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We Are Dating Now

Title: 지금은 연애중 / Jigeumeun Yeonaejung / We Are Dating Now
Chinese Title : 正在恋爱中
Also known as: Dating Now
Genre: Drama, romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2002-Jan-16 to 2002-Mar-07
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 9:55 PM


Ho-Jung is a cute, naive girl who often falls head over heals with the wrong guys. Both Ho-Jung and Kyu-In, her neighbor, are idealistic about love. They start off on the wrong foot and treats each other as if they were siblings, constantly fighting. Ho-Jung’s friend Cha Hee has a thing for Kyu-In and Ho-Jung later realizes that she too has feelings for him. Ho-Jae, Ho-Jung’s brother, is a player, who has good physical features. Things start to get complicated for Ho-Jae when he falls for Ho-Jung’s friend Soo-Ji, who does not have a physical appeal but has a good personality and intelligence.


Chae Rim as Yoon Ho-jung
So Ji Sub as Choi Kyo-in
Choi Yoon Young as Kang Cha-hee
Kwon Sang Woo as Yoon Ho-jae
Kim Na Woon as Choi Kyo-sun
Lee Eui Jung as Soo-Ji
Han Jin Hee as Ho-jung’s dad
Sung Si Kyung as Han Jae-young
Lee Jae Hwang

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Yoon Sung Hee
Chief producer: Woon Goon Il
Director: Oh Se Kang

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  1. 1 : latinalovekorea Says:

    Ermmm.. Kwon Sang Woo was in the series We Are Dating Now, but this picture is of a movie he starred in called “Love So Divine” I recommend both WADN and LSD if you are a fan of KSW he is really really sexxxxy ^^

  2. 2 : honeys_sangwooFAN Says:

    I was one of the sang woo’s fan. I was from Malaysia. I have seen him acting in LOVE SO DIVINE movies. It must be hard to find this drama in Malaysia now, because it has been a long time now. But it must be an interesting drama especially when he is acting in the drama. Sang Woo…..u’re really..really cute…^_^

  3. 3 : xtina Says:

    i love the role of kwon sang woo in this series. he is funny and sweet!!! i highly recommend this to kwon sang woo fans out there.

  4. 4 : supple Says:

    Kwon Sangg woo again!kkk Hahaha I really like this drama…It tells about different faces of relationships and seeking hem without knowing there just besides you…Kwon Snag woo killer smile!!!!!!!

  5. 5 : supple Says:

    Kwon Sangg woo again!kkk Hahaha I really like this drama…It tells about different faces of relationships and seeking them without knowing there just besides you…Kwon Snag woo killer smile!!!!!!!

  6. 6 : miss "G" Says:

    klo gw lebih suka sama So Ji Sup -nya, matanya yang “ngantuk” itu yang bikin lucuu… so cutee banget deehhh….

  7. 7 : gemini Says:

    …honestly, i did not enjoy the plot/story short of saying that the performances of the actors who have performed well in other drama series, are not appreciated.

  8. 8 : nizz Says:

    lmyan bagus koq….
    i like it!!

    da so ji sub c…!!!
    mntan gwe..

  9. 9 : mulan Says:

    For me it’s a little bit boring. But I like Chae Rim, So Ji Sup and Kwong Sang Woo

  10. 10 : floriel Says:

    i really really like the story….it’s so interesting….i love it…..

  11. 11 : floriel Says:

    i like so ji sup!!!!!!!!!!cause he’s so cute….and he looks like my crush….hahahaha

  12. 12 : Goong Ju Says:

    Love CHAE RIM & KWON SANG WOO. I knew KSW through this drama, it’s my first time seeing him acting & he did impressed me

  13. 13 : Hana Yoori Says:

    In my opinion, that drama was a drag. It was like OKAY, get on with it. This movie went everywhere and kind of was wierd.

  14. 14 : iris Says:

    i love so ji sub he is a great actor

  15. 15 : geena Says:

    I like the story romantic, swwet and funny and a little drama.

  16. 16 : honey b Says:

    love this drama

  17. 17 : Victor Says:

    Your headline “ we are dating now korean drama…” and numerous other things gets me pass a lot of time on your website.

  18. 18 : ontak Says:

    good drama but not my type

  19. 19 : mutiara Says:

    Chae rim-So Ji Sup!!!I love u guys!!

  20. 20 : mel Says:

    korean drama always successfully touching my heart and make me laughing…

  21. 21 : louis vuitton outlet Says:

    klo gw lebih suka sama So Ji Sup -nya, matanya yang “ngantuk” itu yang bikin lucuu… so cutee banget deehhh….

  22. 22 : bee Says:

    cute drama i ever watch— 😉

  23. 23 : ptsh836 Says:

    i remember always reaching for this drama whenever i miss chae rim as i was her no. 1 fan. so it seems 8 years have passed n most of the actors in here have some way or other achieved their own successes…like kwon sang woo who was literally unknown here n so ji sub as well as chae rim herself who have improved in their acting by leaps n bounds too.

    as for this drama…if i am not mistaken, it was about seeking for luv in a round about way whereby ho-jung goes thro many mistakes of falling for the wrong guy not realising tat kyo-in was the one for her all along…talk about being long winded…

    ho-jung blindly pursues luv n ignores the advices of those around her like kyo-in who is very protective n secretly cares for her without her knowledge…everytime they meet, they bicker n were at each other’s throat most of the time…however luv soon develops n kyo-in was in a dilemma having to choose between ho-jung n her friend.

    in this drama we will also see the transformation of ho-jung from an awkward school girl to a working girl who had trouble holding on to her job. it has luv, comedy n heartbreak all rolled in one…

  24. 24 : nathan Says:

    I have watched over 50 korean dramas from 1995-2011 and visited Korea. Well this is my number one korean drama of all time! It is so sweet and innocent and I think the actors are full of heart. I have been to the SBS studio and been on the Call 2 show, wow that was a great chance for me to pay tribute to the company making this drama

  25. 25 : Emge Says:

    Hello Your blog is very beatiful i really like it

  26. 26 : Lewicki Says:

    Hello Everyone!!

  27. 27 : List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] Beethoven Virus Rating : 3 out of 5 […]

  28. 28 : Patty Says:

    I’m here for watching all of sojisub’s play!!!!

  29. 29 : Xyz Says:

    I really liked so ji sub in sorry i love you. So i will watch this soon. 😀 dont know rest of the cast (i’m not korean)

  30. 30 : Micc Says:

    They had the worst timing!!!
    So Ji Sub was hot even when he was green. Kwon Sang Woo was really good, so smooth, he’s a natural. Chae Rim was really pretty.

  31. 31 : yma Says:

    I also love this drama series..looking forward for su ji sub’s upcoming movie or drama series this 2014..

  32. 32 : Sandy 2 Says:

    This drama would be very good if the leads weren’t noble idiots over and over again. I also didn’t care too much for the lead female going after the lead male when she knew he was dating her friend. The lead female was also looking for a man that she began to wear on my nerves. The side couple of Kwon Sang Woo and her other friend was a cute story.

  33. 33 : Sandy 2 Says:

    Continuation with about thought concerning the female lead, because she kept trying to rush into different relationships knowing she liked the male lead, it made her irritating.

  34. 34 : Korean Drama I Have Ever Watched | My Life My Journey Says:

    […] #16 – Dating Now = We Are Dating Now (2002) Rating : 7 out of 10 […]

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