Choi In Gyu

Born in Yeongbyeon, North Pyongan Province, he dropped out of Pyongyang High School and moved to Osaka, Japan to work as a driving assistant.
In 1935, together with his older brother Choi Wan Gyu, he founded Goryeo Film Co., Ltd. in Sinuiju with a capital of 50,000 won and held the position of representative. In 1937, he moved his base to Gyeongseong, and from 1938 he was in charge of the recording department at Chosun Film Co., Ltd. In 1939, he made his directorial debut with the production of Cheonil Film Company, directing ‘Border’ (1939), which he wrote for himself. Afterwards, in 1939, he directed ‘Tuition’ (1940), based on the memoir of an elementary school student Woo Soo Yeong, who won the Governor’s Award at a writing contest hosted by the Gyeongseong Ilbo. He also directed ‘Homeless Angel'(1941), based on the true story of the Hyangrinwon (香隣園). Both films were produced by Lee Chang Yong’s Goryeo Film Association.
Then, in 1942, when Chosun Film Production Co., Ltd., an incorporated association that consolidated and abolished Korean production companies, including Jo Young and the Goryeo Film Association, was established, he started working as a director there. He directed ‘Children of the Sun'(1944) and ‘Love and Oath'(1945).
After liberation, Choi In Gyu reorganized the Goryeo Film Company together with Choi Wan Gyu, starting with ‘Long Live Freedom’ in 1946, ‘Innocent Sinner’, ‘Eve of Independence’ (1948), and ‘Passi’ (1949). He directed a series of films about national resistance. In addition, he produced a cultural film at the request of an informant at the US Forces Korea Command. ‘People’s Referendum’ (1948) to educate the general election to establish an independent government; ‘Village of Hope’ (1948), etc.
He was arrested by the Anti-People Special Forces and was awaiting trial, but was abducted during the Korean War, and his whereabouts after that are not well known. He is the husband of actor Kim Shin-Jae.
(Source: KMDb)

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Choi In Gyu Facts

Native Name: 최인규

Birth Name: In Gyu Choi

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: December 10, 2011

Gender: Male

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