A.C.E Korean Dramas & Movies

I Can See Your Voice Season 4 (2017)

I Can See Your Voice Season 4

Rank #978

A reality show platform which offers talented singers the chance to make their dreams of stardom a reality....

Escape Idols 2 (2020)

Escape Idols Season 2

Rank #35257

Returned more vividly, more fun, and more intensely. Escape Room Reality shot *24 HOURS LIVE* ‘ESCAPE IDOLS 2’ with Kim Dong Han, CIX Hyunsuk, JBJ95 Sanggyun, A.C.E Byeongkwan, Hong Jin...

A.C.E On The Road (2020)

A.C.E on the Road

Rank #35418

A.C.E take a 100km journey from Yangyang to Jungdongjin, on foot....

Beat TV (2019)

Beat TV

Rank #35428

A show where the A.C.E member show their life, character and funny side in Vlogs....

YBC (2020)


Rank #35591

A variety show where Young K from DAY6 does something different every episode....

A.C.E Room of Solitude (2019)

A.C.E Room of Solitude

Rank #35928

A show that finds you a solution to your problem....

Extreme A.C.E (2019)

Extreme A.C.E

Rank #35931

The members of A.C.E do extreme sports...

Idol in Alley (2020)

Idol in Alley

Rank #36477


Idol Wonderland (2020)

Idol Wonderland

Rank #38371

A new variety series dedicated to K-Pop idol group guests. Each episode, idol group guests will visit a specially designed theme park, where they can hang out virtually with their...

Whisper the Recipe (2020)

Whisper the Recipe

Rank #42620

Cook As You Hear. ASMR Cooking Quiz Show. (Source: youtube)...

Hidden Track: Season 2 (2020)

Hidden Track Season 2

Rank #42775

Like its title, this is a music show that introduces great hidden tracks by K-pop idols. Artists appear every week to promote seven b-side tracks and their stories. The track...

Superstar K5 (2013)

Superstar K5

Rank #44884


Can You Hear My Trip (2020)

Can You Hear My Trip

Rank #99999

The ASMR healing travel with your favorite K-pop Idol. What if you record the sound during traveling, especially ASMR? 4 popular travel spots, 4 your favorite K-pop Idol. It will...

Survival of your Bias (2020)

Survival of your Bias

Rank #99999

Debate show. The idols will debate to guess the choice of the fans right. They have to complete a mission if they fail to guess even a question....

The Playlist (2021)

The Playlist

Rank #99999

‘The Playlist’ is a program where celebrities will share their personal music playlists and talk about the special moments associated with music. Further, the guesting artists will have the opportunity...