Hwang Nam

Born in Gongju, Chungnam in 1921, he graduated from Shimsang Elementary School. He studied 3 years at a Japanese middle school in Manchuria.
In 1943, he joined the theatre company Hyundai Theatre and appeared in ‘The Story of Chun Hyang’. In 1948, he made his debut as a movie star with films such as ‘The Night Before Independence’, ‘Sou’, ‘Dawn’, and ‘The Town of Hope’.
He also appeared in director Shin Sang Ok’s ‘The Evil Night’ (1952) and ‘Dream’ (1955).
He founded Seoul Film History with Shin Sang Ok and Choi Eun Hee in 1955. ‘It;s not Her Sin'(1959) was planned and was a hit. Since then, ‘Sung Chun-hyang'(1961), ‘Romance Papa'(1961), ‘Love Room Guest and Mother'(1961), ‘DaeShim Cheongjeon'(1962), ‘Romance Gray'(1963), ‘Red Scarf'(1964), etc.
He worked as a producer who planned several box offices representing Shin Film. In 1966, he founded Saehan Film and served as the CEO of Hurwood Theatre.
(Source: Korean Film Archive).

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Hwang Nam Facts

Native Name: 황남

Birth Name: Eui Shik Hwang

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: July 25, 2021

Gender: Male

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