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Director: Hong Chang Wook

Aired on: Aug 28, 2004

Total Episodes: 16

Network: SBS

Duration: 60 min.

Year: 2004

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 매직

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles:

Genre: Drama, Family, Friendship, Life


Kang Jae grew up under a jobless, gangster father. When Kang Jae accidentally meets Lee Dae Hae and his son Sun Mo, he feels more attached to Dae Hae than to his own father. Through Dae Hae and Sun Mo, Kang Jae learns the basics of magic as well as what fatherly love really means. Sun Mo, on the other hand, has a love-hate relationship with his father, who only cares aboutmagic and nothing else.

Meanwhile, Sun Mo is heartbroken by Dan Young, who falls in love with Kang Jae. Before that Dan Young was living with Sun Mo, mistakenly thinking that he is her long-lost brother before she was adopted. Yeon Jin, Dan Young’s stepsister, instantly falls in love with Kang Jae and Kang Jae decides to marry her, not for love but for the sake of fulfilling his own ambitions at the price of spurning Dan Young.

(Source: DramaWiki)


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