Documentary Korean Dramas & Movies

Free My Soul

Free My Soul, Free My Song

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Ji Hee is mentally challenged and has a low self-esteem. She feels comfortable when she is invisible among people. Her encounter with guitar changes her life. She begins to open...

Beautiful Tomorrow (2017)

Beautiful Tomorrow

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Park Hyo Shin goes to Cuba with his musical soulmate, Jung Jae Il, in October of 2016. This musical film gives hope for a beautiful tomorrow. The two Korean joins...

Sanctuary (2022)


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Establishing a sanctuary is the only way to save wild animals that cannot return to their natural habitats from being put down. The project was proposed by an employee of...

The Memory of You (2022)

The Memory of You

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One day, the wife has changed. She becomes more forgetful, gets herself lost on the streets, and finds it hard to recognize people she meets every day. She used to...

Future Ending (2023)

Korean TV Show - Nov 30, 2023
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I Have a Dream (2021)

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I’ve always wondered how to answer the question, “What kind of work do you do?” I just lived following my dream, but I seemed to have so many things I...

Candlelight Revolution (2020)

Candlelight Revolution

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“Darkness cannot defeat the light!” From October 29, 2016 to March 10, 2017. I remember the days when 16 million people in Korea changed the world with one voice when...

Gwangju Video: The Missing (2020)

Gwangju Video: The Missing

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There are people whose lives have been shaken by the ‘Gwangju Video’. On May of 1980, the course of their lives changed in front of a huge wave of truth...

Animal Farm (2001)

TV Animal Farm

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The show has been featuring various stories about animals since 2001....

Aftermath (2021)


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The Special Investigation Committee, which was created to punish pro-Japanese, was destroyed due to the interference of the Rhee Syngman administration. Since then, the Committee’s Investigators and their descendants live...

Buen Camino (2020)

Buen Camino

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A visually impaired woman in her 50s, and an 18-year-old girl embark on a pilgrimage to Santiago. The older woman, Jae Han, a masseuse with Category 1 blindness, can only...

Good Fellas: Ongals and the Stranger (2019)

Good Fellas: Ongals and the Stranger

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The non-verbal comedy team Ongals takes over Las Vegas and makes the world laugh with their bodies rather than their words! Non-verbal comedy team Ongals has been traveling all over...

Counters (2018)


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Since 2013, Japan’s extreme-right racist group has organized more than 1000 inflammatory es around the nation. A schoolteacher, a deliveryman, a politician, an architect, and other ordinary citizens form a...

#AfterMeToo (2022)


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How has our society changed since the #MeToo movement shook up the South Korean society? In the midst of the reality, where the power of backlash and solidarity among men...

The Combat Kings (2022)

The Combat Kings

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May 18, 1980, during the Gwangju Democratization Movement. The Chun Doo Hwan regime came to power in a coup d’état by slaughtering peaceful protest crowds. The people continued to fight...


1984, Choi Dong Won

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COVID-19, the era that changed everything. The clock on the ground which should have been full of heat, as well as ordinary daily life, stopped in 38 years. The era...

A Man Who Paints Water Drops (2021)

A Man Who Paints Water Drops

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Letter and Repetition: Echo of the Water Drop Painter, Kim Chang Yeol’s Work Water Water is a recurring element in this movie and appears repeatedly in various forms, including rain,...

People in Elancia (2020)

People in Elancia

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Launched in 1999, the Nexon game Elancia celebrated its 20th anniversary. Although there are many macros and hacks prevalent in the game due to absence of management, there are still...

Last Scene (2019)

Last Scene

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Walk down a narrow corridor, and you come across a small theater that has held its place for many years. “Mugeukseong” and “Yukhangnyeon” have been running the theater for 10...

Queer053 (2019)


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A queer culture festival has been held in Daegu, a city of conservatives, for ten years, which comes second after Seoul. When people were ignorant of “queer,” they began reckless...

The Follower

The Follower, Ok Han-heum 2: Discipleship

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A discipleship is a devoted one. Normally, we choose to avoid discipleship. We choose a suitable area in which we can commit to but avoid areas in which we must...

Myeoneuri: My Son’s Crazy Wife (2018)

Myeoneuri: My Son’s Crazy Wife

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The protagonists of the documentary are the director’s wife and his mother, who fight all the time. The couple got married due to an unintended pregnancy. Every day is a...

Black: I Saw the Devil

Rank #99999

“Black: I Saw the Devil” is a true-crime documentary series that looks back on some of the worst criminal cases in history and examines the culprits’ minds. The show analyzes...