To the Last Day

To the Last Day


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Director: Shin Sang Ok

Release Date: Jul 1, 1960

Duration: 1 hr. 49 min.

Year: 1960

Rank: #44873

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 이 생명 다하도록

Content Rating: G – All Ages

Alternative Titles: I Saengmyeong Dahadorok, To The Death

Genre: Drama


Captain Kim, who participated in the Korean War, is paralyzed from the waist down. His wife, Hye Gyeong, takes care of him well. But when the family is evacuating to Daegu, their second daughter dies along the way. Hye Gyeong places the eldest daughter, Sun Gyeong, and her husband on a wagon and leaves to seek refuge. In Daegu, Captain Kim is hospitalized while Hye Gyeong earns a living by being astreet peddler.
One day, she meets Mr. Jo who sells products near her stall. Mr. Jo, who was orphaned during the war, asks Hye Gyeong to be a surrogate sister to him, and the two quickly become close. Mr. Jo gets a house and suggests that Hye Gyeong live with him. Hye Gyeong, who has come to love Mr. Jo, is conflicted between him and her husband.
One day when her husband comes for a visit, he witnesses Mr. Jo and his wife together and becomes furious, returning to the hospital. When Hye Gyeong visits him in the hospital, he begs her not to leave him, and tells her he cannot live without her. Hye Gyeong puts an end to her relationship with Mr. Jo and goes to Seoul to be with her family. Once there, Hye Gyeong and her husband establish a home for war widows and their children who have nowhere else to go. Their new hopes are dashed when Sun Gyeong dies in a traffic accident. With Hye Gyeong fasting and bedridden in grief, it seems as if the war widows will have to seek shelter elsewhere. But Hye Gyeong collects herself once again, giving encouragement to everyone.
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