1THE9 (Group) Korean Dramas & Movies

Master in the House (2017)

Master in the House

Rank #145

Almost everyone questions the purpose and goal of life. And most successful people have unique perspectives and lifestyles that have made them stand out from the norm. This reality show...

Mama the Idol

Rank #1635

A program that contains the re-trying of idols of legendary stars who left us due to childbirth and childcare. (Source: Naver)...

Loud (2021)


Rank #1800

A survival audition program to produce global boy groups is revealed, and Park Jin Young’s JYP Entertainment and PSY’s P NATION join the journey! On the stage where contestants can...

UNDER19 (2018)


Rank #2542

This show introduces singers, rappers, dancers and also people who are able to produce music or choreography. The goal of this show is to create a new-generation K-pop group with...

Idol Ability Market (2020)

Idol Ability Market

Rank #35063

At the Idol Ability Market, idol groups must “sell” their talents to the pawn shop owner in order to earn coins. The more coins the group earns, the more time...

Oui Go Up 3 Behind (2021)

Oui Go Up Season 3 Behind

Rank #35077

Bonus clips from Oui Go Up 3 (2021) variety show....

JUST B's Baam Escape (2021)

JUST B’s Baam Escape

Rank #35150

JUST B’s true free time comes around every night as they escape their dorms to participate in fun activities. The only catch is is that they must make it back...

Oui Go Up 2: First Sight Behind (2021)

Oui Go Up Season 2: First Sight Behind

Rank #35201

This is the ‘behind’ of the second reality show for OUI Entertainment’s boy group, WEi....

Loading One More Chanx (2021)

Loading One More Chanx

Rank #35336

OMEGA X, the new big group that we assimilate to the “K-pop Avengers”, will unveil their real daily life, heading towards their dreams through their first reality TV “LOADING ONE...

Oui Go Up (2020)

Oui Go Up Season 1

Rank #35478

Variety show of a pre debut boy group WEi under OUI Entertainment...

iMERA (2020)


Rank #35904

Behind the scenes videos and moments of K-Pop group WEi. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Transonglation (2019)


Rank #36050

Various K-Pop groups star in the YouTube show, Transonglation. There are three teams that represent three countries. Each team needs to sing in the country’s language. They must try to...

Oui Go Up 2: First Sight (2021)

Oui Go Up Season 2: First Sight

Rank #36094

The second reality show for OUI Entertainment’s boy group, WEi....

Wonderland (2019)


Rank #36122

Members of Under Nineteen‘s debuting boy group 1THE9 showed off unexpected charms and new sides of themselves. The reality show, premiered ahead of the boys’ upcoming debut on April 12,...

K-Bob Star (2020)

K-Bob Star

Rank #36346

The show invites idols who are making a comeback to eat with Lee Young Ja and Kim Sook at a rural farmhouse where they will discuss music and eat customized...

Oui Go Up 3 (2021)

Oui Go Up Season 3

Rank #36454

The third reality show for OUI Entertainment’s boy group, WEi. (Source: ellen at MyDramaList)...

Idol League: Season 3 (2020)

Idol League Season 3

Rank #36576

A program that interviews idols each week....

Right! Just That!

Rank #36623


Studio Moon Night Season 1

Rank #36752

Think of me when the night comes. Talking under the dark night sky, amidst the countless stars, tell me what your day was like today. We are moonnight. (Source: Korean...

Secret Friend of Idols (2020)

Secret Friend of Idols Season 1

Rank #37013

“Secret Friend of Idols” is a web reality show revolving around the process of the idols who participate in “Show Champion” narrowing the gap and gradually nourishing the friendship with...

Season B Season (2020)

Season B Season 1

Rank #37014

The channel is packed with content that 100% reflects the wishes of fans who requested. Accordingly, the concept is divided into 2 concepts, the “season” in which the public chooses...

Ssap-Dance: WEi (2021)

Ssap-Dance: WEi

Rank #37401

Explosive singing! Explosive dancing! Explosive cuteness! WEi’s K-Pop medley! Yo DJ, drop the beat!!! (Source: YouTube)...