Supernatural Korean Dramas & Movies

Ring of Solomon (2019)

Ring of Solomon

Rank #99999

A missing ring of Solomon appears again to the world and fatefully chooses Kim Se Hee, a daughter of a exorcist, Kim Kang Hyuk. As Se Hee was received the...

Ghost (2020)


Rank #99999

People gather in the closed church famous for the ghosts appearing in the deep valleys of Gangwon-do. From broadcast program producers, shamans, and mystery-experience groups to search for and report...

Last Taxi (2023)

Korean Drama - Apr 26, 2023
Rank #99999

In an increasingly personalized and harsh world, when humans cannot comfort humans, will there be a day when they get comfort through artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence (AI) that cannot feel...

The Kindhearted Man (2019)

The Kindhearted Man

Rank #99999

Realtor Eguchi has a strange encounter with a female ghost when he shows an old house to a client and later learns about a couple tragic ended by a robber...

Lady Shaman (2022)

Lady Shaman

Rank #99999

Lee Seon Ho, the folklorist studying shamanism, is trying to get a faculty position at one of the universities in Seoul. After his third rejection from the universities, he leaves...

Oksu Station Ghost (2022)

The Ghost Station

Rank #99999

It follows the mysterious happenings that occur over and over again at Oksu Station. Choi Woo Won is an Oksu Station public service worker who is preparing for his civil service...

Employee Handbook for the Hope Daycare Center (2020)

Employee Handbook for the Hope Daycare Center

Rank #99999

It is pouring when Kim Na Ri, who is rather indifferent to other people, starts her first day off at the Hope Daycare Center. Na Ri is just marking her...

The Mink

Rank #99999

~~ A Korean-Thai coproduction....

Dark Nuns (2024)

Rank #99999

“Dark Nuns” will tell the story of dark nuns who perform exorcism. (Source: Soompi)...

The Guest

Rank #99999


The King of Demons (2022)

The King of Demons

Rank #99999

‘The King of Demons’ is a fantasy historical drama that takes place when the Demon King, who leads a demon army to destroy humans, resurrects from hell. The main character,...

Horror Mate (2023)

Rank #99999

One day, a crisis hits genius high school students Min Hoon, Shi Woo, and I Hyun, who were making horror games. Ghost characters popped out into the real world in...

The Scene

Rank #99999

Revolves around two actresses cast in a famous director’s dance film with bizarre phenomena and terrible events that cannot be explained scientifically. It is a work that tells the story of...

Home (2023)

Rank #99999

A mother frequently has seizures and is terrified, staring into space. After she dies, her daughter starts sorting out her mother’s belongings, but strange events start happening in the house....

Dink (2021)


Rank #99999

The Dink couple have an unwanted pregnancy. And they meet a broker who helps with real estate subscriptions (Source: BIFAN)...