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Two Wives

Title: 두 아내 / Two Wives
Chinese Title: 两个妻子
Genre: Romance, family, melodrama
Episodes: 120
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2009-May-04 to to 2009-Oct-30
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:20


Han Ji Sook is a single mother who falls in love with a married man. The man, Kang Chul Soo, already has a family with his wife, Yoon Young Hee. When Young Hee finds out about Chul Soo’s extramarital affair, she distances herself away from him. Eventually they get divorced and Chul Soo starts a new life with Ji Sook. However, as luck would have it Chul Soo gets into a car accident and loses all of his memories of Ji Sook.


Yoon family

Kim Ji Young as Yoon Young Hee
Andy as Yoon Nam Joon
Jun Moo Song as Yoon Jang Soo (Young Hee’s father)
Jo Yang Ja as Seo Yeo Ja (Young Hee’s mother)

Kang family

Kim Ho Jin as Kang Chul Soo
Kim Yoon Kyung as Kang Do Hee
Kim Yong Rim as Jang Young Ja (Chul Soo’s mother)
Kang Sung Jin as Ahn Kyung Tae
Kim Young Ran as Oh Dal Ja
Uhm Min Woo (엄민우) as Kang Han Byul (Young Hee & Chul Soo’s son)

Han family

Son Tae Young as Han Ji Sook
Kim Soo Jung as Han So Ri (Ji Sook’s daughter)

Other people

Kang Ji Sub as Song Ji Ho
Lee Yoo Jin as Jo Mi Mi
Choi Won Young as Lee Young Min
Go Jung Min as Yoo Young Sun
Jung Ji Ah as Se Ri
Yoon Ji Min as Oh Hye Ran
Hwang Jung Eum
Yang Hee Kyung
Kyun Mi Ri
Uhm Do Hyun as Ha Neul Kang

Production Credits

Director : Yoo Roon Hae
Scriptwriter : Lee Yoo Sun

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  1. 1 : raz Says:

    It’s sound like an interesting drama. good luck to the cast and I”ll keep in tuch. raz from isreal

  2. 2 : marites gerona Says:

    Son Tae Young –you steal Kwon Soo’s heart….is it a happy marraige?

  3. 3 : loveAndy93 Says:

    Where is my oppa???????!!!!!
    This is the first time i saw it in drama…
    but there is no even his name in this drama!!!

  4. 4 : burberry Says:

    Great! Just noticed Andy is in it. I’ll be looking forward to watching this.

  5. 5 : meirav Says:

    the drama it is all ready on site http://www.viiki.net/channels

  6. 6 : monica Says:

    i still didn’t watch this drama but i hope to watch it as soon as possible

  7. 7 : karne Says:

    Ahh…Shinhwa’s Andy is in a LOOONG drama!
    Does that mean his military enlistment won’t happen until after November 2009?
    OMO!! For sure Shinhwa isn’t getting back together anytime soon T_T

    Oh well, we fans will wait YONGWONHI~!!

  8. 8 : starlite Says:

    I’ve been watching this drama and the husband always makes me wish I could slap him around. I like this drama it keeps me anticipating the next ep.

  9. 9 : Hilda Says:

    I stopped watching this darma since episode #89. The storyline is too boring, seems dragging on and on…. I agree with #8 Starlite, I want to slap that husband’s face every time I saw him – what a lousy guy!

  10. 10 : Donna Kim Says:

    I love watching 2 wives.It’s my favorite Korean show.

  11. 11 : Missy Says:

    This is so good. I am still watching it and it gets more and more interesting in every episode.

  12. 12 : Ji Ho Says:

    This show is so good. It’s my fav Korean show!

  13. 13 : Anna Says:

    I’ll make sure I watch this drama as I really LOVE my cutie Andy oppa! Shinhwa Changjo, Fighting!

  14. 14 : madeleine Says:

    Are cheul soo will back to yon hee??oh my gooddd I’m justt curious 🙁

  15. 15 : ardhan Says:

    I like this drama it keeps me anticipating the next ep

  16. 16 : mutiara Says:

    I love korean drama! The story’s beautiful, and the casts were sooo great! The pictures were also very wonderful! well done!

  17. 17 : mel Says:

    sound like interesting drama… i want searching the movie..

  18. 18 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much.. it’s seem sad drama,, wanna watch this,,

  19. 19 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  20. 20 : nathan Says:

    i love kim ji young so much……

  21. 21 : zila dickey Says:

    I love this drama very much !!!!! Song ji ho & young hee really make me cry 🙂 *from* malaysia

  22. 22 : zieda2009 Says:

    two wives korean drama ost mp3


  23. 23 : eunice Says:

    love this drama very much,,,watching 2 times..
    now,,, waiting for engsub coming!”””

  24. 24 : Ga-el Kim Says:

    Ngek! ! to yata palit sa dream high!! Parang maganda pero la pa ring dating sa The temptation of wife!

  25. 25 : emerald Says:

    ang tagal matapos nang dramang ito… its coming in the phils.

  26. 26 : sittie-aina Says:

    for me the Korean drama the two wives are very dramatic and romance I am a Filipino my favorite korean drama is with romance drama and also with two lovers couple etc

  27. 27 : hanna Says:

    annyohaseyo! engsub please….i really wanna to watch this drama… where can i watch even if no sub can u please give me a site???? viiki net not working… thanks a lot from phil.

  28. 28 : yariv Says:

    please provide the english subtitle of wives

  29. 29 : julie Says:

    nice drama.

  30. 30 : jastine Says:

    where can i watch this via online site ??

  31. 31 : fifi fei Says:

    I am so hooked with this drama… I am always looking forward to see how the the poor wife fights back as the story unfolds…

  32. 32 : kathy Says:

    where couldi possibly watch this drama? help pls……

  33. 33 : kathy Says:

    english subtittle please

  34. 34 : plangplang Says:

    This Korean drama got my attention. Really! The story/plot itself is what draws us people to really watch every scenes, the memorable tag lines and such! OOhhhh such a huge fan! I am hoping you could have an English sub in this drama, really would love to watch it the soonest! Thanks and God bless!

  35. 35 : julie Says:

    where can i watch this with sub title?please help me

  36. 36 : Mystica Says:

    I love this Korean Drama,

  37. 37 : Sakura Says:


  38. 38 : Jaime Says:

    Hayyy san kea to pwede madload..i want it so badly.. :(((

  39. 39 : purangkay Says:

    is johnny a childhood friend of yvone?

  40. 40 : shine Says:

    how can i watch in advance such episode?where can i watch this via online site ?



  42. 42 : takahaSHi viLLarba nAkaza Says:


  43. 43 : RJ Says:

    Hi. Just wanna ask if where can I watch the complete episodes of this korean drama with eng sub. Please? Thanks a lot. More power! 🙂

  44. 44 : divina krizia Says:

    yeah . many filipinos related to this korean drama . we like it very much ,

  45. 45 : Rholiana Says:

    I love this drama.
    I want to know the ending of the story.

  46. 46 : ashie Says:

    i love so much the story.. it brings a diff.twist to us viewers! congratulations to all the cast! i like it so much! im a certified “two wives addict”mwapx!

  47. 47 : rence ignacio Says:

    ang panget nito nakakasuka…. ang baduy,,,, mga sira ulo lang ang hahanga dito,,,,,,, sa bandang huli naman sila ni mr song ang magkakatuluyan….

  48. 48 : theenah Says:

    Superlike this korean drama..bawat episode sobrang kaabang abang tlaga..sna dna balikan ni yvone c victor

  49. 49 : CallMeHaylie Says:

    Heyah!! I am from phil. and I really love this drama.. hindi ko nga lang masyadong napapanood lahat ng ep. dahil morning and pasok ko. Ang galing mag dubbed ng abs-cbn .. madadala ka sa mga eksena e .. grabe gusto ko ng imarathon ito haha.. basta amazing ang lahat ng tungkol sa two wives .. kakaiba ang twist na ginawa nla pra mas kaabang-abang .. clap.3 :))

  50. 50 : Mylene Says:

    I really love this koreaan drama two wives. parang yung nangyari sa akin ito. nhahawig lang sa buhay ko.

  51. 51 : racquel Says:

    my morning will not be complete without watching two wives…super like q tlaga ang mga korean dramq..ang gagaling nila lalo na c yvonne perfect sya umarte..gusto q na nga bumili ng dvd copy eh.hehe

  52. 52 : nicka Says:

    cnoh ang mkaka2luyan kea ni yvonne…
    im rooting albert..bsta albert..

  53. 53 : joyce Says:

    I like the story of two wives. I cry everyday because of this.. 🙂

  54. 54 : kate'cotabato city' Says:

    kakainis naman kasi c victor.,.,.dpa pa talaga pwdi mamatay b’cozz ned pa cxa ng anak nya.,.,.pero pwdi ba yvonne kalimutan muna cxa.,.,napakainutil ng pag iisip nya.,.,tska divorce na rin kau.hayaan muna cxa mamatay.

  55. 55 : chacha Says:

    I like albert alot for iyvonne, super kilig much, ikw n iyvonne, ikaw n, #twowives

  56. 56 : Lyn Says:

    Grabe naman tumingin si Janine kay Yvonne…. Nakuuuuu…. sarap naman sabunotan. Go Yvonne ipakilala mo si albert ngayon para magselos din si victor. hehehe.

  57. 57 : sheliez Says:

    Meron ba kayong alam na site kung san pwde mapanood ang reply nito? Super ganda kasi ng story… Please help naman..

  58. 58 : sasa123 Says:

    bwisit k janine han! wag ka na umepal pa.. ung mg MISTRESS

  59. 59 : sasa123 Says:

    ung mg mistress dapat ginaganutan ng isa.. http://www.pinaytambayan.com for replay episodes..:)

  60. 60 : kyutme Says:

    Where can i download this drama? i’ve been looking to all free download sites but no luck.. :'( any sites you can recommend?? pleaseee t_t

  61. 61 : charlot Says:

    __ i loVe two wivEs !! maka relaTe kaH talaGa

  62. 62 : onay Says:

    nkkaexcite ang bawat eksena.. nkkainspire ang pgging fighter ni yvonne..

  63. 63 : jennelyn Says:

    ang ganda talaga ng two wives nakaka touch…………..

  64. 64 : snowee Says:

    hmm.. yung ending magkikita si albert at yvonne.. tas namiss nila yung isa’t isa tas magpoprose si albert..

  65. 65 : queen lumagbas Says:

    the best,, kakaiba and ..from the previous one

  66. 66 : junlyn Says:

    sobrang ganda talaga ng two wives araw2x nka kah excte….

  67. 67 : clynlyn Says:

    ganda nang two wives .. wag kng mag papatalo devon…max bagay ka.u ni albert… (:

  68. 68 : Hersheys^^ Says:

    hey! may i ask a question? where can i download subtitle for this drama?

  69. 69 : Addictedkoreanfans Says:

    … Ang Ganda tlaga ng two wives.. GO GO GO Albert … iPad LAN moh c Yvonne….

  70. 70 : Addictedkoreanfans Says:

    Ipag Laban moh..

  71. 71 : bitwise Says:

    hmm tsk i thought yvonne will be reunited with her husband…

  72. 72 : [email protected] Says:

    Ang ganda talaga ng bawat episode ng Two Wives nakaka excite talaga!!!!

  73. 73 : grebel Says:

    how does the story two wives end???…..i’m really curious….tried to search but can’t find…..

  74. 74 : Lisette Says:

    please let us know what’s the finale of two wives? thanks

  75. 75 : liitt Says:

    Episode 120 [FINALE]

    FINALLY. We have arrived at the big 120! It has been a less than mediocre five months of melodrama. Two Wives/두 아내 is stale but at least not over-the-board crazy which makes it bearable if one is compelled to finish the marathon.

    I wanted to say if I wasn’t doing the recaps, I would have said my farewell long ago. Time would have been put to better use. But I’ve recently learn that I should stop being a drama snob. A long-running drama, is doubly hard on the actors, who usually has to commit to a project even if the script turns nonsensical.

    Two Wives isn’t excellent but tolerable and we got to see how some supporting cast like Kang Ji Seop is continuously evolving (he has the good luck of being cast in a diverse range of characters throughout his career). Lee Yu Jin, despite her career absence (with her most memorable being Choi Ji Woo’s pal in Beautiful Days) is still as good as we last left her. Not mentioning Andy from Shinhwa. As I’ve said, the Shinhwa guys are pretty good when it comes to putting on their acting caps. Well, Andy is good – he deserves that much of a praise. See, I manage to filter some good out of the drama.

    Since we’ve gotten this far, now let’s get to the finale….

    The episode begins a year later.

    Young-hee is still a motivational speaker, but a vast difference from when we last left her. She’s confident, full of life and her vibrancy tells us that she may have already made peace with her eventful past. We later learn she has been promoted to section chief.

    In New York. Ji-ho and Hye-ran are now best friends as Hye-ran is determined to be. They are comfortable with one another, working in the same office as usual. His diligence on the job worries her though – is he working too hard? Ji-ho has never forgotten his promise to Young-hee that they should do their best with their lives during this period of separation. He intends to follow through the promise.

    As for Nam-joon, he has been promoted to being Dong-sil’s appa. It’s the first day of work for Mi-mi after her childbirth and she’s getting impatient about Nam-joon’s unhurried manner in the morning; on top of that, he tells her she should just quit her job since their bedding business is well on track.

    Mi-mi is annoyed, she has a role model to follow, she’s aspiring to be a career woman too. How can he say that, is he truly the brother of Young-hee? [The career woman who has been encouraging women independence] His mother has agree to care for their child for the time being so what’s his problem? He backs down and gets his ass out of the door.

    Chul-soo seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. No one knows where he is now except that he has never stopped sending the postcards. We know it’s him because that was what he was last seen doing.

    The people responsible for collecting the postcards are curious about the sender, they are also guessing it could be Chul-soo, apparently what he had written on the postcards holds clue to his identity. Except that we still don’t know what he has written or who he is addressing it to.

    The postcard people are thinking of publishing a collection of his postcards and donating the proceeds of the book sales to the underprivileged children. But they has to find him first.

    Then where is Chul-soo?

    He’s in some rural town, away from his messy past, and feeling at home with his new identity as a fisherman. This day, he has just returned from his catch. The restaurant owner teasing him for looking just like a fisherman now. Who would have thought he would actually adapt to the job when he first arrived? Even the boat captain is amazed by his adaptability – a person who is prone to seasick. Chul-soo laughs away and gets ready to tuck into his meal when his eyes scanned a nearby newspaper. He breaks into a smile – it’s a write-up on Young-hee.

    In New York, Ji-ho is also faithfully keeping track of his lady love. He keeps a scrapbook of her news clippings and shows it to Hye-ran with pride. Hye-ran tells him that she was intending to share some goodies with him but his look of devotion is quickly changing her mind. Of course she’s teasing him, jealousy has long given way to friendship and she shares. It’s a video clip of Young-hee’s recent seminar that has already made its way into cyberspace. Ji-ho glows with pride.

    Young-hee is indeed enjoying a great amount of popularity. Her seminars are well-received and her previous entanglement with Chul-soo’s novel have contributed to keeping her in the media spotlight. Today the press has arrived to conduct another interview, asking for the secret to her success. They casually mentions that she is one of the protagonist in the controversial novel a year ago and she isn’t the least affected by the awkward topic. Young-hee has certainly evolved into a woman of courage.

    Her strength is put on the test once again when the postcard people meets with her. She shows Young-hee the stack of postcards, asking if they are written by Chul-soo. Young-hee is certain it is, judging from his handwriting and the mention of Han-byul. The lady asks for her help – which we will only find out later about what it is.

    Young-hee goes through the postcards:

    “Dear Han-byul, even though I’m not by your side, I’m always thinking of you. When I’m fishing or when I’m just looking at the vast sky. I hope that the passing breeze or the petals in the wind are able to convey my love to you….”

    She calls Do-hee to ask if Chul-soo is still staying at the same place. Do-hee tells her that her mother and Kwang-tae had went repeatedly trying to persuade him to come home. They have almost given up on doing that now. She tells Young-hee to call the captain’s house if she needs to get in touch with Chul-soo. By the way, why does Young-hee want to see him? Young-hee merely tells her that she needs to discuss some stuff with him.

    Kwang-tae hopes that Young-hee can succeed in persuading Chul-soo to return home. Just then, Do-hee notices his eye bags, courtesy of the late nights taking care of their twins. Kwang-tae tells her it’s no big deal, seeing her suffer during childbirth has strengthen his resolve to care for the children as he doesn’t want her to suffer any more.

    Young-hee brings Han-byul to see Chul-soo, he’s surprised by her visit. She tells him that she’s here to deliver a message. He smiles when told of the idea to publish a collection of his postcards. He doesn’t think that it’s worth publishing, it’s only a personal apology to his child for the wrong he has done in the past. Young-hee thinks otherwise. Han-byul will understand him better when he reads it in the future, also publishing the collection is a pretty good idea as the proceeds go to the needy children. She hopes he considers it further.

    A little more about what had happened after a year to some of the other characters. Jung-sik has passed on, apparently soon after he returned to his children, since his death anniversary is approaching. As for Tae-su, he is still being employed by Do-hee and doing a good job and has has just been promoted. Se-ri comments that her parents are finally being sensible as they age. Her mother chides her in return for that boyfriend of hers who bears a similarity to Nam-joon.

    Dal-ja asks her in-law about when Chul-soo is returning home. His books have been on the bestseller charts. His mother seems resigned about that hope for he had told her he wants to live a fisherman’s life forever.

    Han-byul asks his father the same question, Chul-soo tells him ‘in the future’. Young-hee tells him to take care of his health and drives off. Chul-soo waves farewell to his son, the scene reminds him of when he bids So-ri farewell. Now alone, he recalls what Young-hee had said about his postcards and he’s seriously considering the project.

    True enough, Chul-soo turns up at the postcard place. They, who have been waiting for a response, is so glad to see him. He returns home to the relief of his family, his mother is moved to tears to see that he’s finally back.

    Young-hee’s family is discussing her recent interview. Mi-mi takes the opportunity to mention Ji-ho, she wonders if he has access to the newspapers from Korea. Han-byul asks if Ji-ho is holding on to his promise to come back for his school admission. He decides Ji-ho must be a liar. Young-hee tells him that Ji-ho is busy with work and he’s not a liar. If he has promised to come for his school admission, then he will.

    Ji-ho is indeed a man of his words. Today is the day that he’s flying back to Seoul. He tells Hye-ran that he has been preparing for this day ever since he arrived a year ago. Hye-ran grumbles that he never once treated her with heart during this one year. He jokes that he wouldn’t have been able to withstand her attraction if he had indeed done so. Furthermore, he has been getting the glare from their colleague, Peter, whenever he’s chummy with Hye-ran. A hint there that Hye-ran has a suitor on her tail.

    Young-hee is alone in her room, looking at the necklace that Ji-ho has given her and voicing her thoughts about how much she is missing him. “Ji-ho, are you well? I have kept my promise with you. I really miss you.” She is ready to put on the necklace.

    The episode inches to a close with an epilogue. Young-hee has won an insurance award. In her thank you speech, she thanks Ji-ho who is not present, for giving her the opportunity to be what she is today.

    Chul-soo is at book-signing event for the his new postcard collection. A little patron with dyed nails approaches him with a book, reminding him of So-ri. To his surprise, it’s indeed So-ri with Ji-sook. So-ri tells him that she misses him so much that she keeps dyeing her nails. Ji-sook tells him that she has read all of his books when she’s in the States. They asks one another if they had been well….and the scene fades away.

    Young-hee is at the pier where she had met Ji-ho for the last time a year ago.

    “Ji-ho. I’m able to face you now. I’ve done all that I wanted to do in the past year but somehow I still feel an emptiness. I’m pathetic without you by my side. I miss your voice and your smile….”

    As they say, wishes do come true. Young-hee’s phone buzzes and it’s Ji-ho at the end of the line, telling her to look up – he’s right in front of her. And there he is – her white knight sails in on a swanky white yacht to the backdrop of a glorious bright orange setting into dusk.

    She couldn’t believe her eyes.

    “Is it really you?”
    “Yes. I miss you.”
    “You are supposed to be back next week. Why are you here now?”
    “To celebrate with you. You have done well.”

    Then he removes her necklace, takes out the ring and slides it on to her finger. She does the same with his ring. “Will you agree to marry me this time?” She nods. He says “I love you” and seals the pact with a kiss…..

  76. 76 : angie Says:

    thank you liitt for the recap of the finale episode…much appreciated….ive been looking for this for a long time , since i wanted to know who does young hee(yvonne) end up with … lovely…its ji ho (albert) then.. i love it…thanks again

  77. 77 : queen lumagbas Says:

    tnx s sypnosis ng ending..matagal q rn hinanap..

  78. 78 : jeikun Says:

    Awtssss…. pero mas gusto ko si Victor para kay Yvonne… nakakalungkot. 🙁 kala ko magkaka balikan sila…. 🙁

  79. 79 : jansofia Says:

    grabe..i it’s unforgetable koreanovela! i fell in luv to this tvdrama immediately, i like all the characters and how they survived the trials and endure all the pains and end up still fighting to be with their true loves! very sweet and inspiring love atory i’ve ever watched. Made me smile, excited and cry with it! probably the best love story of the decade!

  80. 80 : Dyan POsadas Says:

    can somebody tell where to watch two wives full episode for free…please!!tanx

  81. 81 : Colin Says:

    Thank you sooo much liitt Says for sharing. Tagal ko hnanap toh, thanks! 🙂

  82. 82 : Lisette Says:

    I’m very grateful to Liit. Thanks a lot for the finale sypnosis . Very much appreciated for your help. God Bless You!

  83. 83 : Shane Says:

    I’m so interested to know the ending of the story. I hope it would be a happy one. I love this tv drama, I can’t wait for another day to watch the next episode.

  84. 84 : tin Says:

    saan ako makakapanuod nito ung full episode ha??nbibitin ako eh…

  85. 85 : nerakz Says:

    howowww! Sina yvonne at albert pala magkakatuluyan! Ang galing! Di ko din type na magkabalikan sila ni victor kasi di na un realistic eh,

  86. 86 : nerakz Says:

    http://www.iwantv.com.ph dun kau manoud ng past episodes nito.

  87. 87 : clowrainie Says:

    ji ho (albert) and Yoon Young Hee(yvonne) end up together <3 but at the end of the episode you wouldn't still know who will end up to whom..especially when victor want to reconcile with yvonne…

    eventhough albert and yvonne end up together the story between them was not enough wherein you want more hehe (BITIN) since it's all about the hardship of their relationship at the later part of the episode….they broke up since yvonne cant handle the situation especially with cheska and the mother of albert…then albert decided to go back in america with cheska but before that albert and yvonne promised each other to wait each other… after a year passss they meet…ending up with a kiss <3 119

  88. 88 : Lanever Says:

    Thank you so much.

  89. 89 : jyzne Says:

    kakalerky itong drama na 2!!!

    gosh ang ganda

  90. 90 : mary grace dula Says:

    super ganda! dami naka relate…super touching story. nakaka inlove…:)

  91. 91 : taurus Says:

    Sino po may site na pede mapanood.

  92. 92 : jonathan Says:

    oh my god! its so interesting.. i cannot wait for the ending and so bothered who will end up each other. but i know goodness will prevail its just so thrilling what will be the next scenes… nakakainis talaga.. bitin1 parang ayaw ko ng panoorin pero pag oras na ng airing.. d ko talaga maiwasan na umupo at manood..kailan matatapos ang paghihirap ni yvonne? hahaiiii…

  93. 93 : josie Says:

    i am really in to this show, i love them all though stressful at times because of the kontrabida pero always excited to what will happen next. please guys who ever knows the site where i can see the full episode please paki sabi naman kung saan.. salamat po.

  94. 94 : rachel rosario Says:

    .. ang gleng kung cna albert at yvonne ang mgkA2tuluyan ;))
    pero bkt sbi ng isang viewer s isang site e mgpapakasal ulit cna yvonne at victor tpos mamamatay cla preho s car accident..

  95. 95 : rachel rosario Says:

    bkt sbi ng isang viewer s isang site e mgpapakasal ulit cna yvonne at victor tpos mamamatay cla preho s car accident.. pero mganda nga kung c yvonne n tlaga at si albert .. im so much inlove n rin kay albert .. hehe

  96. 96 : Kris Ty Says:

    gusto ko mapanood in davance to.kaso po di ko makita kung saan.i need help.. thanks 🙂

  97. 97 : pretty_kittie00 Says:

    watch it guys .. http://www.mysoju.com

  98. 98 : pretty_kittie00 Says:

    here po try nyo po panuorin lahat ng mga korean drama’s an like na like nyo hehehe http://www.dramaload.com/korean-drama-love-rain/watch-love-rain-episode-1-39499/ Dramaload

  99. 99 : Hamia06 Says:

    hmm. yung ending po nagpropose si albert kay yvone. >< di namn po sila nagkabalikan ng ex husband nya..

  100. 100 : corien Says:

    hi hello how are u! hope it easy to find dis korean drama to dis site…grav ang hrap tlaga hanapin prng dmot tuloy ng derektor nyan..hay sang side kya yan pwding mapanuod..

  101. 101 : rosh Says:

    Kainis ala sa list ung two wives.almost complete naman lahat ung two wive lang wala

  102. 102 : rosh Says:

    Two wives inerased ata nila,

  103. 103 : ghems Says:

    how can i watch this drama?

  104. 104 : chaila Says:

    hala , san ba mkakahanap ng korean nito . gustong gusto ko ng panoorin to ng advance nbibitin ako sa abs-cbn eh :3

  105. 105 : LazerKim Says:

    The first wife is not pretty enough to at least take the role of a housewife! Just my opinion no offense.

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