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Welcome 2 Life

Title: 웰컴2라이프 / Welcome 2 Life
Also known as: You Only Live Twice
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Episodes: 32
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2019-Aug-05 to 2019-Sep-24
Air time: Monday and Tuesday 21:00 (2 episodes back-to-back)


The story is about a lawyer who helps the law-enforcement authorities enter a parallel world due to an unfortunate incident.

Lee Jae Sang (Bi) is a lawyer at JK Law Firm, which is one of the biggest law firms in South Korea. He is an excellent lawyer, but he only cares about winning for his benefit. One day, he has a mysterious car accident and he is drawn into a parallel world. There, Lee Jae Sang finds himself working as a prosecutor. He is strict in carrying out the law. He is married to Ra Shi On (Im Ji Yun), who loves Lee Jae Sang and is faithful to him. In the world where Lee Jae Sang came from, he broke up with Ra Shi On ten years earlier and Ra Shi On works as a detective. Lee Jae Sang struggles to cope with his different selves.


Main Cast

Bi as Lee Jae Sang
Im Ji Yun as Ra Shi On
Kwak Shi Yang as Goo Dong Taek

Yulgaek Lawfirm

Han Sang Jin as Kang Yoon Ki
Hong Jin Ki as Moon Ji Ho

Sekyung Police Department

Park Shin Ah as Ha Min Hee
Im Sung Jae as Yang Go Woon

Sekyung Prosecution

Choi Phillip as Min Sung Ji
Jang So Yeon as Bang Young Sook


Son Byung Ho as Jang Do Sik
Park Won Sang as Oh Seok Joon
Kim Joong Ki as Park Ki Bum
Song Yoo Hyun as Yoo Jin Hee
Kim Hyung Bum as Ahn Soo Ho (Shi On’s half-brother)
Lee Soo Ah as Lee Bo Na (Jae Sang & Shi On’s daughter)

Production Credits

Director: Kim Geun Hong
Screenwriter: Yoo Hee Kyung

Episode Ratings

2019-08-0515.3-4.55.1 (16th)
2019-08-0526.9-6.3 (8th)7.0 (6th)
2019-08-0635.7-5.3 (17th)5.8 (14th)
2019-08-0647.4-6.8 (10th)7.1 (6th)
2019-08-1267.1-5.6 (16th)6.4 (15th)
2019-08-137--4.24.9 (19th)
2019-08-1386.0-5.0 (15th)5.6 (16th)
2019-08-1910--5.0 (19th)5.8 (12th)
2019-08-2011--4.34.6 (20th)
2019-08-20126.1-4.5 (20th)4.7 (18th)
2019-08-2613--4.14.8 (20th)
2019-08-26145.2-5.5 (14th)5.9 (12th)
2019-09-02186.3-4.8 (16th)4.8 (17th)
2019-09-03205.8-4.9 (17th)4.6 (19th)
2019-09-09226.2-5.1 (16th)4.9 (17th)
2019-09-10246.2-5.2 (17th)5.3 (17th)
2019-09-16266.2-4.7 (19th)4.9 (19th)
2019-09-17286.6-5.9 (14th)6.2 (12th)
2019-09-2329 -4.54.6 (19th)
2019-09-2330 -6.1 (13th)6.3 (11th)
2019-09-2431 -4.2 (19th)4.2 (19th)
2019-09-2432 -6.0 (12th)6.2 (8th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

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  1. 1 : Kdrama Crazy Says:

    From the trailers I could guess that Rain is going to be an amazing character in the drama and that too with a double role in parallel worlds. So much excited for both plot and actors. 🙂

  2. 2 : zip Says:

    sounds interesting!

  3. 3 : Annie P. Says:

    Sounds like “The Night of Comet”-chinese Drama

  4. 4 : Diane Says:

    Let it Rain!

  5. 5 : Marivi Says:

    Wow! Looking forward to this new show of Rain!🥰

  6. 6 : KIm Says:

    Wait for Rain !

  7. 7 : 471k Says:

    From the writer of falling for innocence. Looking forward

  8. 8 : Stranger Says:

    I love the story!! im quite surprise that i really like rain here..hahaha..n both actor has good chemistry..waiting next eps

  9. 9 : MN19 Says:

    Lim Ji-Yeon Only does her ROLE as Detective Ra, So for me as a Kdrama watcher, I Do understand why she acts like a Noisy,Terror-Action style of woman
    In other world because that’s what their director intended her to demostrate the moment she is acting in front of the camera.

  10. 10 : Marjorie Says:

    So much fun and excitement to watch Welcome 2 life, Jung Ji Hoon and all casts did a superb job , good chemistry and great acting ! Couldn’t wait for the new episodes, Welcome 2 life fighting !

  11. 11 : Marivi Says:

    nice drama, can’t wait to watch the next episode.

  12. 12 : Marivi Says:

    can’t keep my tears while watching the latest episode, Rain was superb! good work guys!

  13. 13 : USA Says:

    Enjoying the drama, but can’t stomach the violent killings. So unnecessary. On one hand, there’s a cute family love story, then this wicked evil killings. This writer takes me to the Disneyland, then to hell. This drama ride is very bumpy, and I’ve been ready to get off. Thankfully one more week. Korean dramas have been going dark – to the culture of death.

  14. 14 : Marchioness Says:

    Unlike other thriller series, this one balances the violence with the sweetest love story ever. Not enjoying the violence side of it but it added to the intensity of the emotional side of the story. Rain has definitely come of age and I have enjoyed the new freshness he brought on board. Ratings or not, have really looked forward to this series, week after week.

  15. 15 : Diane Says:

    I wonder when will it Rain again!!! We need to see more Rain!!! Rain makes us happy and makes us smile!!!!

  16. 16 : Rose Says:

    Is there no drama airing after this show on MBC on Monday and Tuesday nights at 10:30 P.M.?? Does any one know??? Nothing is posted.

  17. 17 : Valentina Says:

    Looks like MBC is re-running Two Cops on Monday and Tuesday in the night spot. That is all they are showing is re-runs. Ever since they went on strike they didn’t seem to come back as strong as the other stations. They used to have a lot of dramas running prior to the strike. Not happy about this at all.

  18. 18 : jhon roy Says:

    I really love this drama. Best act. Make me sad, i hope get true love too. Salam cinta dari Indonesia

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