Total votes: 43

Release Date: Jun 1, 2006

Duration: 1 hr. 31 min.

Year: 2006

Rank: #51527

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 모노폴리

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Monopolri

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller


Kyung Ho is a genius computer programmer who manages the on-line networks of all banks in Korea. One day, he accidentally runs into an attractive businessman named John. John invites Kyung Ho to the luxurious world of high society and soon Kyung Ho discovers his hidden desires. As Kyung Ho finds out about the secret project John is working on, John suggests Kyung Ho joins him in a mission which is toillegally withdraw small amount of money from all the bank accounts across Korea by using Kyung Ho’s genius computer programming sterminate. With absolute trust in John, Kyung Ho finally joins this huge con game. Will John and Kyung Ho be the winner of this game and achieve their dream?


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