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Would You Like To Have Dinner Together

Title: 저녁 같이 드실래요 / Would You Like To Have Dinner Together
Also known as: Dinner Mate
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 32
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2020-May-25 to 2020-July-14
Air time: Monday and Tuesday 21:00 (2 episodes back-to-back)


This drama is based on the webcomic “Jeonyeok Kati Deusilraeyo?” by Park Shi In which was published from 2013-November-5 to 2014-December-2, via Daum Webtoon Company.

A man and woman wait in line at a restaurant to eat. They are mistaken for a couple and end up having dinner together. After their first unexpected meeting, they meet and have dinner together weekly. They get to know each other through their dinners.


Main Cast

Song Seung Heon as Kim Hae Kyung
Seo Ji Hye as Woo Do Hee
Lee Ji Hoon as Jung Jae Hyuk (Do Hee’s first love)
Son Na Eun as Jin No Eul (Hae Kyung’s first love)

People around Hae Kyung

Lee Hyun Jin as Kang Gun Woo
Kim Seo Kyung as Lee Byung Jin (Hae Kyung’s secretary)
Jun Kook Hyang as Lee Moon Jung


Ye Ji Won as Nam Ah Young (CEO of 2NBOX)
Go Kyu Pil as Park Jin Kyu (planning team leader)
Ahn Tae Hwan as Kim Jung Hwan (planning team member)
Oh Hye Won as Im So Ra (ASMR Creator)

Do Hee’s family

Jung Eun Pyo as Woo In Ho (Do Hee’s father)
Yoon Bok In as Jun Sung Ja (Do Hee’s mother)


Park Ho San as Keanu


Kim Jung Hyun as Young Dong (Do Hee’s ex-boyfriend) (ep. 1-2)
Seo Eun Soo as flight attendant (ep. 1-2)
Jung Sang Hoon as ER doctor (ep. 2)
Kim Hyun Sook as Keun Hee (ep. 1-2, 8)
Lee Shi Un as food truck operator (ep. 3)
Tae Won Suk as food truck worker (ep.3)
Tae Jin Ah (태진아) as himself (ep. 4)
Sandara Park as Hae Kyung’s patient (ep. 11)
Kim Won Hae
Kim Hee Jung as eating show host (ep. 14)
Ryu Ji Kwang (류지광) as himself (ep. 14)

Production Credits

Production Company: Victory Content
Director: Go Jae Hyun
Screenwriters: Kim Joo, Lee Joo Ha


Shin Min Ah was first offered the lead female role, but she declined.

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2020-05-25 1 - - 4.8 -
2020-05-25 2 5.9 - 6.1 (15th) 6.5 (14th)
2020-05-26 3 - - 5.7 (16th) 6.4 (14th)
2020-05-26 4 - - 5.9 (14th) 6.8 (9th)
2020-06-01 5 - - 4.1 -
2020-06-01 6 - - 4.8 5.2 (19th)
2020-06-02 7 - - 4.4 -
2020-06-02 8 - - 4.9 (20th) 5.1 (20th)
2020-06-08 9 - - 3.5 -
2020-06-08 10 - - 4.4 -
2020-06-09 11 - - 3.4 -
2020-06-09 12 - - 3.9 4.3 (20th)
2020-06-15 13 - - 3.0 -
2020-06-15 14 - - 3.7 -
2020-06-16 15 - - 3.0  
2020-06-16 16 - - 4.2 4.6 (19th)
2020-06-22 17 - - 3.5 -
2020-06-22 18 - - 4.9 (20th) 5.2 (17th)
2020-06-23 19 - - 3.4 -
2020-06-23 20 - - 4.8 (17th) 5.1 (18th)
2020-06-29 21 - - 3.3 -
2020-06-29 22 - - 4.8 5.0 (19th)
2020-06-30 23 - - 3.0 -
2020-06-30 24 - - 4.4 -
2020-07-06 25 - - 2.3 -
2020-07-06 26 - - 3.1 -
2020-07-07 27 - - 2.8 -
2020-07-07 28 - - 4.0 -
2020-07-13 29 - - 2.9 -
2020-07-13 30 - - 3.7 -
2020-07-14 31 - - 2.9 -
2020-07-14 32 - - 4.3 -

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea


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  1. 1 : Darkgirl Says:

    I really wish MBC will do some a good drama for this year. Let’s count for this drama first love both

  2. 2 : OK OK OK Says:

    Hope this drama is interesting 🙂

  3. 3 : nischuu Says:

    the cast seems promising, i meant these two actors looks reall match so well.

    hope the stories won’t be dissappointing tho, since most of webtoon that turn as drama sometimes get lack of attention.

    looking forward.

  4. 4 : Mei Says:

    The leads look great together. Hope the adaptation’s good. And, a cameo from Kim Jung Hyun (cloy feels once again oh my heart)

  5. 5 : Popiii Says:

    Yes, yes , yes here we come. Oppaaa also do his best job. The cast is amazing 😉 . MBC plzzz don’t disappoint me. MBC plzzzzzzzzzz . Coz this year MBC dramas not even once that captured my mind . Fighting MBC

  6. 6 : MaxT Says:

    IMHO, most MBC dramas are boring. Will not expect anything interesting, but will check out the first episode because of SJH.

  7. 7 : David Says:

    Some very good MBC dramas that just aired were 365: Repeat the Year, (you never knew what was going to happen in each episode, excellent drama) Never Twice, Find Me In Your Memory, and The Game: Towards Zero was good also.

  8. 8 : nischuu Says:

    One of the good dramas! I was bit worry the first time teaser is released, because its rare to find SJH with this bright, cheerful and witty characters aside of her other roles that most of it cold, quiet and independent woman. But here she SNATCH IT and left great impression on me for you-dont-know-how-much. Even SSH with his handsomeness and roles stole the show a lot (his vibe was like the time he was on My Princess, i get that feeling lol).

    Im glad I give one shot over besides The King. I never expect the whole plot for the 2nd ep would be this hell good and cracked me off the screen! both actors chemistry also one key of good pairings.

    and it kinda binge me to realize that ive gotta wait another week for this to air T.T

  9. 9 : Simon K Says:

    I think this drama maybe interesting and want to give it a try. I live in US and despite already subscribe to kocowa, netflix and viki, this drama is still not available to me. Very disappointing.

  10. 10 : Mona Says:

    Nice drama. Seo Ji Hye’s so cute. SSH’s as handsome as always. Btw many cameos in ep 1 wow, they’re great.

  11. 11 : OK OK OK Says:

    So far at 8th episode (half HR each) I like it.
    Luckily actress Seo Ji Ah who replaced Shin Min Ah is a good actress.

  12. 12 : JL Says:

    So far I enjoy the serial.

  13. 13 : Diana Says:

    Glad everyone is enjoying this drama but it’s not showing in Redlands, CA.

  14. 14 : Regz Chantik Says:

    love this couple

  15. 15 : sheryl Says:

    Daebak, a right choice to pair SSH with SJH..thumbs up.

  16. 16 : OK OK OK Says:

    At 20th episodes now (half hour each)
    Nice, I am enjoying the drama. Good!!!

  17. 17 : Rosierose Says:

    I really love this drama…. I am a big fan of both the leading actors.

  18. 18 : Rejoice G Says:

    At first Im like not interested because I cant feel the chemistry but I ended up loving it! Soooo good.

  19. 19 : Vivio Says:

    I Really love this drama 😍good Drama, enjoy this drama 👏

  20. 20 : Lipstick Says:

    Highly recommended!

  21. 21 : Sophia Dwi Aprilya Says:

    One of the best drama this year!! Omg i like it somuch!!

  22. 22 : nischuu Says:

    Now I can’t get over the fact it’s finally end and can’t even move on with the couple chemistry T.T

    They were so good in pairs, and rooting hard for these two. Hope SSH and SJH can have another project together again <3

  23. 23 : Simon K Says:

    I like both lead actor and actress a lot but the drama itself is so so. It start as a funny romantic comedy but somehow, the tune of the show turned and add elements about mental sickness and make a show a lot darker. I am glad that the director do not turn this show into melodrama but I would like the show a lot more if it stick to romantic comedy only. I feel the drop in rating in the middle of the show reflect the change of tone of the show, other viewers don’t like that too.

  24. 24 : Shirohana Says:

    I like the drama especially the main actor Song Seung Heon and actress Seo Ji Hye. Lee Ji Hoon was real good in his acts as well , his obssessed feelings. Son Na Eun is a damn lousy actress, with no emtotion she wont be a good actress in future either. Ye Ji Won acted great and her doctor husband. The drama was good and exciting only towards ending a bit boring.

  25. 25 : zie da Says:

    here ost https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLq6ptloBx2NHqeXKuG8UZtOFd9JgPxtm. I enjoy the drama.

  26. 26 : Sky Says:

    “A man and woman wait in line at a restaurant to eat. They are mistaken for a couple and end up having dinner together. After their first unexpected meeting, they meet and have dinner together weekly. They get to know each other through their dinners.”

    I think the summary is not very correct.
    But I really like this drama! A lot of emotions. I laughed, I smiled, I cried. I really like the cast too – main cast and supporting cast are all awesome! Excellent!

    Song Seung Heon as Kim Hae Kyung
    Seo Ji Hye as Woo Do Hee
    Lee Ji Hoon as Jung Jae Hyuk (Do Hee’s first love)
    Son Na Eun as Jin No Eul (Hae Kyung’s first love)

    Na Eun can still improve, tho 🙂

    In summary, for me it was unexpectedly good. I was just looking for drama to kill time but this one is memorable.

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