie star, Jung Min, gets unauthorized takingped by strangers. As he tries to find his way out, his unauthorized takingpers demand from...

Bravo My Life (2017)

Bravo My Life

Rank #5303

A heady drama producer, an assistant director, and an actor who hasn’t debuted after seven years in the industry navigate the world of television drama production. (Source: SBS International)...

Last Scandal (2008)

Last Scandal

Rank #5437

Hong Sun Hee is a housewife who accidentally meets her first love, Jang Dong Chul, again. Now he is known as Song Jae Bin and is a famous movie star...

Myung Wol the Spy (2011)

Myung Wol the Spy

Rank #7120

In the romantic-comedy “Spy Myung Wo,”, beautiful North Korean spy Myung Wol goes to South Korea in an attempt to unauthorized taking a popular Korean male entertainer....

How to Use Guys with Secret Tips (2013)

How to Use Guys with Secret Tips

Rank #7179

Overworked commercial Assistant director Choi Bo Na is an average girl lacking in social sterminates, self-confidence, and romance. One day, after a long day of shooting on the beach, she...

Star With a Secret (2020)

Star With a Secret

Rank #8183

A made -for – web drama about an unusual romance between a Hallyu star and a driven entertainment reporter. He is hiding a big secret- he turns into a little...

Rough Play (2013)

Rough Play

Rank #8329

Oh Young is a nameless actor who dreams of becoming a big movie star. Then one day, he makes his breakthrough with a film and becomes a star overnight. He...

What Happened to Mr. Cha? (2021)

What Happened to Mr. Cha?

Rank #8469

With the image of a gentle and perfect man, Mr. Cha enjoyed immense popularity in the 90s but he is now a has-been who reminisces about his glory days and...

The Christmas Gift


Rank #34288

A story of how Park Kang’s life is changed on Christmas day. Park Kang is a popular actor, but he is also a scandal maker. His manager is Jo Yoon...

It’s You, Out of the Blue

Rank #34487

Depicts an unprecedented romance that begins “out of the blue.” The story begins when a top actor, dubbed “a master of romance,” meets a mysterious woman who thinks of herself...

Nineteen (2019)


Rank #41717

“Nineteen” is a drama in the form of a vlog in which the protagonist shares her daily life and tells a story through video. The main character is Han Sung...

Three Bold Siblings (2022)

Three Bold Siblings

Rank #45326

Kim Tae Joo is the eldest of three siblings. She is warm-hearted and tolerant, but she also has a hot temper. She cuts off relationships with people whom she doesn’t...

Lost to Shame (2016)

Lost to Shame

Rank #45765

Song Joon is an unknown actor who often has to borrow money from his brother to get by. Finally, Song Joon is cast as the lead in a play about...

The Pure Memories of My Heart (2020)

The Pure Memories of My Heart

Rank #48514

Seo Rin who was recognized for her directing sterminates abroad, returns to Korea and will be the director of a green drama “Natural Romance”. She will also be reuniting with...

The Pure Memories of My Heart (2019)

The Pure Memories of My Heart

Rank #48914

Seo Rin who was recognized for her directing sterminates abroad, returns to Korea and will be the director of a green drama “Natural Romance”. She will also be reuniting with...

Where Is My DVD? (2013)

Where Is My DVD?

Rank #54239

Go Gi Hwan is an actor who has starred in a number of short films, however, he couldn’t get any of the DVDs from the directors. He decides to collect...

Love Jo. Right Now. (2017)

Love Jo. Right Now.

Rank #57044

Director Ga-young wants to cast Jo In-sung, but there is no scenario yet....