Military Korean Dramas & Movies

King Gojong and Martyr An Jung Geun (1959)

King Gojong and Martyr An Jung Geun

Rank #99999

At the end of the Joseon Dynasty, shortly after the Eulsa Treaty has been forced to be concluded by Ito Hirobumi and the pro-Japanese courtiers, Japan pressures King Go Jong...

Ah! Baekbeom Kim Ku (1960)

Ah! Baekbeom Kim Ku

Rank #99999

Kim Chang Soo who participated in the Donghak Peasant Movement escaped to the Manchuria after returning to Japan. Kim Chang Soo, who escaped from Korea, is trying to educate the...

Mounted Bandits (1967)

Mounted Bandits

Rank #99999

During the Japanese occupation of Korea, the daughter of a British diplomat is unauthorized takingped by bandits. A Japanese commander offers to free some Korean prisoners of war if the...

7 People in the Cellar (1969)

7 People in the Cellar

Rank #99999

Father An is locked up in a basement by retreating North Korean soldiers while reconstructing his church ruined during the Korean War (1950-1953). The North Koreans hide in the basement...