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Bravo My Life

Title: 브라보 마이 라이프 / Bravo My Life
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 56
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2017-Oct-21 to 2018-Feb-03
Air time: Saturday 20:55 (4 episodes back-to-back)


The story is set in the world of television drama production, and revolves around three main characters: a haughty drama PD, an assistant director who’s still waiting to catch her big break, and a frustrated actor who still hasn’t debuted after seven years in the industry.


SBC Drama Department

Jung Yoo Mi as Ha Do Na
Yun Jung Hoon as Shin Dong Woo
Hyun Woo as Kim Bum Woo
Kang Ji Sub as Seol Do Hyun
Park Hyun Sook as Shin Hwa Im
Shin Joo Ah as Kang Ha Young
Jun Se Hyun as Kang Ha Kyung
Ha Jae Suk as Lee Young Hee
Kim Joon Hyun as Yoo Gil Joon
Kim Gi Ri as Chul Sun
Joo Sung Hwan as Head of Drama Department
Kwon Oh Joong as Kim Chi Bok
Kim Noo Ri (김누리) as Man Soo

JU Group

Do Ji Won as Song Mi Ja / Ra Ra (chairman’s wife)
Park Sang Min as Jeong Young Woong (chairman)
Park Sun Im as Jung Hye Mi (Ra Ra & Young Woong’s eldest daughter)
Hyun Juni as Jung Sung Ah (Ra Ra & Young Woong’s youngest daughter)

JT Group

Dok Go Young Jae as Kim Ho Tae (chairman, Kim Joon Ho’s father)
Kim Hye Sun as Choi Min Kyung (chairman’s wife)
Kang Sung Min as Kim Joon Ho (heir of JT Group)
Ji Yool as Kim Seo Hyun (Kim Joon Ho’s younger sister/marketing director)
Yun Song Ha (연송하) as Yoo Jin Hee (Kim Joon Ho’s secretary)

People around Do Na

Ban Hyo Jung as Park Soon Jin (Do Na’s biological grandmother)


Kim Seung Hwan
Jung Ae Ri
Jung Sung Mo
Yoo Ji In
Jung Wook as Jung Young Woong’s secretary

Production Credits

Production Company: Hwa and Dam Pictures (화앤담픽쳐스)
Chief Producer: Hong Chang Wook
Director: Jung Hyo
Screenwriter: Jung Ji Woo

Episode Ratings

2017-10-2117.9 (11th)8.4 (7th)7.5 (11th)8.2 (9th)
2017-10-2128.0 (10th)8.5 (6th)7.9 (10th)8.7 (8th)
2017-10-2138.5 (8th)9.1 (4th)8.6 (7th)9.2 (6th)
2017-10-2147.8 (12th)8.5 (5th)8.9 (6th)9.5 (5th)
2017-10-2855.65.5 (16th)6.2 (14th)7.0 (9th)
2017-10-2865.65.5 (15th)6.6 (11th)7.6 (7th)
2017-10-2875.46.06.1 (17th)6.7 (13th)
2017-10-2884.95.76.1 (17th)6.9 (11th)
2017-11-0495.26.36.9 (10th)7.9 (9th)
2017-11-04105.16.56.9 (10th)8.3 (8th)
2017-11-04115.4 (20th)6.17.5 (8th)8.4 (7th)
2017-11-04125.6 (17th)5.8 (17th)7.5 (8th)8.6 (6th)
2017-11-11135.36.67.3 (9th)8.5 (7th)
2017-11-11146.2 (16th)6.4 (9th)7.2 (10th)8.3 (8th)
2017-11-11155.9 (18th)6.1 (13th)6.9 (14th)7.9 (9th)
2017-11-11165.35.96.8 (15th)7.4 (10th)
2017-11-18175.45.5 (20th)6.3 (17th)7.2 (13th)
2017-11-18186.0 (18th)6.4 (14th)7.3 (11th)8.1 (10th)
2017-11-18195.76.6 (10th)7.9 (8th)9.1 (6th)
2017-11-18206.0 (19th)6.6 (11th)7.6 (9th)8.6 (9th)
2017-12-02215.6 (20th)5.9 (17th)7.4 (16th)8.7 (12th)
2017-12-02226.7 (16th)6.9 (13th)8.3 (13th)9.4 (10th)
2017-12-02236.9 (14th)7.3 (10th)8.6 (10th)9.6 (9th)
2017-12-02246.9 (13th)7.4 (9th)8.7 (9th)9.9 (6th)
2017-12-09256.1 (17th)6.0 (17th)6.5 (18th)7.4 (15th)
2017-12-09266.7 (15th)7.0 (9th)7.4 (11th)8.1 (9th)
2017-12-09275.6 (20th)6.3 (15th)7.1 (14th)8.1 (9th)
2017-12-09285.9 (19th)6.9 (11th)7.1 (14th)8.0 (11th)
2017-12-16295.36.46.6 (18th)7.6 (15th)
2017-12-16305.7 (19th)5.6 (16th)6.9 (16th)7.9 (13th)
2017-12-16316.0 (18th)5.6 (18th)7.1 (14th)8.3 (9th)
2017-12-16325.6 (20th)5.4 (19th)7.0 (15th)8.0 (11th)
2017-12-23334.45.36.1 (18th)7.1 (14th)
2017-12-23344.86.06.4 (16th)7.6 (12th)
2017-12-23355. (15th)
2017-12-23365.06.16.9 (15th)8.0 (10th)
2018-01-06375.16.36.2 (19th)7.2 (18th)
2018-01-06385.56.76.2 (19th)7.3 (17th)
2018-01-06396.37.56.6 (17th)7.8 (15th)
2018-01-06406.37.66.7 (16th)7.9 (14th)
2018-01-13414. (20th)
2018-01-13425. (17th)
2018-01-13436.17.26.6 (19th)7.6 (16th)
2018-01-13446.57.86.7 (18th)7.9 (11th)
2018-01-20454.35.56.2 (19th)7.4 (15th)
2018-01-20464.85.66.7 (17th)7.6 (12th)
2018-01-20475.56.77.2 (13th)8.3 (10th)
2018-01-20485.66.87.1 (15th)8.1 (11th)
2018-01-27506.06.66.4 (17th)7.0 (16th)
2018-01-27516.27.16.9 (14th)7.8 (12th)
2018-01-27526.57.46.8 (15th)7.7 (11th)
2018-02-03546.3-7.0 (17th)7.9
2018-02-03556.0-7.1 (16th)8.0
2018-02-03566.1-6.8 (18th)7.9

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : Sinopsis Says:

    good drama. can’t wait for this

  2. 2 : Nalie8988 Says:

    Need more actress who has similar quality to Jung Yoo Mi (1984), because although we want to know the story, seems a bit not interesting when this drama seems has more actors than actresses as main lead. Need balance.

  3. 3 : KoreanAddict Says:

    another season without life xD

  4. 4 : Mustikalagu Says:

    Good drama, i like this

  5. 5 : USA Says:

    @KoreanAddict – almost spilled my coffee. Thank you for making me laugh & almost burn myself! Agree there are some good dramas this fall.

    @Nalie8988 – think I saw more actresses than men in ep #1 & #2. Perhaps due to 3-4 actresses look alike – maybe I need eye test. Good to see Park SangMin & Yum JungHoon. Haven’t seen PSM for awhile, and really enjoyed Hyun Woo in the Gentleman’s Tailor Shop.

  6. 6 : USA Says:

    Sorry, but Do Ji-Won character & her acting is detrimental to this drama. Writer needs to clearly define her character, her role. She’s a bibimbop – a 50 yr chaebol wife isn’t young, but naive silly immature & stupid?? Sorry, but she’s hard to digest. It’s been a bumpy ride, screenwriter?! And what the hell is Hyun Woo’s character? Another confusing & poorly defined character. Several characters fit like a glove while few are creating a mess that’s hard to watch. Loved Hyun Woo in the Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop – that was an awesome drama & he was great. Not sure what to make of his character so far. The writer needs to fix these characters quickly. Also, how many scenes on Do Ji-Won doing the yoga split? Director has focused more on how limber her body is while a fifty year old (sorry, she looks it too) act like a stupid kid? Like the storyline, but I will unplug this drama if these two characters don’t find their home – pronto.

  7. 7 : Rhyss ikram, dr Says:

    I for one, like this story. It’s warm, easy going, highly interesting & down to earth story. I like do ji-won’s & hyun woo’s character- to me do ji-won is a really good & natural actress. I believe both characters’ development are good. The early episodes were detrimental to the development of both characters in the later episodes… the other authors too were good. I hope the episodes will get to be more interesting…can’t just wait for the next episodes to come..

  8. 8 : KDUnni Says:

    I’m watching becos of Yoon Hoon & Joo Mi. I just like them. Been waiting so long for both your acting!
    Pls let this be a good one.
    So far I love Rev Love and My Golden Life. Temp of love I lost interest at end.

  9. 9 : Grace Says:

    What’s between Dong Woo and Lara? Can someone pls enlighten us on the relationship between them? DW appears to have some “feelings” for this Aunty!

  10. 10 : Ellen Says:

    @Grace Lara needs someone nice like Dong Woo instead of an unfaithful husband. There is nothing wrong with Lara dating a younger man. Remember Lara’s ex-husband had an affair with a woman the same age as his daughters.

  11. 11 : Grace Says:

    @Ellen – Thanks for sharing! But I still hope that DW will end up with Do-Na!

  12. 12 : Neea Says:

    #6 USA:
    Totally agree with you regarding that chaebol ex-wifee. Middle aged and still behaving like that, certainly does not go down well.

  13. 13 : Antya Says:

    @Neea Finally! Someone with the same thought! Like Dong-Woo with Lara? Nah mate. It doesn’t fit too well because it just feel weird a young man fall in love with middle aged woman… Better not messing the whole story, writer! ‘<'

  14. 14 : Antya Says:

    Welp i think this drama telling my mom’s story (for real, she 52 and she favored by many men!) Like it is ok tho (?) But don’t play my feelings with Yeon Jung Hoon… It hurts a lot my boi ;;

  15. 15 : Jang Yoon Ki Says:

    I am loving this one! Such a break from the norm. Along with a bit of the norm. I wish I could skip all of Do Na’s parts. Immature grown woman about to have a romance with a mentally disabled younger man. It goes beyond maternal instinct. Sheer stupidity. Loving the rest of it though. Usually have to creep around to see who has it first, dodge all the hackers & pop ups, but it has been a great ride except for the 2 dumb girls that live upstairs.

  16. 16 : Aji Says:

    Dont know why but I like this drama. Guess J like Yoo Jung & the director.

  17. 17 : Bagasi MP3 Says:


  18. 18 : Carm Says:

    I don’t understand. I can only find 22 episodes online subbed. Does anyone know what website has the latest episodes in english?

  19. 19 : Stafaband Says:


  20. 20 : UnduhLaguaz Says:

    Nice post, thanks

  21. 21 : carmen Says:

    I really would like to see this drama but viki only has up to episode 44, the rest you need viki pass. Thanks.

  22. 22 : alfamusik Says:

    Download Lagu Terbaru

  23. 23 : detik pedia Says:

    nice drama

  24. 24 : Dengarlagu Says:

    Nice Movie drama

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