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Horror and Romance

Horror and Romance

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Tells the romance of a writer of horror stories who wants to know what is love and the writer of romance who hates horror stories. Bang Woo Ri is a...

Body Parts (2022)

Body Parts

Rank #99999

A perfume is found in the dressing table of a dead person. A boy is bullied because he can see ghosts. A girl is hosting an online livestream show of...

Judgment Night (2019)

Judgment Night

Rank #99999

Former sports announcer Ji-hee gets fired from the broadcasting station and starts her own YouTube channel with the dream of getting back on her feet. One day, a wanted criminal...

Short! Short! Short! (2011)

Short! Short! Short!

Rank #99999

Contains three stories: ‘The Famished’ directed by Lee Kyoo-man ‘The Loneliness of Butcher Boy’ directed by Han Jihyeh ‘Ten Million’ is directed by Kim Tae-gon...

I’m Alive (2011)

I’m Alive

Rank #99999

A horror drama about fighting with zombies after getting involved with them in a hospital after an accident. [KoreanDramaOrg]...

Noise (2024)

Rank #99999

The story revolves around the lives of two sisters, Joo Young and Joo Hee, who move into a new apartment. However, their seemingly ordinary lives take a nightmarish turn when...

The Cemetery of Sisters (2018)

The Cemetery of Sisters

Rank #99999

In a remote village, a guest house managed by two sisters Song Hwa and Mi Ran is always quiet. One summer day, a group of four guys who were grave...

Outdoor Begins (2018)

Outdoor Begins

Rank #99999

Brutal terminates occur at a campsite over a cursed mask. From horror and intimate comedy to musical, Outdoor Begins appeals to audiences by covering all kinds of genres....

Ride Together (2017)

Ride Together

Rank #99999


Red Mask KF94 (2022)

Red Mask KF94

Rank #99999

Anyone who has ever heard of the red mask ghost story about a woman with a torn mouth who asks people whether they find her attractive and rips her mouth...

Killing Time (2012)

Killing Time

Rank #99999


Dark Nuns (2024)

Rank #99999

“Dark Nuns” will tell the story of dark nuns who perform exorcism. (Source: Soompi)...

Land Mine (2022)

Land Mine

Rank #99999

It is the story of a boy who stepped on a landmine while crossing the border and faced a frightening situation as he followed the soldiers who appeared while his...

Swamp (2003)


Rank #99999

Yun Seo, a plastic surgeon, discovers that her husband is having an affair with her best friend. She then exacts her revenge....

Horror Mate (2023)

Rank #99999

One day, a crisis hits genius high school students Min Hoon, Shi Woo, and I Hyun, who were making horror games. Ghost characters popped out into the real world in...

Drown (2022)


Rank #99999

Do Woo runs an old motel – adjacent to a lake with thousands of Korean War victims at its bottom – as well as caring for his mother who has...

Cliche Resistance (2017)

Cliche Resistance

Rank #99999

A group of friends plot to outwit an evil ghost – one horror movie cliche at a time – in this supernatural comedy. Source: (K-Crush)....


Rank #99999

It is a story about a wife who suffered from disappearance of her beloved husband. She finds out the truth behind her husband’s hidden truth and past. (Source: Yeongdeungwisimui)...

Gabdunri: The Vanishing Town (2022)

Gabdunri: The Vanishing Town

Rank #99999

Gabdunri, one of the three most haunted houses in Korea. Following a man who is looking for his sister who disappeared 10 years ago, the documentary filming team begins to...

Cut (2022)

Rank #99999

A deserted factory. The last dying gasp of Eun Ah, who is cruelly and slowly dying, can be heard by someone. Suddenly, Director Jun Seok shouts, “Cut!” At that moment,...

Crank Up (2010)

Crank Up

Rank #99999

Kim Gab Su is a film directing student. After finishing his workshop, Gab Su and Oh Sung Gil, being the two left at the location, decide to start drinking, Gab...

Friday the 13th: The Conspiracy Begins (2019)

Friday the 13th: The Conspiracy Begins

Rank #99999

A profiler and a detective track down the truth behind the mysterious events that happen on Friday 13th. (Source: HanCinema)...

Sweet Whip (2017)

Sweet Whip

Rank #99999

Soo Yeon, an office worker in her early 20s, is tired of her daily routine. One day, she unexpectedly wins a free accommodation event at a pension and goes to...

Thousand Years Old Fox (1969)

Thousand Years Old Fox

Rank #99999

Once upon a time, under the reign of the three kingdoms, there was a woman who tempts a Buddhist priest named Cho. She is a one-thousand-year-old fox who intends to...