2AM Korean Dramas & Movies

Street Woman Fighter (2021)

Street Woman Fighter

Rank #475

“Street Woman Fighter” is Mnet’s first-ever female dance crew survival program, where eight female dance crews that represent South Korea will compete to be the No. 1 team. The dancers...

Hit the Stage (2016)

Hit the Stage

Rank #534

A dance competition where K-Pop artists and professional dance crews work together for the grand prize...

I Can See Your Voice Season 4 (2017)

I Can See Your Voice Season 4

Rank #978

A reality show platform which offers talented singers the chance to make their dreams of stardom a reality....

I GOT7 (2014)


Rank #1174

GOT7’s first variety program released on television....

2PM SHOW! (2011)


Rank #1225

A variety show made on SBS for the Beast Idol’s 2PM. Each week the members compete in missions to find out who are the best and worst 2PM members. A...

I Can See Your Voice Season 1 (2015)

I Can See Your Voice Season 1

Rank #1465

A reality show platform which offers talented singers the chance to make their dreams of stardom a reality....

We Got Married: Season 2 (2008)

We Got Married Season 2

Rank #1743

The show pairs up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married. Each week, couples have assigned missions to complete, with candid interviews of the...

Abnormal Summit: Season 1 (2014)

Abnormal Summit Season 1

Rank #1871

The show features a panel of non-Korean men, living in South Korea, who debate on various topics and “Korean culture, through the eyes of a foreigner,” in a talk show...

Extreme Debut: Wild Idol (2021)

Extreme Debut: Wild Idol

Rank #2404

In this unique new survival program format, 45 male trainees will enter an extreme outdoor bootcamp, where they must survive rigorous physical training and reach the “top of the food...

Sixteen (2015)


Rank #3361

Sixteen was a 2015 reality girl group survival show created by JYP Entertainment and Mnet. The show pitted sixteen JYP trainees against one another to secure a spot in the...

Unpretty Rapstar (2015)

Unpretty Rapstar Season 1

Rank #3569

Unpretty Rapstar is a brutal rap competition program focusing on female rappers. Where unpretty describes the girls who try not to look “cute” and “girly”. The show features 8 women...

Welcome to the Show (2011)

Welcome to the Show

Rank #7186

Sulli and Nickhun are supposedly dating and seem like they are very much in the honeymoon phase. Seulong likes Sulli as well, but cannot do anything about it due to...

IU's Palette (2020)

IU’s Palette

Rank #35416

IU’s Palette is a fun talk show with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The show mixes humor with two segments of music by covering songs and singing duets with the...

All That CUBE (2020)

All That CUBE

Rank #35498

One and only CUBE show, made for steady productive fandom! (Source: CUBE Entertainment YouTube)...

Seulgi.Zip (2021)


Rank #35621

Seulgi’s first solo hosting since her debut in 2014. The concept of her live show will be inviting guests to her house and chat about the things they like, as...

Off To School (2014)

Off To School

Rank #36425

South Korean variety program where celebrities will be attending a selected high school as students for 3 days....

Idol Crown Prince (2012)

Idol Crown Prince

Rank #36943

Seven male idols mysteriously end up in the year 1515. Turns out King Lee Soo Geun needs a new Crown Prince. The male idols will each form a team with...

Season B Season (2020)

Season B Season 1

Rank #37014

The channel is packed with content that 100% reflects the wishes of fans who requested. Accordingly, the concept is divided into 2 concepts, the “season” in which the public chooses...

After Mom Goes to Sleep (2017)

After Mom Goes to Sleep

Rank #37314

Kpop idols try to prepare food while mom goes to sleep. They need to be quiet, otherwise they must put on disguises for punishment....

Golden Tambourine (2017)

Golden Tambourine

Rank #37329

Inspired by karaoke, the show aims to let everyone have a good time regardless of their singing sterminates, and for everyone to come together and have fun no matter their...

Candy In My Ear (2016)

Candy in My Ear Season 1

Rank #37425

The new program has celebrities create bonds with strangers through conversations on the phone. The celebrities will reportedly create friendships with the strangers by revealing their inner secrets, dreams and...

Secret Variety Training (2017)

Secret Variety Training

Rank #37448

Korea’s hottest celebrities have come to the secret variety training institution hidden from the eyes of the world. Here, through the training carefully orchestrated by masters of variety shows, they...

Wild Bunny (2009)

Wild Bunny

Rank #37502

The members of 2PM escape the pressure of stardom by ten forbidden activities by idols....