Actor/Actress Supporting Character Korean Dramas & Movies

Sh**ting Stars

Rank #681

As one of the nation’s most beloved stars, Gong Tae Sung is used to living his life in the spotlight. With the eyes of the world constantly on him, Tae...

Behind Every Star

Rank #4183

The story is set around Method Entertainment, which is a major management company and depicts their work lives, personal lives, and desires. Ma Tae Oh works as a professional manager...

The World That They Live In (2008)

The World That They Live In

Rank #6428

Joo Jun Yeong, a producer working her way in the male dominated world of drama creators. Co-star Hyun Bin plays her mentor, who makes Joo’s character’s life miserable at first,...

Miss Mermaid

Miss Mermaid

Rank #45959

Eun Ah Ri Young is a successful drama writer with a scarred past. When her father had an affair with another lady and left the family, her brother died and...



Rank #47678

Talent manager Seung Min sees Yoon Jin Ah, a rising actress, as his one last hope to turn his life around. Just as Jin Ah is on the path to...

Scandal (2016)


Rank #99999

Hyeok Bin was once a superstar but a scandal led to the fall of his popularity. Hyeok Bin and his manager Jin Goo attempt to make a come back through...