School Korean Dramas & Movies

Sweet Revenge (2017)

Sweet Revenge

Rank #2627

This web drama is a teen fantasy drama about a teenager who gets her hands on a note that enacts revenge on anyone whose name is written on it....

Love After School (2017)

Love After School

Rank #2731

A love story often begins after a few jokes … Hoo Se In and Bang Myung Rok are in moderation class. Myung Rok decides to play Se In, who ridicules...

Adult Trainee (2021)

Adult Trainee

Rank #2747

“Adult Trainee” tells the tale of hormonal teenagers as their bodies mature. There is Jae Min, who gets addicted to masturbation, conservative Yu Ra who begins a risqué rendezvous with...

Drama Special Series Season 3: Adolescence Medley (2013)

Drama Special Series Season 3: Adolescence Medley

Rank #2789

Choi Jung Woo is a transfer student in Namil High School. After transferring schools 7 times, Jung Woo learns it is easiest not to make friends! (Source: MyDramaList)...

How to Hate You (2019)

How to Hate You

Rank #2808

The drama follows the dating adventures of Oh Mi Ri, a college freshman who finds herself struggling to navigate love and friendship on campus. (Source: Soompi) ~~ Adapted from a...

User Not Found (2021)

User Not Found

Rank #2823

A romance drama about two female high school students who happen to share the same name. When they both transfer to a new school at the same time, hoping to...

Student A (2018)

Student A

Rank #2887

Being bullied at school and suffering harsh at home, Mi Rae, a middle school loner, lives on the border between reality and fantasy. The only places she feels restful are...

When You Love Yourself (2018)

When You Love Yourself

Rank #2897

Can I be happy if I meet someone’s standards? How to love myself as I am?...

Drama Stage Season 1: Anthology (2018)

Drama Stage Season 1: Anthology

Rank #2992

The story of a boy’s first love, a girl who returns a poorly written anthology....

IN-SEOUL: Season 2 (2020)

IN-SEOUL Season 2

Rank #2997

Kang Da Mi and Lee Ha Rim succeed in getting into an ‘In Seoul’ university and become roommates. The two were confident that they were best friends but started to...

Goong (2006)


Rank #3069

Feisty, bubbly, and no-nonsense, Chae Gyeong is an ordinary high school student. Until one day when she receives some unexpected news. Because of her grandfather’s will, she must marry the...

The Village: Achiara's Secret

The Village: Achiara’s Secret

Rank #3099

Achiara is a small, quiet, peaceful village with hardly any crime. But on her first day of school there, English teacher Han So Yoon discovers a buried corpse. As the...

Longing Heart (2018)

Longing Heart

Rank #3176

A man named Shin Woo regrets letting his first love go ten years ago because he didn’t have the courage to confess. However, he gets the chance to win her...

A Love So Beautiful (2020)

A Love So Beautiful

Rank #3193

Cha Heon is a student at Chun Ji High School who has both good looks and brains. He appears to be a cold character but he is actually someone with...

Mr. Heart (2020)

Mr. Heart

Rank #3211

Despite the fact that things just never seem to go his way, Sang Ha always manages to find a reason to smile. A member of the school track team, Sang...

The World of My 17 (2020)

The World of My 17

Rank #3259

It tells the heartfelt story of friendship and growth in high school, where friends make up the entirety of one’s world. The daily life of 17-year-old teenagers, those who are...

Like (2019)


Rank #3273

So Yoon together with her friends decided to create a club on YouTube “Like”, where they can find out what they like, dream and show their talents. In the process...

Seventeen (2017)


Rank #3274

At seventeen, we were all newbies at love. These are innocent and reckless high school love stories that we dare not think of doing now....

Best Mistake (2019)

Best Mistake

Rank #3307

To get a boy from her past to leave her alone, Kim Yeon Do uploads a photo of a random guy claiming him to be her boyfriend. However, she does...

The World of Us (2016)

The World of Us

Rank #3371

At an age when perhaps friends mean more than moms, 10-year-old Sun is an outcast at school. During summer vacation, she meets Jia, who is new to town. As Sun...

Melancholia (2021)


Rank #3453

A intimate scandal between a math teacher and a student in a prestigious high school ends in tragedy. Four years later, they meet again, now both adults, to reveal the...

High School King of Savvy (2014)

High School King of Savvy

Rank #3513

Can a high school boy lead a double life? Lee Min Seok is a rising hockey player at his high school leading an average high school life, complete with a...

Thumping Spike

Thumping Spike

Rank #3549

A volleyball coach and her players aim for success during which they develop stronger bonds of friendship and teamwork. This youthful story shows sportsmanship and heart thumping romance....

Drama Special Season 4: Jin Jin (2013)

Drama Special Season 4: Jin Jin

Rank #3636

A drama about four friends from the same high school and the complex happenings that occur in the past and present times after Yoo Jin dies....