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When My Love Blooms

Title: 화양연화 – 삶이 꽃이 되는 순간 / When My Love Blooms
Also Known as: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life / The Happiest Time of Our Lives
Genre: Melodrama
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2020-April-25 to 2020-June-14
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:00


This is a melodramatic drama about a woman in her 40s coming face to face with her first love.

Han Jae Hyun (Yoo Ji Tae) is a man in his 40’s. He is handsome, ambitious, and a successful businessman. He pursues wealth and honor. When he was a university student (Jin Young) in his 20’s, he was like a different person. He took part in the student movement. His first love around that time was Yoon Ji Soo (Jeon So Nee). He meets Yoon Ji Soo (Lee Bo Young) for the first time in many years.

Yoon Ji Soo is a woman in her 40’s. She is a mother and a contract worker. Her life is not so easy now. Han Jae Hyun was her first love back when she was in her 20’s. They meet again for the first time in many years and have the second most beautiful moment in their lives.


Main Cast

Yoo Ji Tae as Han Jae Hyun
Jin Young as Han Jae Hyun (20s)
Lee Bo Young as Yoon Ji Soo
Jeon So Nee as Yoon Ji Soo (20s)

People around Jae Hyun

Moon Sung Geun as Jang San (Seo Kyung’s father)
Park Si Yeon as Jang Seo Kyung (Jae Hyun’s wife)
Park Min Soo as Han Joon Seo (Jae Hyun & Seo Kyung’s son)
Kang Young Suk as Kang Joon Woo
Kim Ho Chang as Jung Yoon Ki
Nam Myung Ryul as Han In Ho (Jae Hyun’s father)
Son Sook as Lee Kyung Ja (Jae Hyun’s mother)

Ji Soo’s family

Jang Kwang as Yoon Hyung Kyoo (Ji Soo’s father)
Go Woo Rim as Lee Young Min (Ji Soo’s son)
Lee Jong Nam as Jung Sook Hee (Ji Soo’s mother)
Chae Won Bin as Yoon Ji Young (Ji Soo’s younger sister)

Jae Hyun & Ji Soo’s university friends

Min Sung Wook as Lee Dong Jin
Eun Hae Sung as Lee Dong Jin (20s)
Kim Joo Ryung as Sung Hwa Jin
Han Ji Won as Sung Hwa Jin (20s)
Woo Jung Won as Yang Hye Jung
Park Han Sol as Yang Hye Jung (20s)
Lee Tae Sung as Joo Young Woo
Byung Hun as Joo Young Woo (20s)


Kim Young Hoon as Lee Se Hoon (Ji Soo’s ex-husband)
Kim Young Ah as Choi Sun Hee (Ji Soo’s coworker)

Production Credits

Production Companies: Studio Dragon, Bon Factory
Director: Son Jung Hyun
ScriptWriter: Jeon Hee Young

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2020-04-25 1 5.431 -
2020-04-26 2 4.400 -
2020-05-02 3 5.420 -
2020-05-03 4 4.209 -
2020-05-09 5 4.209 -
2020-05-10 6 3.891 -
2020-05-16 7 3.896 -
2020-05-17 8 4.104 -
2020-05-23 9 3.772 -
2020-05-24 10 3.739 -
2020-05-30 11 4.301 -
2020-05-31 12 3.878 -
2020-06-06 13 4.128 -
2020-06-07 14 3.655 -
2020-06-13 15 4.842 -
2020-06-14 16 4.514 -

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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Trailer III

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  1. 1 : Krishia Lynn Rama Says:

    I’ll try to give this drama a shot. The plot looks promising😅

  2. 2 : Mei Says:

    Second chances.. Hope the storyline’s good. Jinyoung looks amazing in the stills. 😍

  3. 3 : k-drama.net Says:

    Cant wait, Lee bo Young 🙂

  4. 4 : Jeane Er Says:

    good drama…..cant wait next episode

  5. 5 : Yul Says:

    Actor jining, let go!. You can watch the Drama here:https://dramahive.com/when-my-love-blooms-kdrama-engsub-2020/

  6. 6 : Maria DeCastro Says:

    Fantastic opening!!! Slow but interesting…. cinematography is amazing…

  7. 7 : Jenna Luen Says:

    I seldom leave reviews and comments. This is such a beautiful story line.

    Intense emotions, regrets, anger, loneliness, helplessness. The Yoo Ji Tae and Lee Bo Young did such a wonderful and excellent portray of the characters. My emotions were just suck into their acting.

    The drama wouldn’t be successful without such great acting skills.

  8. 8 : Mar05 Says:

    Just four episodes has aired, and for the time being, this drama already stirred up my emotions. Thanks to the picturesque cinematography, intense emotions, and beautiful potrayal of the characters by the actors/ actresses.

    I’d wonder why this drama hasn’t watched by many viewers in South Korea (beside the fact that this drama aired by cable TV, which has less viewers than public TV). Is it because of the drama’s theme is predictable enough? or not interesting enough to watch?? There might be many reasons, and every people (viewer) has every right to choose what they want to watch. But, as a viewer, the only sentence that I want to say: “Go deeper if you want to know more,”

  9. 9 : Soulbar Says:

    The flashback is annoying & taking too much screentime from BoYiung & Jitae. The drama is too slow, at times I got bored. Am staying cos really like the 2 leads esp BoYoung.

  10. 10 : Thazin Says:

    This drama series are very good. So touching my heart. Every time I watch, it makes me cry.

  11. 11 : albino decastro Says:

    Oh my… my heart is breaking

  12. 12 : Tira Says:

    Really touching drama! Love the main actor and actress……
    Quite heart breaking………..

  13. 13 : Ling Says:

    Promising first episode beautifully filmed.
    Leads Lee bo young and Yoo ji Tae, emotions so rich and deep. A long while since there’s a drama like this. And isn’t it wonderful, such a fine specimen of a man who cries so easily : ) and is still so manly.

    So much experience between the two leads, surely if the writers don’t mess up, this should be good.

  14. 14 : Ling Says:

    The flash backs are interfering.

    Go woo rim as bo young’s son, is brilliant.

  15. 15 : Ling Says:

    Is it possible to watch this drama without the flashbacks? A resounding YES!!!

  16. 16 : Ling Says:

    Wonderful! Lee bo young back to form : )

  17. 17 : tigerb Says:

    a happy ending as expected. the young love was better to watch than the adult version. the adult ji su was always walking so slow, like she was always walking in the park, i fell sleepy in those scenes, but all in all it’s fine to watch.

  18. 18 : pocahontas11 Says:

    Lee Bo Young so beautiful.. one of my favorite

  19. 19 : Ling Says:

    Mid way, steam runs out. Script becomes repetitive and draggy. Pity

  20. 20 : Shirohana Says:

    Very touching story I should say. I love the both the main characters young and old. It’s full of compassion and love but also there is hatred and revenge. Like always the ending is not exciting like many other Korean dramas

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