The Night Before Independence Day

The Night Before Independence Day


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Director: Choi In Gyu

Release Date: Feb 11, 1948

Duration: 52 min.

Year: 1948

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 독립전야

Content Rating: 13+ – Teens 13 or older

Alternative Titles: Independence Night, Doglibjeon-ya

Genre: Crime, Drama


Park Ok Ran has been monitoring the neighbourhood of the owner of a pawnshop, named Min Ka, who terminateed his father five years ago with Song. Min Ka, who does not notice that it is his daughter, Seon Hee who comes to pawn her jewellery, tries to assault her. A young man named Gyeong Il, who happens to pass the shop, saves her, and hides with her in a nearby warehouse. Sheactually has just returned with her mother after the liberation of Korea, whom Min Ka had expelled long ago. Gyeong Il has also arrived in Korea to meet his elder sister after liberation. Song tries to tie Seon Hee and Gyeong Il up, but Ok Ran releases her saying that she is not the enemy, but Min Ka. Ok Ran also happens to find out that Gyeong Il is her brother by listening to their conversation in secret. Seon Hee, who has noticed that the man was her father, weeps as she looks at him. Min Ka, who sees Ok Ran there, has regrets, saying it was an accident to have terminateed Ok Ran’s father. He adds that it is an honour for him to die on the day the government was formed. The four young people go to the mountain, renewing their hopes for the future.
(Source: Korean Film Archive)


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