Action Korean Dramas & Movies

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Special (2017)

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Special

Rank #354

The special episode reveals behind-the-scenes stories from the actors during filming and a special commentary interview with the actors of the show....

#Alive (2020)


Rank #2638

Jun Woo wakes up to find that a mysterious virus outbreak has occurred. The outbreak suddenly spread throughout Seoul and rapidly grows out of control, trapping survivors alone inside their...

Trap (2019)


Rank #2769

Kang Woo Hyun is a respected anchor at a broadcasting station. He has a lovely family and he is asked to enter the political field. His life seems perfect. One...

The King’s Case Note

The King’s Case Note

Rank #3190

A clever King and his brilliant chronicle keeper hunt for the truth behind a crime that threatens the throne and the stability of the country. (Source: CJ Entertainment)...

East of Eden (2008)

East of Eden

Rank #3615

The drama will be about two men whose fates are crossed from the very first day that they were born. Both men were born in the same hospital. When he...

Tough as Iron (2013)

Tough as Iron

Rank #4575

Gang Cheol is a legendary street fighter in Busan, who cleaned up his act to care for his sick mother. Things are going well for him, and he’s happy in...

Trap: Director's Cut (2019)

Trap: Director’s Cut

Rank #44450

The director’s cut version is a movie version of the Korean drama “Trap”. It’s for Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival: BIFAN (2019) – Korean Fantastic: Crossover, and it has a...

Modern Boy (2008)

Modern Boy

Rank #55815

Set against the backdrop of the Japanese occupation of Korea in 1937, “Modern Boy” tells the story of Hae Myeong, a government general who falls in love at first sight...