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Witch Amusement

Title: 마녀유희 / Witch Amusement
Chinese title : 魔女幼熙 / 魔女游戏
Also Known as : Witch Yoo Hee
Genre: Comedy, romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2007-Mar-21 to 2007-May-10
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55
Theme Song: Oon myung eh jang nan by MC Jinri (feat. HaHa)
Insert Song: If by Jun Hye Bin


Ma Yoo Hee has an independent personality and is the only daughter of the owner of an advertisement company. She works as an advertisement planner. After she is introduced to Jae Mo Ryong, who is a student learning cooking, she falls in love with him. Dennis Oh will play a famous French Chef from America. He is perfect guy named Johnny Kruger from New York. He plays a big part in hooking up Ma Yoo-Hee and Jae Mo Ryong. Jang Sung Mi is the ex-girlfriend of Mo Ryong.


Han Ga In as Ma Yoo Hee
Jae Hee as Chae Moo Ryong
Jun Hye Bin as Nam Seung Mi
Kim Jeong Hoon as Yoo Joon Ha
Dennis Oh as Johnny Kruger

Extended Cast

Ahn Suk Hwan as Chae Byung Seo (Moo Ryong’s father)
Song Ok Sook as Moo Ryong’s mother
Sung Dong Il as Lee Tim Chang
Hwang Ji Hyun as Han Sae Ra (Yoo Hee’s friend)
Byun Hee Bong as Ma Yoon Hoon (Yoo Hee’s father)
Jo Kye Hyung as Chae Song Hwa (Moo Ryong’s brother)
Choi Eun Joo as Song Hwa’s girlfriend
Jennifer Bae as Alison
Han Young Kwang
Moon Ga Young
Baek Hyun Suh
Kang San

Production Credits

Director: Jun Ki Sang
Scriptwriter: Kim Won Jin, Kim Min Jun

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2007-03-21 1 13.0 (10th) 14.1 (8th)
2007-03-22 2 16.3 (6th) 17.3 (6th)
2007-03-28 3 15.5 (7th) 17.0 (4th)
2007-03-29 4 17.5 (5th) 19.3 (5th)
2007-04-04 5 15.3 (7th) 16.4 (7th)
2007-04-05 6 15.5 (8th) 16.4 (7th)
2007-04-11 7 12.7 (11th) 12.9 (10th)
2007-04-12 8 15.5 (8th) 16.7 (7th)
2007-04-18 9 13.4 (10th) 14.8 (10th)
2007-04-19 10 13.2 (10th) 14.1 (10th)
2007-04-25 11 12.3 (10th) 13.2 (9th)
2007-04-26 12 13.4 (9th) 14.3 (9th)
2007-05-02 13 12.2 (9th) 13.4 (9th)
2007-05-03 14 10.3 (12th) 10.9 (13th)
2007-05-09 15 12.0 (10th) 13.0 (10th)
2007-05-10 16 9.4 (9th) 13.0 (8th)

Source: TNS Media Korea

Official Site 



  1. 1 : ani Says:

    anyone hv seen this drama?
    how is dennis in this drama?

  2. 2 : bridget Says:

    doode… can someone email me when teh movies is out for people for people could buy the movies.. because imma in lvoe wiht jae hee kaues he’s so hot.. i’m really looking forword to see this movie…

  3. 3 : TIDIE Says:

    wow, i can’t wait to see the drama i love all actors in tihis drama where can i see the trailer?

  4. 4 : soybean Says:

    I really like to see this drama…the actors and actresses are all my favourite stars……

  5. 5 : jas, the goong fan Says:

    wow, i’m going to watch this soon, its going to be good!!

  6. 6 : i_love_joo_ji_hoon Says:

    is this drama nice?? can anyone post out more on the summary of this drama?? i cant wait watching this drama….pls tell me whether the drama nice or not..pls pls..i’m looking forward to watch this drama…

  7. 7 : chc Says:

    nice, and funny. Just watched the first episode. Think it is better than The Devil.

  8. 8 : nadia Says:

    i love this movie……it is so awesome

  9. 9 : jas, the goong fan Says:

    its so funny and good!! Just finsihed watching the first ep, looking forward to the seocnd ep!!

  10. 10 : LA Says:

    can watch the drama from this website

  11. 11 : Linde Says:

    omdsss kim jeong hoon init omdsss i thought it was goong 2 ahah..ohhh really wana start watching more romantic comedy kdrama love them to bits

  12. 12 : Craze Says:

    Hi Hi

    May i know where can i get to watch this drama in singapore? I think the dvd is not out yet rite?

  13. 13 : Soo-Eun Says:

    yup, i saw this drama with chinese subs, it was darn funny!!! i love Jae Hee!

  14. 14 : korean_drama_fan Says:

    thank for the link to youtube for this drama. but do u hv links for eng subs? i cant read chinese..sobsob..

  15. 15 : Han Says:

    i wanna buy this! looks good!

  16. 16 : asfah Says:

    i’m one of john hoon’s die hard fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!can’t wait to watch this drama…..

  17. 17 : Imuyachan Says:

    it seems to have nice casts n stuff…
    looking forward to watch the drama ^^

  18. 18 : Han Says:

    please tell me when this is out so i can buy it on DVDs thx!

  19. 19 : jujuwen Says:

    oh too bad…you tube suspended the link…got to wait for dvd to be out…but it will take a while for places away from korea to watch this!! anyone know where else I can catch this? Jae Hee rocks!!

  20. 20 : Bin Says:

    Wow, i have seen 6 episodes so far and this is an excellent drama! This drama reminds me of fantasty couple. Must watch for anyone who likes korean dramas.

  21. 21 : nazalin Says:

    oh my god! this is the best drama! i am so addicting right now! i also finished episode 6 and i can not wait for the next one!
    i highly recomend this drama to all of u, espeically for the people that like korean drama, romance and comedy genre!
    u will like it, i guarantee! =)

  22. 22 : kaiyi Says:

    oh man! this drama is really really good. the whole romance comedy and drama fits in so well. plus the actors and actresses are really good looking! i’m addicted to it right now.
    highly recommended!! (:

  23. 23 : shin chae young Says:

    is this drama will being show on television?i’m curious and wonder if this drama will be one of the gretest drama

  24. 24 : k-leen Says:

    you can watch the first 2 episodes on crunchroll.com but you will need to register. it’s for free and with eng subtitles! 🙂

  25. 25 : pikachu Says:

    so nice?

  26. 26 : Fatima Says:

    ahmm… where can we watch this online??…. with english subtitle??…. just like goong s…

  27. 27 : Fatima Says:

    i’ve watched this at youtube… but i can’t understand…. where can i watch this with english subtitle??

  28. 28 : Midwinter Says:

    I’ve just watched the first two episodes on veoh.com. Further episodes are available but there are no subtitles accompanying them.

    Its the first Korean drama I’ve watched. Jae Hee and Dennis Oh are very very fine looking men.

    Its one I will most definitely follow.

  29. 29 : jo Says:

    I love all the casts in this kdrama, they are all very good looking persons. I hv enjoyed this drama more than Hello Miss (no offence to Hello Miss fan), this is just my opinion. I love the storyline of this drama, all of them hv acted well, excellent drama, THUMP UP.

    Worth watching, I hv repeated watching while waiting for the next episode. Can’t wait.


  30. 30 : jujuwen Says:

    this is a great drama… i like jae hee’s acting.
    for those of you who havent watch it, catch the vids on youtube with enlish sub. but currently only till epi 6.

  31. 31 : czexyl Says:

    hi…!everyone im czexyl from the philippines…! i really like kim jeong-hoon…!i wish everyone will like this drama…!

    thank you…!

  32. 32 : najwa_rain Says:

    oh my GOD………..
    i can not belive that my kim jeong hoon and dennis will act together…
    i can not wait 2 see this drama!!!!

  33. 33 : Hye Ee Says:

    wahaah so funny the show…. nearly *fainted*…. jae hee very cute in the show… this is way better than the devil~

  34. 34 : xtina Says:

    THis show is full of hot guys especially DENNIS OH!!!! can i just drool right now?!?!?!?!? hehehehe. im definitely gonna watch this series.

  35. 35 : Lin Says:

    Dennis Oh actually speaks Korean!!! He is gorgeous. The drama is funny and worth watching. I think that Dennis Oh has a really lack lustre role here as compared to Sweet Spy.

  36. 36 : Lin Says:

    Kim Jeong Hoon also has a boring role here. Dennis and KJH are not the leading men here.

  37. 37 : fachny Says:

    OMG…. This film is very good,,,i’m glad…hikz3

  38. 38 : jessy jeaheee Says:

    I’ve already finish watched this drama till ep8 at you tube (add:witch yoo hee episode 1-8) n its very cool drama..just like fullhose. u also can watch the drama with english sub at you tube (add: witch yoo hee episode 1 – english subtitles) but they already upload episode 1 to 4 only..just wait until they upload the new episode.. n if anyone want the original ost (mp3), i’ve been upload it in http://www.multiply.com (add me at email add:[email protected]) n download for free if u add me as contact…k dadaa

  39. 39 : jessy jeaheee Says:

    you also can read the fastest reviews at Witch Amusement: Blooging my kdrama obsession at http://javabeans.wordspress.com.. ok bye bye

  40. 40 : trizia Says:

    where can i find their pictures…ive already search it in yahoo..but there are no images…..

  41. 41 : jo Says:

    Hi trizia

    You can find some of the pictures in this website, http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=103177&st=240/
    there are discussions, updates of lastest episodes and ngs too.

    If not try http://tv.sbs.co.kr/devils/

    Hope that I hv given you some help.

    Good Luck

  42. 42 : bilo Says:


  43. 43 : June T-malaysia Says:

    where i can purchase this drama….its not in malaysia yet

  44. 44 : kaiyi Says:

    June T-malaysia: it has not finished airing so u definitely can’t get it anywhere..

  45. 45 : soccerbabe Says:

    its a very nice drama.its funny and really good to watch. Enjoy watching. ciao!

  46. 46 : mitch Says:

    hi im from the philippines and i think this a great movie cant to watch this. we filipinos are really a fan of korean drama. the characters are handsome and beaitful they are good actors and actresss………………………

  47. 47 : anney Says:

    OMG! what a great cast! i’m really a fan of “jae hee” coz he’s so adorable! I just love him…! I can’t wait to watch it soon! a must see for 2007! I’m looking forward for its debut here in the philippines! =)

    Bonjour! Salut! =)

  48. 48 : Rad Says:

    Um… Dennis Oh plays Johnney Kruger… not Jamie Oliver… just wanted to point that out…. and this Drama is AMAZING!!

  49. 49 : ji young Says:

    it is the best drama ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. 50 : cori Says:

    OMG.. I love this drama… the cast is really an amazing actor and actress, the plot is really funny too.. i’ve already watch ep. 1-8.. and han ga in really look sexy, but jae hee seems to lost a lot of weight though.. but he still handsome
    i think this drama have the same ph with my girl and my sassy girl (chunyang)

  51. 51 : Min Says:

    This drama is funny and nice!

  52. 52 : PuRpLe Says:

    this drama seems nice… i’ll comment right after i finish watching it!^^

  53. 53 : carmen Says:

    this drama seems pretty kool!!!
    can anynone know where i can watch it.

  54. 54 : FoOol Says:

    Certainly, one of the heart droping story out there and full of excitement. It seems that people here are having trouble with watching k-drama, so i would like to help you guys watch one.
    Contact me by my email:[email protected] i will give you the links to the site. Totally reliable and you can find any drama you wish to watch.

  55. 55 : amstylo Says:

    yeah, me too!!! i started to fall in love even i just watch the first episode! but well…since my friend only have episode 1-3, so my anticipation cannot wait!!! please tell me which website (exactly its website address or direct hyperlink) to download it free??? i wanna see my kim jeong hoon, dennis oh, huhuuu….

  56. 56 : Han Says:

    Is there currently episode 10 with eng. subs on youtube? I’ve watch of them on youtube. i dont think 10 is out yet, only chinese.

  57. 57 : Tori Says:

    this is a good drama. you can watch it with eng sub on http://www.veoh.com. all of the actors are great. i love jae hee and dennis oh!

  58. 58 : kaiyi Says:

    oh my! i just found out today that they have repeat telecast on SBS.co.kr website. BOTH episodes shown on wed and thurs.
    no subs though. but great for those who can’t wait to see wat’s on the enxt epi before subs come out. haha.

  59. 59 : Fatima Says:

    ds s sooooo nyc… i hav watched… although i hav not gotten through da half of 8… ds s sooo nyc… luv 8…

  60. 60 : stella Says:

    i’ve watched this movie till episode 8 and i can’t wait to watch the next episode.. when the movie serialized completely? hhahha. the story is awesome and interesting. 2 thumbs up for witch amusement.. XD

  61. 61 : Ly Says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!! ^_^

  62. 62 : Marny Says:

    Wow! Dennis speaks KOREAN?!

    that is really awsome…can’t believe that he speaks korean in his new TV drama!

  63. 63 : Qian Says:

    I wanna watch this!!! when is this coming out?

  64. 64 : Arin^_^ Says:


    owh gosh i can’t stop laughing when i watch this movie!!!

    i give 5 stars for this movie!!!


  65. 65 : irene Says:

    woawww it’s the greatest korean drama !!! so good!!
    dennis o , kim jeong hoon, jae hee is really-really cool , handsome , and cute!! jae hee is so funny!!!! Han Ga in is so beauty too!! i really2 like han ga in !!!
    you must watch this drama!!! it’s exellent drama!!!!!!!!!!

  66. 66 : irene decio Says:

    i really love watching korean dramas! especially the witch amusement, the characters were so cute….! i really-really love this drama!

  67. 67 : stella Says:

    hi, why my comment doesn’t appear?
    i just want to say tht this drama is awesome..
    the story isn’t boring and the casts are great..
    waiting for the next 9th-16th episode
    2 thumbs up..

  68. 68 : FOR SALE Says:

    FOR SALE ~ I have the complete series (16 episodes) in Korean & Mandarin language with English, Traditional Chinese & Simplified Chinese subtitles. If interested, please email me [email protected]

  69. 69 : stella Says:

    hmm, “FOR SALE” i want to ask you,, do u have any messanger?
    i am interested to buy he next episode 9 until 16..
    where r u come from??
    i’m from indonesia..
    please reply me in this website..

  70. 70 : cori Says:

    hei stella, i’m from indonesia too.. if you from jakarta you can buy the complete episode of witch yoo-hee in mangga dua (with eng. sub).. OMG this drama is getting better and better.. sadly han ga-n already has a husband.. she really a good match with jae hee…

  71. 71 : stella Says:

    hai cori, thx for the information..
    have you seen the film completely?
    did you watch prince hour??
    do you hve any email friendster or messanger?
    we can be friends..

  72. 72 : cori Says:

    Hi stella, i’ve just finished watch witch y-h bout 5 minutes ago.. Hehe.. I really100x like ths drama :p.. Yup, I watch p.hour too.. Im a big korean fan.. U can add me on my friendster or msn, my email: [email protected].. Nice to know u

  73. 73 : Rin Hee Says:

    Han Ga In so beauty in this drama,,
    Dennis Oh also very handsome…
    there are Kim Jung Hoon & Jae Hee too…

    I can’t stop to watch this drama….

  74. 74 : cori Says:

    i’m a little confused… why witch yoo-hee rating drop in korea??

  75. 75 : kitty Says:

    Me too i am a little confused about the dropping rating as the ending was good, at least we know that han ga in and jae hee were together.

    The most entertaining drama for 2007, I love it.

    Hope to see all of the casts again soon in future dramas.

  76. 76 : -=-=Wallpaper-=-= Says:

    For KBS wallpaper for this drama,

  77. 77 : anneGarE Says:

    to all guys interested, just go to http://javabeans.wordpress.com/2007/03/21/witch-yoo-hee-witch-amusement/

    their you’ll see the DETAILED SYNOPSIS of EVERY EPISODES of this DRAMA.. with pictures.. even if the english subs is still not available, this website can help because its too ADVANCE than the uploads… =)

    Hope i’d help those avid fans of this drama!!! =)

  78. 78 : tyrone Says:

    nice show!!!

    hope this get to the local Philippine television.. soon.

  79. 79 : Annie Tan Says:

    Hi, l.rintz

    How shall I buy from you? I am from Singapore. Do you know when will Witch Amusement DVD Sub. English be release in Singapore? I so excited I wanna watch John and Dennis Oh acting in this latest drama. What kind of role was John given for this drama? Third Party in love? What did he do in this drama? I curious to know more!

  80. 80 : Gina Cailing Says:




  82. 82 : ida Says:

    Hi Annie Tan,

    You can get the DVD from singapore yahoo auction or singapore ebay.
    I always buy from there n definately it’s with english subs

  83. 83 : horuze Says:

    Great Drama … you can watch online at http://www.veoh.com with eng sub…Love Han Ga In….she remind me of son ye jin my best actress

  84. 84 : roshi Says:

    viva han ga in!!!

  85. 85 : kim Says:

    help me where can i dl this drama

  86. 86 : Kate Says:

    Great film.. Watch thousand times and wouldn’t be boring.. Hoho.. great Ha Ga In, cool Kim Jeong Hoon, hot Dennis, funny Jae Hee, pretty Jun Hye Bin.. What more do you expect.. Love you guys, esp. Kim Jeong Hoon.. You rock!!

  87. 87 : Kay Conales Says:

    hey guys..^___^

    i have a dvd copy of this film. ghad, jae-hee lose a lot of weight u know. but he is still cute. tsssk. nice acting here. currently, im in chapter 5. nice acting for them.

    Jae-hee. why did he lose a lot of weight?is he some kinda addict? haha. kidding. but he is still great.

  88. 88 : Riezka Says:

    I like this drama very much,,,funny and touching my heart..:D
    oya…where i can find this wallpapers drama? thanks..:)

  89. 89 : yulie Says:

    good dorama …. good story
    tell about friendship, love and tears …
    funny and sad ….
    johnny Kurger so cute
    jae hee so funny
    i very like this story movie …
    ga rugi dech … nonton 2 kali
    by yulie – Indonesia

  90. 90 : putlie Says:

    I Love this drama… it’s so funny

  91. 91 : pink LOveR Says:

    thE draMa is fabUloUs anD alsO fUnnY…..
    I loVe the way hoW hA ga iN dressEd^_^
    sHe is so pRettY aNd acTed veRy well
    deNnIs oH is So handSome>

  92. 92 : dolls Says:

    hello…everybody here have the website for me to download this drama…except youtube,veoh…coz this 2 website were banned in my campus…and i think trere’ll be more website to be ban here…gosh!!!+_+ and if anyone here very kind please help me..

  93. 93 : dolls Says:

    and not to forget, i’m from malaysia

  94. 94 : ''Selima" Says:

    hi all….

    This is a good film….^^
    But, honestly, the ending of the film was so dissapointed….

    But, I still love it….Expecially Chae Mong Ryong….^^
    You’re so romantic….The most romantic man I’ve ever met….
    Thx for all….^^

  95. 95 : ''Selima" Says:

    and don’t forget too….

    Dennis Oh was so handsome…..^^

    Dennis, I know you will be a superstar in the next future….

    You’re awesome coz you learn something that difficult to you…Yes!speak korean!
    Finally, I like your act, smile, and your spirit in this film!

    thx.God bless You always.

  96. 96 : vienz Says:

    weLL directed,a beautifuL show,professionaL actresses & actors,funny, romantic….

  97. 97 : Han Says:

    sweet, but sort of lack an ending… :[ :] 4 stars out of 5

  98. 98 : Rowena Says:

    I’ve a copy of this series and I just starting to watch it. I’ve just finished watching the 1st eps and I must say that I am not yet impressed. Han gain is a very beautiful actress and I guess she doesn’t match well with Mor Ryong. Will she end up with him? I think she has three leading men here…well probably just have to continue watching.

  99. 99 : Jervin Says:

    I never thought that i would watch such a wonderful drama series!!!

  100. 100 : Jervin Says:

    I really hate korean movies before!!! BUT when I watched “WITCH YOO HEE” my “HATE FOR KOREAN MOVIES” turned into “LOVE FOR KOREAN MOVIES”!!!!

  101. 101 : Jervin Says:


  102. 102 : Jervin Says:


  103. 103 : Jervin Says:

    I wish This movie would be aired on the Philippine T.V. so that the Filipinos will know how great this Movie IS!!!!!

  104. 104 : Jervin Says:


  105. 105 : meaw Says:

    hate this drama…. the ending really disspointed….

  106. 106 : Xishu06 Says:

    This is cute.. but will kinda frustrate John Hoon’s fans. Sorry… I don’t really like his character in this drama. But you know, it suits his cool looks anyway.

    The ending… well.. what do you expect? It’s ok, at least the couple ended quite happy together. 🙂

  107. 107 : WITCH Says:


  108. 108 : NARUTO Says:

    Where is the download links? i can’t see. can i download this movie in this site?

  109. 109 : Tynice Says:

    omg! this drama is sooo good! i’m going crazy of this drama!xD

  110. 110 : Talissa Says:

    I’m only in episode 3 and unfortunately, it’s such a booooring & predictable show. I can’t even force myself to watch the remaining eps. And ouch, I paid $56HK for a dvd set. Tsk, tsk.

  111. 111 : chelseyN Says:

    is she serious l

  112. 112 : loveubabe Says:

    omg, this drama is the BEST


    their clothes are the BEST


  113. 113 : witch ma rocks Says:

    ehmahgawd, this drama kicks ass
    absolutly love it

  114. 114 : heaven Says:

    hmmn.. i hope there will be a continuation of ths story,coz mdyo bitin ang ending but, i still love this series,,..so great.. i like jae hee acting and of corse his leading lady was also beautiful..hehe, i liked them both..

  115. 115 : mayi Says:

    super ganda…nakakaaddict!!!!i will watch this againh.. best tlga!!

  116. 116 : jo Says:

    I am watching this drama again, the casts all good, the story is funny and beautifully written, and of definitely the casts are all beautiful and handsome.

    IT is definitely a highly recommend drama.

    Han Ga In is my type of girl with big eyes and beautiful face. Hope to see her latest project with song seung hun soon. I’m sure it will be a awesome cooperation.

  117. 117 : judith Says:

    oh my god!!!!what a good story is this?this movie is pretty cool!!!so sad that han ga in’s heart is already taken in real life….by yun jun hoon!!!but i’m so happy for them!!!

  118. 118 : IlubLdancVy Says:

    this series started out really good until the last few episodes…the ending was really messy…

  119. 119 : ess7 Says:

    this drama was awesome..!!! and funny..
    dun really like the ending though..

    but still like jae hee in SGCH..

  120. 120 : camay Says:

    who portrays jae hee brother… i really find him cute…pls answer!! ;p

  121. 121 : cuteNaj Says:

    where can i download this series?????

  122. 122 : 진 사 민 Says:

    this was such a cute drama. its like the first time that han ga in acted such a part.

  123. 123 : panyangbear Says:

    i like Witch Yoo Hee a lot! i enjoyed watching this drama! Han Ga In is so pretty and the male casts are all so handsome as well! i salute to this korean drama =)

  124. 124 : pinklover Says:

    i love jae hee…the first half of the drama started off reall good…i was really hooked at first and then the latter part started to drag a lot…i was not convinced by KJH acting at all, i think he looks too young for his role…if not for jae hee and han ga in’s fabolous wardrobe i would have given up on watching this drama partway through it…the only good thing is that the third girl sang mi’s character was wat i liked the most..it ws not the traditional good girl who turn bitchy and clingy at the end beacause she lost her boyfriend…

    i thought after the dragging half of the drama…it will amaze me by it’s ending…so disappointed and pissed by the mediocre ending…very common and passe…

  125. 125 : fie Says:

    I like this drama a lot.
    Especially Jae hee smile … … SO CUTE… …
    But the ending kind of disappointing.
    Just hugging?? hum….

  126. 126 : lelfa_14 Says:

    it’s a funny drama… i lyk it. moo ryong is cute here….hmmmm

  127. 127 : gacey Says:

    ur so good looking jae hee!!!!pls send me some e mail!!!! i’m ur number one fan here on the [email protected] saranghe!!!

  128. 128 : jusanothergirl Says:

    the charaters are good but the story line is slow and meaningless…. so but i think the charaters are too good for this story line…

  129. 129 : Moogly Says:

    The Best Tong Korean drama na to…..
    I love the Whole Story..

    Moo Ryong kamuka mo si Kerby raymundo.. RP team Basketball Player hehe

    Han Ga In is so cute … Sarang hae Han Ga In…
    even though you are taken, youre beauty still remain..

    i first saw you in Super Rookie..
    You Are excellent…

    Good Luck and More Power…

  130. 130 : iera ssy Says:

    This is da best story that i’ve ever watched…don’t forget to share this story with malaysia…we’ll wait you….and i also wait jae hee and kim jeong hoon to come my country (MALAYSIA)..with kpopkingdom…I LOVE U ALL….byeee.

    -iera ssy-

  131. 131 : Hyo-Jeung Says:

    can someone tell me why the senior didn’t married this woman at the beginning? and why didn’t the president allowed that the senior see yoo-hee again??-.-

  132. 132 : pithoy Says:

    what a good movies…
    but i dislike the ending…

  133. 133 : abc Says:

    uh-OH!!! Dennis Oh! HOTTTTT!!!

  134. 134 : rafa Says:

    jae hee…ur so cute n funny…i like u in this drama…

  135. 135 : chunsa7 Says:

    was i the only that found this drama absolutely boring??? i was really dissappointed given the actors in it and all, i really wanted to like it. the acting was dry and episodes dragged so much that i couldn’t even bring myself to watch the last 2 or 3 episodes. i really don’t understand why so many of you liked it so much…i guess everyone has different tastes…

  136. 136 : Munk Says:

    I liked this series so much. The first korean series I watched after a long time.
    The story was very fresh, very good in the beginning. I was just dissapointed about the ending. I think maybe Moo Ryong should go, and they will meet again after he comes back.
    This was the first time I watched Han Ga-In’s acting. Nice.. Funny..
    And I like Jae Hee’s acting here, a real gentleman..

  137. 137 : n42 Says:

    only 1 word can describe this drama… BOOORIIINGGG. god, i am a big fan of K movies and dramas. i find this one really disappointing. it’s not even funny even though there are some big names in it.

  138. 138 : diana Says:

    ya this drama really wasted my time. it was really boring. this and hello! miss which came out basically the same time was one of the worst i watched.

  139. 139 : ria Says:

    i like this drama.. and also the OST

    go.. goo Jae Hee… we love you 🙂

  140. 140 : Lena Says:

    I really liked this series! It’s so funny! Chef is so HOT!! and mo ryong shi’s smile makes anyone smile!
    I prefered “the senior” when he acted in GOONG. Here he was so heartless while there he was so warm and cute!

  141. 141 : Andy Says:

    This show is interesting.

  142. 142 : Han Says:

    Jae Hee is talented. I hope he comes out with more stuff! Greatt actor!

  143. 143 : Andy Says:

    This show is very interesting and I like it very much.

  144. 144 : myka Says:

    beautiful view because you are there kim jeong hoon, and beside you are cat and dog

  145. 145 : nomin Says:

    i really like this drama

  146. 146 : VeVyan Says:

    this drama was a little bit boring..
    The lead woman was very serious all the time n effect my emotion to continue watch this drama..
    but i do agree that jaa dee improve tremendously in this drama
    the “senior” i do prefer him in PRINCESS HOUR
    chengmei was so kind
    Johnny was great n matured
    the lead man act was great either
    I give 3 stars

  147. 147 : Eun Mi Says:

    i prefer this drama than coffee prince.. it have everything..
    hot guys, hot girls, great OST, great plot…
    XD awesome drama!

  148. 148 : Dann C Says:

    I enjoyed this drama comedy but also got frustrated a lot with Han Ga In
    and she was too nieve. As for Kim Jeong Hoon -he has to be the worst korean actor I have ever seen in a korean drama ,he was that wooden ,that stiff, that uncharismistic he mumbled and has turned me off getting Goong. Jae hee was great. The ending was disapointing as is with a lot of K dramas they can be so interesting and get you in and have a wasted ending a nothing ending and you wonder why you bothered wasting your time watching it -like this one. I wouldve gave it 7 out of ten but because of the ending 2 out of ten.

    Han Ga In Kim Jeong Hoon
    John Hoon

  149. 149 : Thida Says:

    What’s up with the picture. I know there are way better ones out there.

  150. 150 : Thida Says:

    Loved the beginning, hated the ending. It was sooooooooo depressing!!!!

  151. 151 : Thida Says:

    I wish I’d stopped watching at like the part where Ma Yoo-Hee and Jae Mo Ryong kissed. Cut and print. I mean, really, the ending was bad. At least it was for me. Maybe not for other people…

  152. 152 : Thida Says:

    Dennis was sooooooooooo cute in this one. I loved when Yoo-Hee and Johnny sang and danced. I was laughing so hard. It was just soooooo sweet!!!!!

  153. 153 : chedss Says:

    this was just a not so good drama, mean the ending was bad it made me think that the ending was just a short cut..well, dennis oh is really appealing with this one:)

  154. 154 : jl55 Says:

    is it really that bad??? just by watching the previews, it looks like an interesting story but after reading reviews of this drama, it doesn’t seem like its worth my time watching.

  155. 155 : 05074ena Says:

    oh, jae hee so hot

  156. 156 : lea Says:

    Yeah, I agree the ending was bad. Unsatisfying. But I like how Moo-Ryong showed Yoo Hee how love works. It was so romantic…

  157. 157 : cori Says:

    i really like the scene when yoo hee and johny sang… very funny, i can’t stop laughing, and the way yoo hee dance (hahahahaha LOL)… OMG despite the ending , this is one of the best korean drama ever…

  158. 158 : QWERTY Says:

    This drama was good, but the ending!!! MY god!!! I was left hanging!! T_T

  159. 159 : siu ting Says:

    i love this drama very much!!!!!
    han ga in was great in this movie!!!

    ***2007 best drama***

  160. 160 : nova from indonesia Says:

    is not a good series is not worthed too wach, it”s booring, annoying you should not watch this series

  161. 161 : Irene Says:

    i like the hair of Han Ga In, she’s realy turn more beautiful on her new looks, i like her dress too.. the story is simple but i like it.. seeing beautiful place and learning some romantic part and the hate turn to love..

  162. 162 : MamaAra Says:

    I agree..
    At the beginning, this drama is so funny, quite romantic and very interesting to watch
    But, the ending was bad….

  163. 163 : Icysnowqueen Says:

    I find the plot too predictable. Before you reach the end, you already know who will have Yoo Hee.
    I love Kim Jeong Hoon’s acting in this show. I feel that with that few lines and yet he could make us feel that he is the bad guy, he is very successful in portraying the role. He speaks with his eyes throughout the show. Fantastic acting.
    The other person I like a lot in the show is the father of Moo Ryong.

  164. 164 : Serenity Says:

    I agree with most of the people here. I was just a little disappointed with the ending… I was hoping they had elaborated what happened to the main and supporting characters (Did Moo-Ryong and Yoo-Hee marry? Did Moo-Ryong graduated and became a chef? Did Nam Seung-Mi just let them be or did she fall for Johnny instead?) cause it was all left hanging. So many questions were still left unanswered; though, I can say this is a very good drama. Is there a sequel or an alternative ending to this?

  165. 165 : alfie Says:

    I love mo ryong’s dad he’s the coolest dad I’ve ever seen. I also love yoo hee & mo ryong they both have interesting character. despite a disappointing ending this drama is still good, since all the actors here give their best so the viewers could enjoy. It’s never a waste of time watching this drama, though ratings is not that good but all of them give justice to the roles they portray & that alone gives them credit.

  166. 166 : mary Says:

    i love korean drama series…but why the ending always bad…

  167. 167 : korean girlz Says:

    I like this Drama… but theending was bad…

    I like chae mong ryong… he handsome…
    143 jae hee

  168. 168 : Pouwz Says:

    lumayan lucu sih, tapi biasa saja, ceritanya juga biasa, ending-nya juga biasa…semua serba biasa…aku kasih 2 bintang aja deh…

  169. 169 : NadhiRae Says:

    I’m still hanging at episode 15. it’s started to become boring. tonight or tomorrow i’ll finish it. But still at the beginning, it is so humourous. I laugh so many times. For me, I disagree Mo Ryong with Yu-hee. Yu-hee doesn’t deserve him. He is too kind. Besides, pity Mo Ryong’s girlfriend. She’s loyal to him.

    For me the story is funnier than coffee prince. The way Mo Ryong teach the ‘witch’ on how to become a ‘princess’ was funny. Jae Hee is not suitable in romantic parts. He seems more lively in comedy parts. Dennis is too handsome in his chef’s uniform. Pity him for not getting yu-hee.

    Overall, i think the storyline is okay. Just the way the love develops between Mo Ryong and yu-hee is not very touching. too simple. For those who want to watch simple, comedy, love story, I recommend this drama.

  170. 170 : Starz Says:

    nice storyline and funny but i have to agree that the ending is bad…anyhow HGI is sooo pretty!

  171. 171 : CoolHandsome Says:

    I have to agree with the others,the ending is left hanging.Though I really love watching it.I’m not particular with korean miniseries before but this film inspires me of something.I prefer much on romantic comedy,this film suits my personality especially Mo Ryong.This is fantastic…I can catch up my air everytime I laugh with some of the funny scenes.The KTV shows and etc.Awesome!Hope to see them more.They’re great cast!

  172. 172 : Snowman Says:

    This series is somehow a combination of bits and pieces between chunhyang and full house. Though this series can’t compare with the two but somehow its worth watching. With Jae Hee around you can expect the series to be funny.

  173. 173 : dolly Says:

    Cute and funny story and it’s very cool!!!!!!!! I love the team song/music of the Story. How I wish to have this very amusing sound!!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. 174 : lala Says:

    hi Thida, hw r u? i didnt like the part that Jae Mo Ryong and Ma Yoo-Hee kissed, the ending was not really bad. but the series was briliant and it was funny for me. lol


  175. 175 : AwesomeAshley. Says:

    my friend told me about this drama and she said that it’s really good.
    i’m watching it right now and it’s awesome(:
    i like the simplicity of the love story of Moo Ryong and Yoo Hee but i wish they made it more deep, like Young Jae and Ji Eun in Full House.
    i guess they didn’t really put a lot of time in this drama cuhs of the popularity of Coffee Prince and other popular dramas.
    the only thing i don’t like about this drama is that there’s a lot happening in just one episode so i get confused on what’s going on.
    other than that, this drama is worth watching 😀

  176. 176 : AwesomeAshley. Says:

    i like how simple this drama is cuhs it doesn’t get so complicated compared to most dramas.
    i wish they ended the drama COMPLETELY instead of leaving people hanging.
    oh well.
    i guess they wanted the audience to think of their own ending.

  177. 177 : O.s.H Says:

    It’s an enjoyable drama. Worthed to be watched. Funny and the casts’ actings are great & fit with their characters. The director in this drama is the same director in My Girl drama. So, I guess that’s what makes this drama good, in spite of the ending. Also, there are too many conflicts in the storyline. The ending is hanging and some of the conflicts haven’t been solved yet. However, overall it’s a good drama. And the ‘hanging ending’ can be an additional points : it makes the audience think and imagine their own ‘happy endings’ for Yoo Hee & Mo Ryong…

  178. 178 : leI Says:

    very funny drama…:) jae hee and han ga in acted well!

  179. 179 : wyh rocks Says:

    This drama is absolute awesome!!!!

    I was totally hooked onto it!!! I really don’t understand why the ratings weren’t high and there are so many negative comments about it. Hello! Miss which was aired at the same time wasn’t half as entertaining except for the eye candies.

    Moo Ryong and Yoo Hee are so cuteee and sweet together! Awesome couple! I really hope there will be some kinda sequel cos I just loveee the two of them tgt. But I thought the kiss scenes always looked like they didn’t really kiss :/ The kiss scenes could have been done better.

  180. 180 : Maggy Says:

    Well, I have not reached the end, but reading these comments, well, it seems not to have a sweet and good ending, but it make me think about it, should it be an estrategy to make a second part, a sequel? I really love this series and there will be more series airing at the same time and I don´t know how they get low ratings. I don´t care about that, this series rocks and like many people think, the acting was great (Senior made me hate him, for real). Well, I have watched 50 koreans tv series/movies and each one is better than others. Good for them and thanks to all korean directors and writers to make us happy. Amen. P.S. Right now I watched episode 13.

  181. 181 : pol Says:

    nice drama and is worth watching! 🙂

  182. 182 : purp0 Says:

    really like this drama. the ending isnt that bad as both mo ryong and yoo hee are together..

  183. 183 : Maggy Says:

    I had watched the last episode and it was so excited. Her dad finally accepted Moo Ryoong and the bastard doctor gave her up. His third flight and it´s nothing again, he always stayed at land, ja ja ja. I loved this serie and hope to watch its second part, like Full House. Aja, aja fighting….

  184. 184 : aqinter Says:

    I had seen the drama in China lsat week .It is a great drama.I love Han Ga In so much .My best wishes for her.

  185. 185 : mem Says:

    Jae Hee acted so well in this drama

  186. 186 : alex Says:

    pls,who know how to get this movie soundtrack(yu-hee,the witch)…i like all the song in this drama..but i dont know who sing the song^^… if someone know pls tell and 10q very much…

  187. 187 : alex Says:

    how to get this movie soundtrack

  188. 188 : alex Says:

    if somebody know pls email to me….my mail is…[email protected]……10q

  189. 189 : fantasy Says:

    a good drama with beautiful ost especially destiny..

  190. 190 : `- Says:

    truefully, i love this drama bcos of jae hee hilarious and the fun between him&Han Ga In. if this drama excluded them..it will be a damn suck 1.. i hate the character KJH played and tat lead mie hate him too! ! SRY

  191. 191 : pols Says:

    this is a nice drama with nice ending. the ost is nice as well!

  192. 192 : qef Says:

    i do like this drama. jae hee and han ga in acted very well. some humour in this drama.

  193. 193 : Pamganda Says:

    GO Kim Jeung Hoon………………….ur so cute!!!!!Visit da Philippines so dat i can meet you in person……………….XD….!!!!!

  194. 194 : Hollywood Says:

    Rating 4 out of 10 points. That’s all I will give. Not so good a story.

  195. 195 : msn Says:

    this drama is defitnely worth watching. it is full of humour while the ending episodes are quite touching. you wont regret watching this drama. as compared to snow queen, this drama is defitnely much better. the ost is good too.

  196. 196 : itachi Says:

    Best show i ever seen…han ga in is sooo pretty.. lol any1 know wher to buy the ost for witch yoo hee in singapore0.o?

  197. 197 : sab Says:

    hack. the music in the beginning was way too irritating to me. singer voice turns me off. sorry. but the storyline was ok.

  198. 198 : fallingIN Says:

    this drama romance is awsome. its a tad different from the cliche dramas from korea, it ends the show in a true style of a western love story. it’s deffinately a drama worth watching!

    My Girl’s gay, she cries too much, and the dude isn’t even that good looking. He’s got a big head!

  199. 199 : Min An Says:

    This show is worth watching for a Korean drama newbie for me… From debtor to platonic friendship to…something I guess?

    Only watched the drama till episode 10 on Singapore’s Channel U. But I read the comments, and you know the ending before you watched. Somehow it spoils the atmosphere.

    So to those who are about to read and have yet to watch the show, watch the show first then read the comments then it would be more fruitful.

    Pardon me if my comments offended anyone.

    Happy watching!

  200. 200 : p0 Says:

    i love this drama!!

  201. 201 : aswad Says:

    i have not watch this drama yet, bt i’ll buy he cd from my fren..
    hope the drama can interrupt my night sleep like mygirl..

  202. 202 : yuko Says:

    I love to watch jae hee…
    han ga in is beautiful…
    the drama is funny…

  203. 203 : drama_fanatic Says:

    i watched this series already its funny but the romance part’s nt very good yoo hee keep have a change of heart…

  204. 204 : jie Says:

    i just watch dennis oh in sweet spy.he really great in the drama.i’m going to buy witch amusement because of dennis oh in it and it is recommended by my friend.

  205. 205 : farriza Says:

    d story is sooo cute!
    d lead guy luks anorexic though!

  206. 206 : singaporefans Says:

    today is last episod of witch yoo hee. the drama is so funny. i like to watch han gan in and Jun Hye Bin. They so pretty.

  207. 207 : Poohs Says:

    Jae Hee acted very well in the show. Han Ga In acted beter than the last drama.

  208. 208 : spiral Says:

    the best korean drama that i ever seen so for after full house …bravo

  209. 209 : sarah Says:

    i really love this drama but the ending of this really dissappointed me but worth watching hehehe

  210. 210 : aliaa Says:

    i really love this drama…
    the drama is fanny…
    i love 2 watch jae hee and han ga…

  211. 211 : tony Says:

    really luv tis show!!!

    luv yoo hee n wulong 2gether

  212. 212 : michelle Says:

    i don’t like the ending. but this drama is nice though.
    han ga in is very pretty, dennis oh and jae hee is cute,
    but, i don’t like kim jung hoon in this drama..
    (no offense for KJH fans 🙂 )

  213. 213 : leee Says:

    the story plot is intesting. i like moo ryong with yoo hee

  214. 214 : violet Says:

    I love this drama. The comedy scene blends well with romantic site. However, I agree with Sarah that de ending is quite dissappointing. Pity Wulong’s mom as Wulong still disspoint her till the end of the story. I imagined that it could have better ending should he left for New York, then Yu Hee come after him in NY!
    Anyway, Wulong’s act is superb! Love his facial expression.
    Love Yu Hee’s act as well!
    They really match each other.. Hope they could have another project together..

  215. 215 : crystal Says:

    dis show rox men..

  216. 216 : nidiooo Says:

    the best korean drama that i ever seen ! i love tis drama so much ! but , i don’t like the ending 🙁

  217. 217 : baTIsuta Says:

    really like this show alot… very funny but dun like the ending :(…Jun Hye Bin looks fantastic… han gan in is HOT!!! Jae Hee acting awesome a funny guy lolz… dennis oh is so shuai!!! zan!! upz!!

  218. 218 : claire Says:

    this drama really hits the spot!!! love it!!!^_^

  219. 219 : dng Says:

    i love kim jeong hoon, jung hye bin, han ga in, dennis oh and jae hee!
    all are good in acting and are looking good too!

  220. 220 : Rita Says:

    cool show! love it!! 😀 haha.

  221. 221 : [candy] Says:

    rating 4.5 / 5 [super romantic]

    i love the simplicity of the story [although some fragments of the story needs further explanations (minor issue)]

    it’s super romantic… it’s one of the series that you wouldn’t dare miss a scene
    a must watch for all

  222. 222 : ima Says:

    i watched aredi these korean series..yeah its gud 4 sure!!i luv jae hee!!jae hee is d best!!

  223. 223 : K12 Says:

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  224. 224 : azurerin Says:

    right now..this series is being aired in my country..
    totally has fallen in love with this drama!!

  225. 225 : Siti Says:

    I LOve this drama very much!! i haven’t missed this drama…

  226. 226 : sad_me Says:

    Huhu!!! This drama is quite good..maybe because it’s funny. But I don’t think the story is romantic, because I don’t cry over it. By the way, Kim Jeong Hoon is so HANDSOME!!!! aND he was so COOL!!! I mean seriously, I can’t never hate him…

  227. 227 : happy Says:

    this is the best show ever

  228. 228 : happy Says:

    this is a must watch series!!

  229. 229 : grace Says:

    kim jeong hoon is sooooooooooooooo
    he is the best!!!!!

  230. 230 : ღღfaTeeNzZღღ Says:

    i like dennis oh and jae hee..
    they so cute..

  231. 231 : Maki Says:

    Uhh i LOVED this show!
    It was soooooo funny
    and Jae Hee he is a HOTTIE :]

  232. 232 : sanah Says:

    what a funny drama………… i like it……….

  233. 233 : syasya Says:


  234. 234 : julie Says:

    what a comedy……………….

  235. 235 : misha Says:

    trust me this drama is fantastic……………….

  236. 236 : misha Says:

    i love ma yoo hee and chae moo ryong

  237. 237 : marie say: Says:

    I love to watch this, im waiting a part 2.

  238. 238 : ila Says:

    i love this drama so much ! but , i don’t like the ending 🙁

  239. 239 : Bee Says:

    Well was a good Drama, Chae Moo Ryong was cute well dennis looks cute here too.. Erm but real stupid ending..

  240. 240 : audi89 Says:

    I love the drama!! the best! but the yeah.. dun like the ending.
    MAKE IT WITCH AMUSEMENT 2 PLS!! need to know wat happened between them.. pls.. :p

  241. 241 : nana Says:


  242. 242 : nana Says:

    it is a very good movie….chaiyo1

  243. 243 : murni Says:

    i love this series too. But ‘dennis oh’ i think his character in this series is johny krooger not jamie oliver..

    and….. i hate the ending
    making me frustrated

    i know they are back together at the airport but then……… ?????

  244. 244 : hello Says:

    R they going 2 mak p.2?
    its brill.

  245. 245 : saskhi Says:

    i really love dis drama han ga in was very cute and pretty i like her beauty. if im able to go to korea i wish i could see her. the story is so funny and romantic i like it^_^

  246. 246 : hello Says:

    I love it, it was sooooooooo good!!!

  247. 247 : hafizzul_6081 Says:

    i love this drama.so romantic.
    I hope this drama can replay in Malaysia 8TV…………………………………………………………(^_^)

  248. 248 : kenshin Says:

    this is the show I’ve never missed
    i realy love thizzz show promise
    I love it promissse………
    I wish that this show have part 2
    I love you han ga in………
    (ang panget ng show nyo!!!!)

  249. 249 : prettygel Says:

    one of the best!!!! I love all the cast, especially Dennis which rocks me all the time

  250. 250 : love it Says:

    It’s good.BUT I fine it a bit too cliché.

  251. 251 : cutie Says:

    It’s good and all that but it’s so unfinished.
    The end is soo lame!
    Why end it in a airport.
    Did he go or not?


  252. 252 : joymarivic05 Says:

    Gma 7 (tv network in phils.) has the copyright to air this drama by mid april or may or june..

  253. 253 : iluvit Says:

    seems INTERESTING.
    but i have a lot to watch right NOW.
    wonder when i’ll be abale to see this

    >>>KOREAN NOVELA is LOVED by me.

  254. 254 : mi-rae Says:

    hi all,

    not a bad drama except i dont really like yoo hee’s character. she is such a lousy here… manipulated by her father…

  255. 255 : Jolie pitt Says:

    This is one of my fav korean series.
    Good story, great chemistry, and funny.
    A romantic comedy story.
    Han Ga In and Jae Hee..you’re a perfect couple !!!

  256. 256 : HannyBae Says:

    Han Ga In so lucky can kiss three handsome guys here! congrat Han Ga In ssi!

  257. 257 : sinting Says:

    love u jae hee…n of course ga in is beautiful!

  258. 258 : Dann C Says:

    this drama is so enjoyable and entertaining..
    the story isn’t boring and the casts is great with charisma between the
    stars. Highly recomended 🙂

  259. 259 : Dann C Says:

    I forgot to say the ending May make you wonder.:>

  260. 260 : karen Says:

    don’t miss this! really enjoyable. jae hee left a deep impression!

  261. 261 : jay-r Says:

    good series but has a lousy ending.

  262. 262 : Goong Ju Says:

    It’s an enjoyable drama. But most of the casts weren’t acted so well. Kim Jeong Hoon was given a bad character. Han Ga In was just so so. The worst was Jae Hee, unable to make decision for his own future. Sigh…..

  263. 263 : wien Says:

    dennis soooooo handsome guy
    but he act lack…

  264. 264 : Sheryl Says:

    Does anyone know the title of the song, the one which sounded jazzy, sang by a woman.

  265. 265 : Ivy Says:

    sheryl, you can download and see the title of the ost on the link above

  266. 266 : Sheryl Says:

    Thanks alot Ivy. I finally found that song! 🙂

  267. 267 : Rayhanah Says:

    i like kim jeong hoon in this drama,,,i hope he will become hero…and i will waiting for him now and forever…!!!

  268. 268 : jojo Says:

    This drama is rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  269. 269 : jojo Says:

    OMG, What a happy ending!!!!!!!1

  270. 270 : lulu Says:

    I Love the song and the drama………… SMILE…….

  271. 271 : lulu Says:

    love it

  272. 272 : mulan Says:


  273. 273 : syasya Says:


  274. 274 : wien Says:

    i really hate kim jeong hoon role in this series
    i think it’s not suitable for him
    how came he became bad character
    with very smooth and cute face..?

  275. 275 : aileen Says:

    I really love this drama since its funny.and i really like makeovers… like wulong did to youxi
    Han Ga In and Jae Hee… you’re the perfect couple ever…

    i’m really a koreanovela fan!!!

  276. 276 : eky Says:

    i love this drama so much

    but i hate the ending of this drama 🙁

    i love you han ga in………………………….

  277. 277 : lot Says:

    this drama is so boring.. i was just too tired and too lazy watching it that i skipped from episode 8 to the last episode. (the ending, literally). i was happy i didnt waste my time watching this drama for a very lousy ending..

  278. 278 : Divi Says:

    The worst drama I ever watched…….

  279. 279 : marites gerona Says:

    this drama is worth watching!its a combination of full house and couple or trouble. the main characters are all good-looking esp dennis oh..my gosh like in full house, beautiful people that makes u watch frm start to finish. similiar in couple or trouble in that the girl is also rich, bad and the guy poor but nice.

    the scenes make u smile and the ending is very romantic. jae hee gave too many tips on how to be romantic to a girl without spending too much. it just take lot of heart and imagination like that of the popcorn scene…

    my only comment is that jae hee seems to be too skinny?he looks pale in comparison to dennis oh..my gosh. maybe jae hee role could have been given to oh ji ho instead.

  280. 280 : Laserdance Says:

    i hate this drama’s ending
    but this drama stil best

  281. 281 : lemon tears Says:

    this drama is good.. but there are so many lacks in the story.. i don’t like how did they ended it.. there are so many loopholes.. i think they just want to finished it that fast.. aarrggghhh!

    how come her father changed his mind so fast after the operation and the man she should marry just give up her so easily wherein his character he portrays a doctor who wants have evrything.. and the lead guy Jae Hee how come he just give up his dream that easily its just annoyying coz before he leaves korea for the last time to go with danny to new york he had a heart to heart talk with his dad and he promised him that he will make his dream come to reality and be someone that they can be proud of..

    and what will happen to the restaurant of danny why he suddenly change his mind to leave korea wherein the story we will notice that though he likes han ga in.. i think he likes Jae Hee’s gf too.. how come they did not give the two danny and Jae Hee’s gf a chance to be with each other..

  282. 282 : someone Says:

    i honestly did not like this drama.. some parts were draggy, and the character development was very lacking.. i found myself skipping around, which is not something i normally do. like another commenter said, it also left very many loopholes, and maybe it was just me, but this drama had probably one of the worst OSTs i’ve ever heard.. a lot of times, the songs they used just did not fit the mood. it kinda ruined it for me

  283. 283 : nadz Says:

    im a big fan for this drama.. i think yu hee personality is super cute, plus, and also the ost!
    it kept playing in my head over and over again..=]

  284. 284 : nghianne Says:

    han ga in so beautiful…sad to say shes already married..huhuhuhu
    i think jae hee in this series is a gay.aside from being too skinny…he always carry a ladys bag…hahahahaha

  285. 285 : allanneryyu Says:

    it is my favorite movie

  286. 286 : arik Says:

    i very enjoy with this drama, romantic, fanny, and all. i can believe in korea have drama very good like this. i love

  287. 287 : marites gerona Says:

    #284, ha ha. the thought crossed my mind too abt ae hee being gay here. like there is some kind of bonding between him and dennis oh…but jae smile so contagious, it makes u wana smile too…

  288. 288 : angel Says:

    i like the show, its funny and i like marlone and yoo hee to be together, i watch it mondays-fridays at gma7! marlone is always smiling ^_^

  289. 289 : eugene Says:

    Han Ga In is Married in real life

  290. 290 : eugene Says:

    HanGai In I love His eyes very innocent

  291. 291 : eugene Says:

    try another drama lyk couple of fantasy it have a good chemistry also…

  292. 292 : farah Says:

    i really really like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  293. 293 : boa Says:


  294. 294 : bee Says:

    i love it

  295. 295 : bee Says:

    I love the episode 5

  296. 296 : hanah Says:

    What a romantic endind where yoo hee and mong ryong kissing at the airport……….. I WISH I CAN KISS BY MAN LIKE THAT>>>>>>>>> I am so jeolous!!!!!!!!!!

  297. 297 : marliny Says:

    is is a very good

  298. 298 : halima Says:

    yoo hee looks very BEAUTIFUL after her changinh style……… THANKS to her coach love, CHAE MONG RYONG>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  299. 299 : bikyo Says:

    love it

  300. 300 : hyo lee Says:

    I really enjoyed this drama series……… I wish Jae Hee can act together with song hye kyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  301. 301 : yoo rin Says:

    MUAH!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT………….

  302. 302 : ma yoo hee CLON Says:

    i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 Kiss Kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  303. 303 : secfret Says:

    it is a very sad when yoo hee dad not blessing her relationship with mong ryong…………….. But at last her dad give because he know that he not going to live longer so its better to bless her daughter relationship……………… I hate the senior……….. I hate also mong ryong ex-girlfriend……….. but i love MA YOOHEE AND CHAE MONG RYONG and ALSO HANDSOME JOHNNY

  304. 304 : ji euna Says:


  305. 305 : danny Says:

    loh what a great loh

  306. 306 : danny Says:

    i also like Hna gai In but she’s someone

  307. 307 : fifi Says:

    smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  308. 308 : ohaio Says:

    mualalalalalalal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  309. 309 : arrrgh Says:

    I agree with fifi!!!!!!!!!!! SMILE SMILE 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  310. 310 : love angel Says:

    to me they looks like a real couple eventhough it is a acting

  311. 311 : love angel Says:


  312. 312 : mama Says:


  313. 313 : mama Says:

    OPPA SHININ GO YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHU WA HAE

  314. 314 : hans Says:

    i think, yoo hee the witch is best than coffee prince…………….

  315. 315 : hans Says:

    I agree with you my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is because coffee prince have a scen that is not suitable for 18 below…………… It is very disguisting………

  316. 316 : ira Says:


  317. 317 : ira Says:


  318. 318 : lulu Says:

    love it…………love it…………….. love it………………..love it……….

  319. 319 : lulu Says:


  320. 320 : marites gerona Says:

    jae hee ur adorable but please gain some weight….#284 is ryt — jae hee is carrying a lady bag in this series…ha ha ha!

  321. 321 : mulan Says:

    Love Dennis Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  322. 322 : mulan Says:

    cute mong ryong

  323. 323 : lily_comel Says:


  324. 324 : marites gerona Says:

    by the way, this series gave me the idea to hire a hot, cute guy as a housekeeper. he he he!

  325. 325 : mulan jameela Says:

    I have watched 8 episode ! ooooh SO TIRED SO BORED
    I dont know where is the good story from this drama ? helooo ? annyong ?

  326. 326 : marites gerona Says:

    love dennis oh when he winked at youxi when youxi escaped frm her weding and the getaway car was that of jhonny or dennis oh. i screamed when he winked! he was so cute!

  327. 327 : iaaknl Says:

    i haven’t finished it yet but i think it’s cute:)

  328. 328 : iaaknl Says:

    i already finished it. i like the story but i don’t like the ending:(

  329. 329 : ILKNs Says:

    i like it!!

  330. 330 : Penguin Says:

    As a whole, I like this drama.
    But somehow, I feel that the ending is too sudden… so rushing la.
    Maybe 17 episodes is more ideal. kekez 😛

  331. 331 : geles Says:

    han ga in is so pretty!!!!even in her new hairstyle:)
    too bad she is married at a young age.
    she and jae hee looks much like a real couple.
    They are so cute!
    Mong ryong looks cute when he met yoohee the first time in the matchmaking.
    Dennis so cute in this drama,especially the way he winked at yoohee and mong ryong when they escaped at yoohee wedding.

  332. 332 : jun Says:

    aha! i love this story coz Jae Mo Ryong is acting. but i think this drama is quite similer to dal ja spring. right??

  333. 333 : [email protected]!3 Says:

    jae hee….SARANGHAE…ur so cute…where u learn cooking???
    I’ll waiting 4 ur next drama…

  334. 334 : askwhat Says:

    i had watch this drama last year on vcd and it is totally good coz i love the main actress..she is so cute..i bought the vcd as well so that i can watch it again and again..maybe i can gred this drama 4.5 out of 5..huhu..but still, Full House is my favourite..maybe 4.6..

  335. 335 : airatotzkie Says:

    yoohee is also good…

  336. 336 : Mhel Says:

    I really love this! It’s a nice story!
    I like the actors and actresses here…
    especially Jae Hee… I believe he is good in person and not only on screen!!
    witch yoo hee rocks!!!!!

  337. 337 : mam Says:

    Love Jae Hee so much, he so cute (*_*)

  338. 338 : CJ Says:

    han ga in is so PRETTY! and Jae Hee.. i love him in this drama!!! so romantic series!! love love it!! part 2 please… more of Yoo Hee and Moo-Ryong!!

  339. 339 : vivi~savi Says:

    johnny…dennis..he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo very cute,handsome,smart,understanding n EVERYTHING…

  340. 340 : vivi~savi Says:

    JOHNNY…DENNIS….he is soooooooooooooo very cute, handsome, understanding n evrything…love u DENNIS…MUAAAAH….

  341. 341 : Chris.Ph Says:

    Han Ga In is so Cute,Pretty and Beautiful….. i used her picture in me desktop.Jae hee is verry good match for yoo hee.I watch their movie over and over again..T_T.
    Joen hey Bin your amazing i Love watching you dancing sexy back……^_^

    SArhange:HAN GA IN -{:@

  342. 342 : lil brix Says:

    yoo hee your so very lovely
    ilove you so much yoo hee
    part 2 plssss……..
    i love youuuuuuuuuu ” YOO HEE”

  343. 343 : enygma Says:

    me and me friends watching this drama with full of emotion.. darn, really good..Han Ga In super cute with short hair..

    what make me and me friend not happy is the ending..but, the whole story is real good..

    part 2 plzz..everyone in the story should have happy ending too…we want part 2…..^^

    sarang he Han Ga In..!!!

  344. 344 : hana yoori Says:

    This drama was good. It was cute how the guy tried so hard to help her and fell for each other. They are cute together. The main actor was good in his other drama delightful girl.

  345. 345 : maica Says:

    so nice talaga parrt 2 pls. bitin ng ending!

  346. 346 : maica Says:

    i like the story graveh! so handsome si jae hee bagay sila ni han ga in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!whoah kilig talaga sana may part 2!!!!!!!!!! naiyak talaga ako ng ,matapos ito sa gma!!!!!!

  347. 347 : Gegirl Says:

    i like this drama so much..han ga in is a cute person…

  348. 348 : mariaface Says:

    fantastical .

  349. 349 : raica Says:

    hmm.i don’t like the ending.
    the characters were lovable, i’d say.
    but the whole story itself wasn’t that excellent.
    it’s just another so-so drama.nice at first but easily forgotten @[email protected]

  350. 350 : Chinnee Says:

    this show is very funny and heart warming Jae Hee is super cute as ever. But the ending is really short I wish it should had been 10mins longer right but none the less it was cute……

  351. 351 : cheny Says:

    i loved this drama as well as the actors for they played their roles so well

  352. 352 : ct Says:

    i love this drama so much.

  353. 353 : ct Says:

    i love this drama so much

  354. 354 : baida Says:

    i love this korean drama series! specially their OST! :]
    hope i could buy a dvd of this including the sountrack (if it’s available). i heart Yoo Hee and Moo Ryong in this series! 🙂

  355. 355 : baida Says:

    i love this korean drama series! specially their OST! :]
    hope i could buy a dvd of this including the soundtrack (if it’s available).
    i heart Yoo Hee and Moo Ryong in this series! 🙂

  356. 356 : dramaqueen Says:

    yoohee is my favourite actress

  357. 357 : are-in Says:

    wanna watching dennis oh

  358. 358 : siti Says:

    Guess what…. I love this drama becoz I simply love Jae Hee…. He is the one that makes me watch the drama. And for that reason, I have watched Yu Hee 3 times.. Just love his facial expressions and most of all, his ever sweet charming smile. Sarang Haeyo Jae Hee…

  359. 359 : glory Says:

    i really like the way the story goes.., so unique and nice!!!!!!!!!

  360. 360 : KeeganK Says:

    lols.. Dennis is realli hot.. plus aiyo.. i realli pity seung-mi.. =( haha i wish to have a girlfriend like her +D cheers everyone!!! ‘Yu-Hee, The Witch’ Reali ROX!

  361. 361 : heyin Says:

    try to watch kingdom of the wind……

  362. 362 : Sony Says:

    This drama is impressive. I simply the comodic cartoon. I really enjoy it since the first episode

  363. 363 : Sony Says:

    I love the song ” Your My Destiny”. It’s really sweet.

  364. 364 : Nnylanna Says:

    Jae Hee you rock my world. luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv U

  365. 365 : Siti NY Says:

    Jae Hee… U r really cute and adorable in this drama.. Except for maybe a little bit thin. However…. UUUUU RRRR just irresistable.. Sarang haeyoo… Very very cute and handsome. Mmuuahh…

  366. 366 : Siti NY Says:

    I watched Yu Hee just becoz of JAAAAEEE HEEEE…. ha ha..

    Sarang haeyo, Jae Hee

  367. 367 : Bless Says:

    I couldn’t agree more to what Siti NY said re Jae Hee’s being a little bit thin in this drama. A bit more meat in his body will make him look a lot better and probably younger. Performance wise, still good, so as to the rest of the casts. I totally enjoyed watching this drama….. and Dennis Oh was so cute and alluring.

  368. 368 : Siti NY Says:

    Well Bless…. Try watching Sassy Girl Chun Hyang and u surely can’t stop thinking of how cute he is… Ha ha…

    I became his biggest fan when I watched SGCH and indeed he is one of South Korean best actors. What more with his cute and charming smile..
    Love Jae Hee….

  369. 369 : Bless Says:

    I have already seen Chun Hyang two years ago and that was the first I’ve seen Jae Hee too. I saw only three dramas where he was in it plus his cameo role in Only You.

  370. 370 : Siti NY Says:

    Well.. so far, he had acted in 3 best dramas.. Others were not that popular. I guess. By the way, Bless.. actually his cameo was ‘My Girl’ and I don’t recall seeing him in Only You.

    he was cute but I don’t quite like his hair.. Kind of long and didn’t really suit him. BUT he is still my favourite!!!!

  371. 371 : che Says:

    i like d story, very simple but funny….i told my friend to watch it she got hook hehehe. I like Jae Hee & Ha ga in together…they’re cute couple…Of course Dennis Oh his smokin HOT. I recommend this soap.

  372. 372 : bless Says:

    You are right there Siti NY re Jae Hee’s cameo role. Got confused hahahaha…. Yes, his hair was a bit messy. Thanks for the correction. I stopped watching K-drama for a month now since I’ve been hooked to reading books again (Twilight series).

  373. 373 : Siti NY Says:

    Hello to all Jae hee fans.. esp. Bless…

    I guess we share the same feelings as I have stopped watching korean dramas for months.. The reason is simply becoz Jae hee is not in any one of the latest dramas.. Only a few days ago, I started to watch Capital Scandal.. Kang Ji Hwan is the main actor and he is also charming.. A good actor too.. and sweet face.

    But Jae Hee will always be the best…

  374. 374 : Siti NY Says:

    Oopps.. By the way,, To all Jae Hee fans .. Do sent comments and responses to Jae Hee’s column instead of Witch amusement.. It’s simply great to see the number of comments increases.. All about Jae Hee…

  375. 375 : danyamaha Says:

    i love this drama.MA YOOHEE AND CHAE MONG RYONG are so cute.
    but i also dun like the ending.
    make part 2 ok?..

  376. 376 : hermie Says:

    huhuhu..me too i’m not satisfied with the ending. are you taping the part two now?please do..:)

  377. 377 : Sony Says:

    I agree with many commenters, the ending is dissatisfied.
    However, I like the OST “Memory”.
    Listen again and again, still enjoy it.

  378. 378 : Toh Yew Seng Says:

    i like han ga in as a idol as well as her korean drama that she is acting.

  379. 379 : chey Says:

    Again, who ever watched dis soap makes u feel better coz its simple and very entertaining… Ha Ga in, wen r u gonna hv a new soap? True, ending was slightly lame and lacking but who knows, PART 2 maybe?

  380. 380 : filzah Says:

    this story????it’s great n i love it….yoo hee is so cunning and adorable.actually she suit the chef well but mo ryong is just fine….i really hope i can see them with my real eye,could that be?lastly,thanks to the director to create such a story n of course this drama will be one of favourite one!!!

  381. 381 : desi Says:

    i like this movie drama, both the actor and actris so smart and cute

  382. 382 : Sony Says:

    My top 20 of Korean Drama I’ve ever watched are:
    1. Boys Before Flower
    2. The Snow Queen
    3. Coffee Prince
    4. Jumong
    5. The Legend
    6. Hong Gil Dong
    7. My Girl
    8. Princess Hours
    9. Full House
    10. Witch Amusement
    11. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    12. Bad Love
    13. Single Dad in Love
    14. Lovers in Paris
    15. One Mom Three Dad
    16. Love Story in Harvard
    17. Who are you?
    18. Hello Miss
    19. Stairway to Heaven
    20. Wonderful Life

  383. 383 : chey Says:

    Even i watch dis soap many times but f feels so refreshing all d tym… HAN GA IN u rock!!!! pipol should watch dis soap, promise u won’t b sori..

  384. 384 : kate Says:

    Han Ga In u r so beautiful and cool include ur husband, really a best couple!!! m waiting ur new project…
    Ga In,,,FiGhTing…

  385. 385 : glaphs Says:

    i love those eyes 😀
    han ga in

  386. 386 : sam-shik! Says:

    i love this drama
    it has so beauty story

  387. 387 : akira Says:

    I like this drama so much.i’ve watch lots of korean drama and i can say that this is one of their best drama.the story is great,i can really relate with the character of the leading actress.hope that theirs still man like that now these days.keep up the good work and good job!

  388. 388 : misz nieyna Says:

    i relly like Witch Amusement…..ma yoo hee relly cute 4 me…..saranghae……

  389. 389 : angel Says:

    reaLLy Love this drama!! ma yoo hee and chae mo ryong, they’re very adorabLe and cute!!!!!!! i’ve watch this drama so many times.. 😀
    good Luck for both of you.. kamsahamnida..

  390. 390 : Keo Says:

    Hha……at last i found ma favo drama….
    cha….i love dis drama…..also da actors and actresses…
    dis is such a good drama…..
    Witch Yoo hee 🙂

    haha……good job
    i wish u guys are succesfull of ur lives stars…..

    Jol Jet Nak Tang Os Knea …….* Cambodia FAns*

  391. 391 : haze Says:

    HUhu ….
    This is a very good drama… Very hillarious and full of sadness and remorse scenes….

  392. 392 : Luk Says:

    This was a good one. I liked all leads in this one except for Kim Jung Hoon’s character….. he’s too emotionless. Jae Hee always running, first time I see Han Ga In and she is really pretty, Dennis Oh and the Mong Ryong’s GF was good too. Ending could’ve been better though.

  393. 393 : Shahar Says:

    Han ga in your the best among the rest I am your no. fan here in the Philippines I LOVE You for being like a nice actress very nice performance this is the most beautiful drama that i ever watch……………Thank You So much…..this drama bring me enjoynment…….I LOVE YOU………

  394. 394 : mute29 Says:

    I want to say that COFFEE PRINCE is the best for me!!!
    and the tandem GYEH!!!

  395. 395 : appliance repair Says:

    The drama is good. When I watched it, I was moved. Many moives and drama about true love, but this drama is special. It’s not easy to find the true love, you may will need a life time to find out it.

  396. 396 : Irene Martha Says:

    HI .. i’m from Indonesia … Best romantic and funny drama …

  397. 397 : resty Says:

    jae hee…soo qute…uuuh…..I realy realy realy….Luv U…Hohohoho….you rock…\m/

  398. 398 : noura Says:

    love this drama 3 guyz love on girl

  399. 399 : Chan Says:

    Episode 13, 14 & 16 unable to load.

  400. 400 : rehearsal dinner Says:

    Can anyone tell me the name of that actress in Witch Amusement (Witch Yoo Hee)? I can’t seem to find it anywhere

  401. 401 : Ellena Says:

    The Best TV Movies produced in the Year 2007 & I’ve ever watched are as following :

    1) Witch Amusement
    Han Ga In & Jae Hee were Most Lovely Players

    2) Bad Love

    3) Time Between Dog & Wolf

    4) 9 END 2 OUTS

    5) Coffee Prince

    6) Goong S- Prince Hoo

    7) Yi San

    Do Not Miss them 🙂

    If so, you will regret it 🙂

    With Best Wishes 4 All Friends .

  402. 402 : mel Says:

    very interested… i want to watch this

  403. 403 : mutiara Says:

    I love Korean drama! The story’s beautiful, and the casts were sooo great! The pictures were also very wonderful! well done!

  404. 404 : nining Says:

    look interesting,, wanna watch it,,

  405. 405 : pool fence Says:

    That must be a great time they spent together. I hoep more people can enjoy the talks. pool fence

  406. 406 : melody Says:

    It was very nice and the story was interesting.Han Ga In is the best actress …… I love her

  407. 407 : putri Says:

    I like this drama.. so funny and good story… ^^
    I like korean drama.. they make good stories… so naturally like in real life…

  408. 408 : vhppy Says:

    love this drama..

  409. 409 : eugene Says:

    I really love this drama. Love Han Ga In and Jae Hee

  410. 410 : ELA Says:


  411. 411 : Mizrilla Says:

    Just start watching this series but already falling in love from the first episode… Love Yoo Hee & Moo Ryong character..

  412. 412 : mizrilla Says:

    Already finished this drama.. But a little bit disappointment with the ending.. Why Moo Ryong didn’t go to NY AGAIN.. He pursue his love but abandon his career.. 🙁

  413. 413 : Kikzster Says:

    very nice series…..love Han Ga In….

  414. 414 : Kikzster Says:

    The ending is a bit disappointing…..but the story is really good…hope theyll make a part 2 of this series..

  415. 415 : rien cute Says:

    asli….lucu bner nie drma…hehe…..

    unni ga in….suksesss yaaa…..

    oppa jae hee….god boy…


  416. 416 : iin Says:

    pengen nonton

  417. 417 : Witch Amusement « Jangan Takut Tuk Mencoba Says:

    […] Diambil dari : <<Witch Amusement>> Korean Drama […]

  418. 418 : alvya Says:

    all women must watch this drama to learn how to be a real woman..am i right?hahaha..
    so sweet..
    i like the song you’re my destiny..
    it can increase my spirit..

  419. 419 : luna Says:

    Biarpun perannya jahat tetap aja imut,jeong hoon…..fighting……..!!

  420. 420 : Yudis Says:

    I like witch amusement and I idolized Jae hee 😀

  421. 421 : milanesha Says:

    my new idols after SONG HYE GYO……very cute, nice

  422. 422 : OK OK OK Says:

    I am so happy Jae Hee is coming back with his new drama — Hooray For Love after 3 years in army. 🙂


    I wonder, does lead actress Lee Bo Young suits him?? She had a kind of “mature look”
    Hope it turns out well………………..


  423. 423 : anda Says:

    filmnya lucu dan bikin penasaran tapi sayang endingnya kurang bagus…
    terakhir pas liat bad guy endingnya jg kurang menarik
    uh… kenapa ya film2nya han ga in endingnya ngambang smua????

  424. 424 : jenny Says:

    this is the best drama i’ve ever watched! i like the story, it’s so funny and romantic. i like the main cast here, han ga in and jae hee. they were a nice couple!! i love the soundtrack, of all the songs in this drama were so great, especially the song “destiny”. if u wanna watch the romantic comedy genre and with a lot of wonderful cast, u must watch this drama!

  425. 425 : kuutie Says:

    Loving this drama~

  426. 426 : lyzz ocha Says:

    dont like the endings….
    love jun hye bin..

  427. 427 : dip Says:

    i didnt watch the early eps, so didnt quite follow, but during the middle, i just see that moo ryong is behaving so “subservient” to yoo hee, serving her even to picking up clothes etc, which is – to me – not really becoming. yoo hee is bossy, arrogant etc. to me, she looks more beautiful in Bad Guy than in here, maybe because in Bad Guy her hair is long, flowing softly covering her beautiful face so she looks softer, in here her hair is short, straight added with bossy behavior.. but i suppose that’s how the story goes, she (yoo hee) & he (moo ryong) are supposed to be like that.

  428. 428 : shah Says:

    bad endings…
    season 2 plzzzz…

  429. 429 : amy Says:

    love dennih oh…..my future husband….. hehehhehee

  430. 430 : anny Says:

    ang gwapo ni chae moo ryong hindi ko nakita ang last episode

  431. 431 : Judith Says:

    Deep thought! Thanks for contribnutig.

  432. 432 : nizam Says:

    best actress > Han Ga In..
    i fall in love with you babe..
    luckily u r married…
    i love witch yoo hee drama very much..
    even ending quite disappointing its ok for me..
    i will repeat watching the drama..
    han ga in.. saranghe 🙂

  433. 433 : eryn Says:

    This series was unoriginal. The plot was so dull and the plot dragged way too much.

  434. 434 : malaysianMen Says:

    i wish season II will out soon hope so because the ending like sux,make me cant sleep and thinking of that ending ! haha

  435. 435 : malaysianMen Says:

    and wish also i can get gf like Sheung-Mi,:P 😛 😛

  436. 436 : winnie Says:

    I did not pay much attention to this series until I watched Jae hee in color of woman. Maybe because the story of color of woman is not so interesting that I crave for other jae hee TV dramas. Witch yoo hee is a lot better

  437. 437 : putri Says:

    i started becoming one of jae hee’s fans by watching this drama. i like his acting in it. the story was also entertaining. recommended to be watched!!

  438. 438 : Witch Amusement | Novelas Coreanas - Todo Sobre las Novelas Coreanas en Español Says:

    […] (more…) […]

  439. 439 : Yanny Lestari Says:

    i like this Film…;)

  440. 440 : lclarakl Says:

    There was a scene in ep 14 that just unmanned the lead male in this drama. It’s when her ex-boyfriend found out that she liked the male lead. He punched the lead and the lead did nothing–just let himself be manhandled. However, the worse part is when the ex slapped the female lead and the male lead in this drama did absolutely nothing. Who wants to be with a man who can’t protect you. I was turned off from his character at that point.

  441. 441 : lclarakl Says:

    Ending—stupid. The typical k-drama.

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