Documentary Korean Dramas & Movies

DAILY:AN (2020)


Rank #34982

Behind the scenes of Demian’s MVs and vlogs in which Demian shows his daily life and other fun activities on his “De:cket List”. (Source: haovibez at MyDramaList)...

T-ara's Dream Girls (2010)

T-ara’s Dream Girls

Rank #35002

T-ara Dream Girls (티아라의 드림걸즈) was a reality television program broadcasted on the cable channel Mnet starting on October 27th, 2010 starring T-ara. The show ended on January 19th, 2010...

ENHYPEN Episode (2020)


Rank #35005

Behind the scenes videos of ENHYPEN members....

Before Cravity (2020)

Before Cravity

Rank #35019

Show on CRAVITY’s official VLive channel which takes us behind the scene of members’ trainee days....

Beyond Live: EXO's Travel the World on a Ladder (2022)

Beyond Live: EXO’s Travel the World on a Ladder

Rank #35031

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut, EXO members have traveled to Namhae, a treasure island with clean nature! The unpredictable ladder game that happens at any time and...

ITZY "Not Shy" MV Behind (2020)

ITZY “Not Shy” MV Behind

Rank #35033

Behind the scenes of ITZY...


Astro Ddoca

Rank #35043


Enhypen: [En-Ter Key] (2020)

Enhypen: [En-Ter Key]

Rank #35047

Behind the scenes videoclips + Reaction of Enhypen during the filming of activities e.g debut trailer or photo shoots...

Spirits' Homecoming

Spirits’ Homecoming, Unfinished Story

Rank #35050

A look at the story behind the box office hit “Spirits’ Homecoming”, a film about comfort women of the Japanese army. This documentary explores the honor of the victims and...

EPEX: GO (2021)


Rank #35074

Behind the scenes of Kpop group EPEX...



Rank #35101

Behind the scenes of GOT7 during the promotion of “Call My Name” on their vLive and YouTube channel....

H1GHR MUSIC (2020)


Rank #35106

Celebrating the 3rd-year of H1GHR MUSIC, a documentary about past years and a new chapter of H1GHR MUSIC has been released. (Source: H1GHR MUSIC)...

Bloom Your Hopes (2021)

Bloom Your Hopes

Rank #35120

Debut documentary of k-pop group T1419....

Tomorrow x Together Comeback Show: Freeze (2021)

Tomorrow x Together Comeback Show: Freeze

Rank #35155

K-Pop group TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s comeback show for the release of their album “The Chaos chapter: Freeze”. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Artist-Made Collection Show by BTS

Rank #35160

Each BTS member creates a set of merch for their fans, Army, in their unique sense, crafted with their love and design. The show also portrays the behind the scenes...

IZ*ONE Oneiric Theater (2021)

IZ*ONE Oneiric Theater

Rank #35172

“IZ*ONE Oneiric Theater” is a special film sharing the behind-the-scenes of the making of their concert. (Source: MyDramaList)...

JAY B’s Eye

Rank #35175

JAY B shows how he balances his life as a full-time cat dad and artist. (Source: H1GHR MUSIC)...

EN-CORE Dimension: Dilemma (2021)

EN-CORE Dimension: Dilemma

Rank #35181

Behind the scenes of K-pop group Enhypen....

EN-CORE Border: Carnival (2021)

EN-CORE Border: Carnival

Rank #35189

Behind the scenes of K-pop group Enhypen....